Once again candy is taking the backseat as this week’s ep shifts focus to something else.

Here’s my review.

True there was still candy in the ep, this isn’t Dagashi Kashi without at least one piece of candy making an appearance, but it wasn’t something the ep lingered on for too long. We get the candy part of the show out-of-the-way pretty quick, the ep opening with Hotaru getting an ice cream bar known as the Homerun Bar. The thing about this is that it offers a chance to win another one free, if the stick is marked. Of course this being Hotaru her luck is pretty terrible, so odds of her winning are slim to none.

But as all of this is happening, Coconuts is the process of asking her if she wants to join him, Tou, and Saya to go watch the fireworks that are happening later that evening. Although, when he asks her he’s confronted with an unforeseen problem, Hotaru asks if it’s just the two of them. Instead of coming out and saying “no, it’s actually going to be the four of us” Coconuts gets caught up in the moment and says “yes” instead. Kinda awkward now.

It’s also a point this anime hasn’t touched on yet, that being any sort of romantic relationship between Coconuts and Hotaru, but now he’s pretty much asked her out on a firework date. Stuck in this mess he’s created, Coconuts plans to explain himself in detail and right the wrongs, but he never gets the chance to as their bike journey to the location ends with them on a bench overlooking the water, watching the fireworks from there.

It’s now that Hotaru is acting a bit… different. Pulling Coconuts close to her, she gives him her winning ice cream stick for him to hold on for safe keeping. Hotaru actually won something! That’s gotta be a first. She has something else she wants to say too, but due to the fireworks exploding she never gets around to mention what it is. After a few dramatic shots of her standing at the guard rail with the fireworks going off behind her, she bids Coconuts farewell and walks off into the night.

Is this just some ultra elaborate candy themed tricks she’s got up her sleeve or maybe something a little more serious? It’s looking like the latter as she wasn’t acting like her usual self. Whatever the case is though, we’ll find out next week.

So far things have been pretty calm but it looks like some drama or story will be happening next week, so that should be interesting.

That’s it for me though, as always leave a comment if you have anything you want to say about the ep. I’ll be sure to get back to you as quick as I can.

I should be back to the usual Saturday release for next week but if that changes I’ll make sure to say something on the Anime Corps Twitter, so be sure to follow that for updates and such.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time!


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