Right now, I think the biggest downside I have with this series is how there are no previews for the next episode. It always bugs me with shows. Since this one is original, I only find myself questioning what could come next. At least with an adaptation it can be assumed it is something source related. Anyway, well, this title probably answers what I will be annoyed at this episode. But, let’s get right into it.

The Plot:

So, with how last episode was, and Hiro failing, there is a lot of issues. But, before those issues become the focus, the episode starts with a young Hiro giving names to everyone. Then he snaps back to the now, and there is a bit of an issue between Ichigo and him. Yeah, even Hiro talking to Ichigo’s partner, he knows there are some issues going in.

Darling in the Franxx ep 3 pic 1

I mean, apparently their entire purpose in life is to pilot the Franxx, those who cannot seem to disappear.

Darling in the Franxx ep 3 pic 2

Anyway, the group is also not too pleased with Ichigo. She is their leader and she is going a little too much out of her way to help Hiro. So, they don’t want her judgement to screw everyone over.

Darling in the Franxx ep 3 pic 3

Meanwhile, Hiro was busy training. After he meets with Zero Two, and apparently the children cannot go to most places. He has apparently never even been to the city, despite it being part of the area where he has lived his whole life. Zero Two also happens to have a really high clearance level, so this is pretty odd. Not so much for Hiro, since it was probably obvious no one cares for them and they are just experiments, but for Zero Two to have such a high level of clearance.

Darling in the Franxx ep 3 pic 4

Anyway, the pair gaze at the view. Zero Two possibly jokingly, and not so jokingly says how her and Hiro should just leave that place all together.

Darling in the Franxx ep 3 pic 5

Later, another Klaxosaur is apparently in the magma energy reactors. So, for starters, no Zero Two, since she is not going to be their always. So, it is up to everyone else to do some fighting and get used to fighting Klaxosaurs. One of the pairs, Ikuno and Mitsuru cannot go since they are having issues. (Blame Mitsuru)

Darling in the Franxx ep 3 pic 6

So, the Franxx go into action. While at first, they all seem cool and pulling it off nicely, it quickly turns into that not being the case. They thought there was just one, well, there was a swarm.

There were so many that, not only Zero Two said that she should have gone in the begging, that if she doesn’t go now, well, everyone will die. So, she uses this opportunity to try to pilot with Hiro again. But, that is a no go since Hiro is not a parasite. So, after some arguing and Mitsuru offering, Hiro tells Zero Two to take Mitsuru with her.

Darling in the Franxx ep 3 pic 9Darling in the Franxx ep 3 pic 10

Putting it the mildest way possible, Mitsuru is a jerk. Two-face as well.

Darling in the Franxx ep 3 pic 11

So, the Strelizia shows up just in time. Well, Mitsuru feels unstoppable and has limitless power. That is until Zero Two is having fun and wants to try. Mitsuru says a lot of mean things, and everyone can hear it over the intercom. He clearly knows this too, I mean look at his partner in the last image.

Darling in the Franxx ep 3 pic 15

But while one jerk rises, another one at least gets a nicer side. The spawn of Satan 666, Zorome, apologizes and really cares for his partner.

Darling in the Franxx ep 3 pic 16

As for Mitsuru, he is probably dead. Zero Two coming out of her Franxx alone with Mitsuru at the very least very wounded, well, he deserved it.

Darling in the Franxx ep 3 pic 17

Overall Thoughts:

So, there has been five male pilots that we actually have seen that received a nice amount of lines to get to know them. Hiro, well, can be a bit bland at times, but he does care for everyone and is more focused on others than himself. Goro, since Hiro’s best friend and well, he is level-headed and is not a jerk. Zorome, although last episode he came off as a narcissistic prick, and well still is. He does show signs for caring for at least his partner. Then there was Zero Two’s original partner, who was a jerk. Now this episode brings out Mitsuru, who, well, is a lot worse than Zorome, and looks like he shows no signs of remorse in his words. He honestly does not care for the people he grew up with or his partner. He just wants power and for people to know how powerful he really is. He may be quiet, but clearly, he just waits for the opportunity to be center of attention.

So, yeah, I really hope the one guy who all we have seen do really is eat, somehow isn’t secretly a jerk. I mean, the jerk to actual decent characters is pretty tilted, and this is only episode three, of a possibly twenty-four-episode series. So, hopefully everyone isn’t self-absorbed.

Now, stepping away from the characters. I do like the fact they are not throwing Hiro right into the strongest Franxx. This gives time for the other characters to gain skills with theirs and not quickly be outclassed and must play catch up later in the series. It also does not have them somehow be total pros at it either, which honestly sometimes feels like that happens a lot in mecha series. Hiro being somewhat of an exception since Zero Two is also piloting it, so it is not just about his skills.

Tension is rising between Ichigo, and how she is with the group. Personally, if this is a longer series, this may be too soon. I mean, she is realizing these issues that come from it, but it would be nice to see this play a role a little later, like two episodes at most, then early on. But it still provides internal conflict for the group, so, it is nice to see them able to aim to get the kinks out early instead of later when it could mater most.

More questions did come up this episode, mostly with how the children are, who or what are they really. I mean they probably are experiments. But, what happens to those that cannot pilot the Franxx, and what about the people in the city. There was a lot of possibilities on what could happen, and what is happening for this show. This subtle world building has more questions arise, that hopefully will get answered sooner than later. Judging by how this episode ended with Hiro thinking about escaping with Zero Two, it is a possibility we may know more later down the line. For now, it is just time to wait, and deal with the information the show has given us so far.

Overall Enjoyment: 90/100

Overall Score: B

The anime is being streamed on Crunchyroll, and Funimation has a dubbed planned, but I probably won’t watch that.

As always feel free to comment your thoughts on the series.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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