This week we took a trip down memory lane, both in the show and irl.

Here’s my review.

It’s not often I get that feeling of nostalgia when watching anime, but, this week’s ep of Dagashi Kashi strangely made that happen. What am I talking about? Well let’s take a look at the first skit in this week’s ep.

Surprisingly, candy wasn’t the star in this week’s ep, rather toys took center stage. This week’s toy was a spinning top called beigoma, which is a traditional Japanese spinning top in which you tie a cord around the top then release it quickly causing the top to spin. This is usually done on a barrel and the objective of the game is to knock the other person’s top off the barrel or just outlast them and be the last one spinning. It’s quite simple really but it looks like a decent amount of fun.

This got me thinking though about something I experienced back in school, back in elementary school to be exact. Though they’re still a thing now, but back then Beyblade where a thing and I too got into them for a bit. I believe it was grade 3 or maybe 2, but whatever the case, our recess time was spent having fierce battles out of the watchful eyes of the teachers. You see, back then the rules were a little different and you weren’t allowed to bring toys from home to school to play with, even in the younger grades. Maybe it was just my school (it was private after all) but that’s how it was so these battles were highly illegal, and we did get in trouble for it. But hey, you’re like 9 it’s all fine. Anyways, this first half of the ep got me thinking about that and subsequently the good old days in general. Like I said it’s not often anime make me feel this way, but surprisingly Dagashi Kashi did.

As for this ep though, Coconuts and Tou are having some beigoma battles when Hotaru makes her entrance and joins the party with her Hotaru Special. Saya also shows up and in classic Dagashi Kashi fashion ends up being the winner. Saya has this knack for being good at games and beating everyone. Of course Hotaru also has a knack, just for losing all the time. Although there was some silver lining in this loss as Coconuts, and us viewers, got quite a nice view.

The back half of this ep brings the feels into this show as we get a flashback to loli Hotaru. Worth noting that she had longer hair back then and it suited her well. This segment was mainly her reminiscing about a past dagashi shop she visited a lot and her experiences spent there. What made it feelsy was at the end of this flashback we see her standing in front of an empty lot where that shop used to be. It’s long gone now probably because of the lack of interest in shops like that. The ep ends with Hotaru phoning Coconuts to remind him of her love of dagashi shops, in particular the one Coconuts and his dad run. It’s a dying kind in this day and age and I’m guessing Hotaru is trying her best to keep this age-old tradition alive and breathing. If only Coconuts would reconsider his future and take over the shop…

Okay that was more of a review this week, maybe more commentary than review but like I’ve been saying it’s not the easiest show to review as there isn’t a whole lot to talk about. Hope you enjoyed it either way and be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts on the ep.

Really quickly for next week I’m going to be out-of-town for the day and I’m not sure how late in the afternoon or early evening I’ll be back, so I’m not sure if I’ll have the ep 4 review posted on Saturday. Might be Sunday but as I’m going to the movies it’ll most likely be later in the day. Thankfully it’s a short show and reviews don’t take long to write.

Well that’s it for this week, thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time!


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