Out of all the mecha series I have seen, well, there were some with more than one pilot in this mech, but this is a certainly an interesting set up. This episode also has me wondering how long this series will be, it can somewhat be known on how the second or third episode is. But from this episode, it is hard to say. Anyway, let’s get right into it. But seriously, more on that mech pilot set up later.

The Plot:

So, with the events of episode one behind them, their ceremony happens the following day. This time, the adults and Papa do not appear. Well, it turns out some, well, more particularly Number 666, Zorome, or after this episode Spawn of Satan, he does not like the fact that Hiro might have piloted the Franxx before them. He is way too prideful. But also 15, Ichigo, well, she is just jealous of Zero Two being with Hiro.

Darling in the Franxx ep 2 pic 1

Zero Two is also with them today in their lunch hall.

Darling in the Franxx ep 2 pic 2

Well, while she does get up close and personal with Hiro. He quickly doesn’t care as she says he did pilot the Franxx with her. The memory to him is completely blank. But again, Spawn, I mean Zorome, does not believe them.

Nana also appears, she apparently is their coordinator, and person in charge of giving them orders. She also takes Zero Two to the side and pretty much tells her she is bothering them and should not be with them, since right now she has no orders to continue piloting with Hiro. Also, it turns out that single digits are only thought to be rumored, and that was mentioned right before. I can honestly see why given how Zero Two is, also there only being 9 single digits and well over 600 double and triple digits.

Darling in the Franxx ep 2 pic 5

Anyway, the boys and girls get ready for a trial run with their Franxx. The boys well, Zorome, he again really does not like Hiro. And well, as for the girls, Ichigo really does not like the talk about how Zero Two talks to Hiro.

Darling in the Franxx ep 2 pic 6

Anyway, the girls are kind of like the control system, for whatever reason. Their helmet is the module, for knowing the bond level, since both of them have to be in a sense of one mind. Then the controls to move are on the girls’ butts, where the guys hold onto. This honestly threw me off for a second, and really has me questioning about all the controls. Mostly since once the face appears for the mecha, the girls have that face when talking to their partner on the sides.

Darling in the Franxx ep 2 pic 7

So, later on, after Zorome nearly fights Hiro, for again because he is an annoying prick, it is time for a mock battle. This would allow Hiro to be promoted to a parasite. But, he cannot be with Zero Two. Instead he is with Ichigo. And, what do you know, Zorome, offers to be the opponent, much to his partner’s surprise.

Darling in the Franxx ep 2 pic 8

Anyway, the Franxx works at first for Hiro, only for it not to. Zorome goes onto the attack, after given them a short break. Hiro and Ichigo kiss, as Hiro believes that is how it worked with him and Zero Two, but it didn’t. Cocky boy then pretty much causes internal turmoil with his partner saying how he should be paired with Ichigo and get the better mech. So, due to them being out of synch, their mech shuts down. Ichigo gets angry and starts piloting on her own, only for both to get shut down. The mock battle concludes and Hiro is not promoted.

Overall Thoughts:

Zorome is annoying.

Anyway, hopefully in the next episode it is made a little clear why Hiro can only pilot with Zero Two. I mean, it didn’t look like the inside of Zero Two’s Franxx was like the others. I mean it was even mentioned she has the power to pilot on her own but even then, she has had a lot of partners. What not only makes Hiro different, but also how does her mecha work.  Both will probably be answered at the same time.

As for the mechs themselves, well, I do like that idea how they both need to be in one state of mind, if they are out of synch in any way, that screws up the Franxx. While, questioning why the set up on the inside the way it is, well, I am only going off anime/fan service logic, there could be more to it, but I highly doubt it due to anime/fan service logic.

There is also the question about single digits. It feels like there could be more to appear, depending how long this series is. It would not surprise me if another one was to appear. Since the single digits sound special, while all the others get less special from double to triple digits.

The last note, is the mentioning of sharing resources between two of the places. We technically do not know if this is earth or some other planet. If this is an earth colony, or if maybe the characters are just some bizarre clones since we do not know what Papa and the adults really look like. But, this sharing of resource will be important, I assume next episode, since there are no previews after the episode.

This episode I did like more than the first. Sure, Hiro’s character comes off as a little flat, but the other ones gained some notice this episode, and are starting to develop in some way. It will be interesting where this series goes, but for right now it is a little hard to tell how it could turn out in the end.

Overall Score: B

The anime is being streamed on Crunchyroll, and Funimation has a dubbed planned, but I probably won’t watch that.

As always feel free to comment your thoughts on the series.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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