Moving right along we’re arrived at the spring (April-June) season of last year. Here are some highlights from those three months.

Nick’s Highlights

For this season I have 4 shows that really stood out for me. First up is Tsuki ga Kirei. By far this is one of the purest shows of last year. It’s so heartwarming and you just want the two main characters, Akane and Kotarou, to be together and happy. It’s a great love story about two middle schoolers falling in love and the trials they must overcome along the way. Yeah I know that sounds so generic and probably boring, but honestly this show is special. I love the characters in this show so much, the way they interacted with each other, the awkwardness and such, it all felt so alive and real. Even the little things like Akane and her squishy potato thing(?) and how Kotarou was always shadow boxing the drawstring for his bedroom light, things like gave the characters more life. As the show progressed you just got more and more into it and were rooting for these two with all your heart. The final eps ramped up the drama and the finale was amazing. The epilogue at the end left me in tears as it was the icing on the cake for this wonderful show and the journey these two kids went on. If you’re looking for a heartwarming romance show to watch Tsuki ga Kirei is one you really should check out.

Hinako Note might not have been on your list as it’s another cute girls doing cute things show, but if you did venture out and watch it then you’ll know this was by far one of the sexiest shows of the year. Usually these type shows are more cute and fluffy, and yes while that was the case with this show, there were plenty of fanservicey and lightly lewd moments too. Honestly I was surprised a show like this ended up being like that, but hey I sure as hell didn’t complain about it. Story wise it’s not the most in-depth show out there, pretty much girls working at a cafe/bookstore and who are in an acting troupe. It’s the usual school life setting and everything else is what you expect from a CGDCTs show, but it’s that fanservice and lewdness that puts an enjoyable spin on this genre. It might not be for everyone, but if you like your CGDCTs show with a little extra something, this is one I recommend taking a look at. Bonus points if you can find the BD release.

The show everyone loved to hate on that season was of course Shingeki no Kyojin S2 Eromanga-sensei. Yes, when you look back at this season a show that most people might mention, probably in a more negative context, is gonna be this one. If you’re wondering why then I should mention this show is pretty much the spiritual successor to the also much-loved Oreimo. Sarcasm aside though, in terms of just plain fun to watch, Eromanga-sensei was pretty damn enjoyable. Most eps had me laughing so much and yes while it’s still a somewhat trashy show (I can’t deny that) it’s not one I feel I need to hate with a passion. Hell, I loved Oreimo to death a few years ago and it’s still one of my top favorites to this day, so seeing this show come around I knew I’d love it probably just as much. This one will definitely not be for everyone (the whole incest theme isn’t as strong compared to Oreimo, don’t worry) but the overall jail-bait-ness of it will probably be a turn off for a lot of people in their right minds. But if you just want to put aside all of that and watch something pretty damn fun then I think you’ll have a good time with this show, if you don’t take it seriously. Oh and Elf and Muramasa are best. Bonus points for ClariS OP too.

Last up is a show dear to me, Saekano S2. I reviewed S1 back in winter 2015 (oh how time flies…) and of course I would return to review S2. Sadly when this first aired it was locked away in Anime Strike so it wasn’t seen by the many, but taking to the high seas I was determined to watch this and review it. I won’t get into too much details here as you can just go read my reviews if you want to hear my thoughts about it, but really quickly this show is so good. It built on S1 perfectly and the story was excellent, especially in the back half. My girl Utaha remained the best but Kato was just a hair behind her. For real, Kato was brilliant in S2, I liked her so much and there were times where I thought I liked her more. But if you caught yesterday’s editorial then you’ll know Anime Strike died and you can now go watch this amazing show, which I highly recommend you do.

Deven’s Highlights

Renai Boukun was an anime that was a part of the Spring 2017 lineup. It was definitely a hit of its time because it was a decent comedy that just didn’t seem to hold back. It was funny from start to beginning and never hold back. It was well paced yet the jokes always seemed to be consistently good. It’s also one of those anime that actually did have a decent dub where the jokes were still just as funny as in Japanese. The opening was also incredibly catchy as expected of Wake Up, Girls!.

Tsuyuki’s Highlights

As I look through what aired in the Spring season of 2017 over and over again, I take a deep breath and sigh while I type out the title of Eromanga-sensei. I didn’t watch much this season, unfortunately, and while I did watch the amazing second season of Boku no Hero Academia, there was a handful of reasons that made me hesitant to say it was my favourite from the season (none of which being because it was bad). So, I settled for the next best thing, and in a season where I only watched three shows, that next best thing was Eromanga-sensei. Even though I liked Oreimo by the same author, even when acknowledging all of its flaws, I can’t say I really “liked” Eromanga-sensei. It was ridiculous, it made me uncomfortable, it somehow got worse episode after episode, and somehow at the end of all of that it tricked me into giving it a 5 out of 10 on MAL. Aside from the cute character designs and amazing opening “Hitorigoto” by ClariS, the show was kind of awful to say the least. However, it was just awful enough to laugh at how terrible it was and when padded with excellent theme songs, I can’t say it was an awful experience.

Another small thing to mention was the anime Clockwork Planet by the author of No Game No Life. I liked the latter of the two I just mentioned, but Clockwork Planet was a special kind of hot garbage that I can’t say I was a fan of. Although, my favourite idol unit in Japan, After the Rain, made their anime debut with the ending song for Clockwork Planet, “Anti-Clockwise” which is just absolutely amazing and a much better ending than that show ever deserved — probably my favourite ending song of 2017.

Joe’s Highlights

So, for this season I have two shows to talk about, considering I only completed four that season, it isn’t saying much. Granblue Fantasy I had plenty of issues with, so it is not that series. The two I will be talking about are Alice and Zouroku and Sakura Quest. I still need to finish My Hero Acadamia.

Sakura Quest Ep 14 pic 1

Anyway, Sakura Quest, this show being the only show I actually was able to finish last year when it came time for reviews. Sure, I put a lot of the episodes in bulk towards the end, but that is beside the point. This show was super enjoyable, the drama, the light humor, and really that sort of coming to adulthood and finding your place. Older characters, in their early twenties are rare in anime, and well, with this storyline I found it at times relatable. I being in my early twenties am still struggling to find that place for myself, and exactly where I hope my career takes me. This anime was two cour, and I won’t be talking about it in the Summer Post, however, this was certainly a contender for anime of the year. It certainly is best original anime of the year.

super pout

Anyway onto Alice and Zouroku, an anime I often forgot about, but was easily my favorite the whole season. The show had a nice range of what it was about, one week it was a family drama, next it was a comedy, then action. But it all worked out wonderfully. A young girl with bizarre powers, pretty much being adopted into a family, it was about her family coming to accept her, while she finds her place. I mean, that is the mild way of putting it. I honestly feel like there could be a lot of things I missed and could easily catch if I was to watch it again. The show, like I said, had a nice way of going about with things, yet somehow despite always changing or never really having a set way of doing things, it worked out wonderfully. To think this show was not even one I planned to watch only to quickly become one of my favorites of that season.

That’s for this the spring season. Lots of great shows aired during that time, what were your favorites? Leave a comment below with your top picks from spring 2017!

Up next is the summer season! Look forward to that post Monday January 22nd!

Thanks for reading, see you next week!

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