Hello and welcome to the start of a new anime season! As the title says I’ll be taking a look at the sequel to the winter 2016 hit Dagashi Kashi. This time around though the eps are a bit shorter so there isn’t a whole lot to talk about. Nevertheless, I’ll still try to figure out something to say, so let’s jump in and see what this opening ep is all about.

Here’s my review.

She’s back! Yes that’s right, Hotaru is back and ready for more crazy candy antics and history lessons too. So we pick things up 3 months after the events of S1 and during that time the candy shop Kokonotsu “Coconuts” Shikada and his father own has taken a turn for the worst. It’s run down and looks frankly awful. So far the only explanation to this is that his father has run off leaving Coconuts to run the place on his own. If there was something in S1 that happened in which he had to leave, I can’t remember. But whatever the case, it’s just Coconuts by himself at the store wondering what to eat when he unknowingly says that magic words to bring the purple haired, candy loving girl running to his front door. Literally.

Hotaru hasn’t changed much (well character wise, design wise she looks terrible imo) and is her usual candy loving self we’ve come to know and enjoy since S1. Today’s piece of candy she presents to us is Big Katsu, which is a snack that looks like pork cutlets but is actually fish instead. Hotaru would then go on to explain how this snack came about and the hardships the company went through to make it. It’s classic Dagashi Kashi stuff ans yes Hotaru even brings out the glasses for this history lesson, although they weren’t as prominently featured as in S1.

The back half of the show brings fan favorite Saya back as she’s looking to eat some pasta at a nice fancy restaurant, although that’s hard to come by in their little town. Much like for Coconuts, Saya unknowingly summons Hotaru and we’re treated to another snack in Hotaru’s endless collection. Today’s treat is Peperoncino which is a cup ramen style snack that’s actually pasta, not ramen even though it looks pretty much the same. While it’s not the pasta Saya wanted, it’s still a nice snack and it gets a whole-hearted “ottimo!” from everyone. Mission accomplished… I guess.

So yeah, it’s honestly a bit hard to write a review about this as it’s only 12 minutes and it’s pretty much a glorified ad. I do like the new format though as it gets right to the matter and doesn’t spend time on much else, but at the same time I worry that there might not be much of a story for the remaining 11 eps. True S1 wasn’t exactly the most story driven show every produced, but still there was more of a noticeable story tying everything together. Either way, it’s just the opening ep so there is still plenty of time to work on that.

Anyways, that’s it for ep 1. Let me know what you thought about in the comments below! Going forward I aim to have this out on Saturday’s, seeing how CR has it up Friday night, but as always check the blog Twitter for any announcements about reviews.

That’s it for me, thanks for reading and I’ll see you next week!


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