Hello and welcome to the first part of the Anime Corps Year in Review series!

This 4 part series will be a break down of each season this past year as we talk about our favorite shows, characters, music, and other highlights from each season. Starting off we’ll dive into the Winter 2017 season (January-March 2017) and talk about our top memorable moments from those 3 months. Let’s begin!

Nick’s Highlights

By far Maid Dragon was my stand out favorite from that season. Not only was it a KyoAni show which I pretty much always love, but it was just a really heartwarming and fun show to watch. The characters were by far the stand out factor of why this show stays in my mind so much, I love them all so much and they were such a joy to watch each week. Tohru ended up being my favorite, I know it’s kind of basic pick, but she was just a character that really clicked with me from the moment I saw her. Kanna comes in a close second though as she was a character everyone couldn’t get enough of, I just wish everyone wasn’t lewding her all the time. She must be protected!

Aside from the characters another part of this show that made me love it so much was the OP. As expected fhána nailed it and combined with the gorgeous KyoAni visuals, it made for another memorable OP that would be playing in your head long after. Even so this day, over a year later, and it’s still a favorite song of mine. Only the really good OPs can do that as fhána almost always can make that happen.

Really then Maid Dragon was a complete package of KyoAni goodness. It delivered on all fronts and most importantly it was just such a fun show to watch. The winter season was pretty light for shows, at least for me, so it was an easy winner for Anime of the Season. I hope that sometime in the future we’ll see these dragon girls once again as I’m sure it would be something everyone would enjoy very much.

Another show that deserves to be mentioned as it kinda flew under the radar, I think, was ACCA: 13th Territory Inspection Department. Also scoring a 9/10 from me, ACCA was a classy spy thriller full of exciting twists and turns that always kept you on the edge of your seat. From the stylish OP, the slick visuals, engaging story and very interesting character, ACCA was the runner-up for my AOTS. By far it had the best story of that season I believe and honestly I probably should go back and give it another watch just to pick out all those finer details. If you’re looking for something a little different this might be the show for you.

There were other noteworthy shows from the winter 2017 season, KonoSuba S2, Kuzu no Honaki, and BanG Dream! but I mainly wanted to focus on these two are for me they stood out the most. So that’s it for my winter highlights, I’ll pass it along to the next person!

Joe’s Highlights

Yeah, so, don’t be surprised if either of these shows are brought up again. So, also, typical me, but I did not complete a lot of shows from this season. I didn’t even finish the show I was reviewing here. But, there are two that I have to say are pretty noteworthy.

The first, and obvious one, my anime of the year, Maid Dragon. Kyo Ani backing the animation and fhána doing the opening theme that I am still listening to daily a year later. This was by far my favorite show throughout the year. The show had a nice balance of cute, funny, and even knowing exactly when to hit the drama to make it count when it was necessary. It just hit all the right things perfectly for what I would like to see in shows.

Trying not to repeat what Nick has said, or what might be said later. But, protect Blue-Eyes Smol Dragon, Kanna at all cost. Best daughter of the year goes to her.

that's wicked

Alright, onto the other show, Konosuba Season 2. The only other show I remember from this season is Little Witch Acadamia, but due to Netflix and their binge watching ways, I haven’t gotten pass episode 2 yet. But Konosuba, I will admit is not the greatest follow-up in terms of second seasons, however, it was still a lot of fun, and did a lot of things different compared to the first season. I find myself a bit bothered, a year later, with no third season airing in the winter. They certainly have the volumes for it, but who knows.

What else can be said, besides it being funny, and how the characters act remind me of It’s Always Sunny in Philidalphia. But, I am afraid, nothing really comes to mind. At least I know more about what I am going to say about the Spring season shows in the next post.

Tsusyuki’s Highlights

Despite having not watched it when it aired, without any doubt my favourite anime from the Winter season is Little Witch Academia. I wrote an editorial on it, so I’ll try not to repeat myself, but more-so than any other show I watched not only in 2017 but for a long time since I first started watching anime in general, this show filled me with pure joy. I loved everything from the characters to the soundtrack to the plot and how great it built itself up and played to all of its strengths. Every character had depth despite each one being able to be summarized in a couple of sentences. I watched the series in English first due to my liking of Stephanie Sheh and her playing my favourite character from the original films, Lotte, and over time I grew to a point where I cannot imagine any of the characters with their Japanese voices. If waiting extra time for Netflix to release all of the episodes meant I got an English dub that amazing, if anything I’m happy I waited before watching the show.

Additionally, Michiru Oshima has finally beat Yuki Kajiura on my list of favourite anime composers due to the absolutely phenomenal soundtrack that accompanied Little Witch Academia. Every time I open Netflix now I get the urge to rewatch the show, and every time I have a bad day I listen to the show’s soundtrack to pick me up a little. While I did also really enjoy Kobayashi-san Chi no Maidragon, it’s no match for my new favourite anime of all time.

Deven’s Highlights

Seiren was an anime that was a part of the Winter 2017 lineup. While it wasn’t a massive hit like some of other anime that it showed with, it definitely had its own merits. It was your basic high school romance with three girls and a ‘Visual Novel route’ like structure. The characters are at the beginning of their summer break in their second year of high school and are thinking about college. The events played out differently with dating each girl and I really liked the fact that Shoichi Kamita (the male main character)’s life and actions changed a lot with each girl.

With dating the first girl Hikari Tsuneki, he strives to learn to cook and while having a quick whirlwind romance with Tsuneki before she leaves for college. With Toru Miyamae, he gets closer to her via their shared passion for video games and even helps her get over her issues about being close to people again. And finally Kyoko Tono, the childhood friend, she has a good relationship with the MC and their relationship is both cute and as awkward as two childhood friends moving from friends to lovers typically is.

As I grow more mature and go through college, I can’t help but laugh at these high school dramas. They do what they’re supposed to do. Give us a look into an ideal and simple high school experience filled with awkward romances and quirky misunderstandings.

So there you have it, a quick look at some of our favorite shows from the winter 2017 season. As always we’d love to hear your thoughts on which shows stand out the most for you from that season, so leave a comment below (if it’s for a certain person please indicate that) and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Up next we’ll be diving into the spring 2017 season (April-June) and discussing some of our favorite from those 3 months. That post will be live Monday January 15th. Hope you can join us for that!

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in part 2!

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