The cold weather and snow is back again, so why not curl up in your room with some great new anime! Here’s what you can expect to see reviewed here starting in January!

Nick’s Pick

Dagashi Kashi S2

Yep, I’m back to review the second season of this crazy candy show. Hotaru and gang are back for more wacky candy related adventures and this time they’ve brought some new people along for the ride. While I’m happy to see more of this show, I’m not too thrilled about the new studio taking the helm for this season. I’ve got serious issues with Hotaru’s new look and I’m not sure how much that’ll affect my overall enjoyment, but be warned the first couple reviews will probably have a lot of complaining about that. Aside from that, I really am looking froward to this and even though the eps will be shorter, as long as they can make it an enjoyable watch then they’ll have succeeded. Dagashi Kashi 2 starts January 12th, I hope you’ll join me!

Tsuyuki’s Pick

Violet Evergarden

This show looks gorgeous and very unique. I can already tell from the promotional material already out that this is a series I want to look out for. Kyoto Animation is already one of the best (if not the best) studios when it comes to production value, and considering the last time they caught my attention like this with Kyoukai no Kanata, the production that followed became my new favorite by them, I have very high hopes for this series and am excited to dive into it once it finishes. Full series review will be posted when it airs on Netflix in the spring.

Joe’s Pick

Darling in the Franxx

An anime by Trigger is honestly what got my attention first. A Mecha series by Trigger, is what quickly followed. It’s combining one of my favorite studios with one of my favorite genres.  So, I am pretty excited for this. If it already wasn’t announced for streaming, well, I wouldn’t be doing this part. Either way, last season’s Black Clover I dropped, and I also did not want to do another 50 episode series review. So, it will be a new year, and a fresh new start.  Since it is by Trigger, and I honestly cannot think of a series by Trigger that I have hated, well, it is safe to say I will be reviewing this completely. Either way, it should be interesting. DARLING in the FRANXX begins January 13th.

Deven’s Pick

Fate/Extra: Last Encore

I love Fate, but I don’t want to be the Fate guy. However that being said, I’m really looking forward to this new Fate/Extra anime. The first time that Fate/Extra has been animated. Fate/Extra is a Fate game that was published on PSP back in the day. It was a good story but the game play was basically high level rock-paper-scissors. As for this anime, I expect good things. Kinoko Nasu, writer of most of the Fate series, has been given complete creative freedom from Shaft to make an awesome Fate/Extra anime so it’s not going to just be normal Fate/Extra or Fate/Extra CCC (the sequel to Fate/Extra) or even Fate/Extella. It’s going to be something completely new to itself. The one gripe that I do have is the fact that Saber Nero is the main servant. I understand that Sabers like Arturia and Nero sell very well but I’m tired of it at sometimes. I think that Tamamo should have been the main servant but that’s just me. Fate/Extra: Last Encore will premiere January 27th.

So that’s a quick look at what to expect for new reviews on the blog starting in January. It looks like another great lineup for next season and we hope you can join us for more anime content in the New Year! Be sure to leave a comment with your picks for next season and don’t forget to join in the conversations on Twitter by following us along with each of our writers. Links on the contact page!

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in January!

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