With the end in sight, the students of Uranohoshi decide to hold one final festival.

Here’s my review!

Not really much to talk about this week. I realized that about halfway through the ep that I probably won’t have much to say this time around, but there are a few small points worth noting to say the least.

So pretty much this ep was a school closing festival ep. Self explanatory there, but it was a nice touch as it gives you a breather before diving right back into the drama heavy final two eps. I’m just assuming they’ll be drama heavy or at least feels heavy, whatever the case is the final two eps will probably have us crying a lot.

Honestly, I’m not really sure what to say about this ep, there was a nice You and Chika scene, Dia looked perfect as always, Riko and Yohane held hands (okay everyone did but I liked seeing them doing that), Kanan proposed to Mari (not really but it looked like it), Mari’s stew made a comeback, Yohane attempted fortune-telling, they ate, drank (nothing alcoholic of course), and partied one final time. That’s pretty much the ep in a nutshell.

It was really a chance for everyone to properly say their goodbye to the school as come spring time with the exams, graduation, Love Live, and everything else, there won’t be time to have such a big festival like this, so it was a well-timed event and it helped everyone get in the mindset that this is the end for Uranohoshi. It was a good run, but it’s sadly coming to a close.

Like I mentioned above, this ep was a nice breather before the final couple eps which are sure to bring the drama and feels. That said I enjoyed this filler ep for those reasons and just a nice break from the Love Live grind, practices, and general stress. There is still plenty of time for that to come. So yeah before I just start repeating myself here, I’ll wrap this up in the closing comments.

I’m struggling with talking about something in this review because if you’ve seen the ep you’ll know there isn’t really a 1000 word review kinda ep. That said sure there might be a few things some want to get into detail about, but nothing for me really merits talking at length about, so that’s it for this review.

Next week looks to be like a Kanan ep, at least that the impression I’m getting with her standing on the beach looking out to sea. Could be some feels or something. Whatever the case I’ll see you there for that.

As always, thanks for reading, sorry if this isn’t much of a review but there just wasn’t much to talk about. Next week looks to be back to the usual reviews.

Oh and one last thing I wanted to mention, did you notice the Umi cameo?

That you, Umi?

Until next time!


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