After last week’s heartwarming sisterly love ep, this week turns the attention to the third years and what lies ahead of them.

Here’s my review!

It’s bound to happen sooner or later so they may as well start it now, the third years will be graduating after Love Live and moving on in life. It’s a feelsy point that the original Love Live dealt with in S2, specifically S2 ep 11 when they decide to disband μ’s, so you knew at some point this would become a factor in the latter half of the season. So far it hasn’t been as feels heavy as the original Love Live was, but still it gets your eyes watery and you feel that lump in your throat when you think about it.

It’s the New Year now and the Love Live finals are closing in fast. To help prep for this grand finale, Aqours have enlisted the help of Saint Snow to lead them in some training. I was expecting them to do some dance training and such, but instead we just see them out running around building stamina which is still important to have when dancing on stage. And for you trivia fans keeping track at home, this marks the third straight ep in which Saint Snow has made an appearance.

During this training session, Sarah and Leah learn about the school merger and also that Mari has been asked to be director of the new school. It’s in good faith that Mari was asked to take on this role, seeing how many students from Uranohoshi will be attending the new school in Numazu, so having a friendly face will make they feel more at ease. However, Mari turned down this offer in favor of going to uni in Italy. Why Italy? Well if you recall, Mari is part Italian after all (her father is Italian-American) so he able to get her a recommendation for a uni in Italy. Quite the connections! Anyways, from here on the third years take center stage and the ep really becomes about Mari, Dia and Kanan and what they’ll be doing post graduation.

This ties into the flashback that the ep opened with, the loli third years wishing long ago that they would always be together. It’s a common theme in anime it seems, characters always wishing to stay together, but realistically people go their own ways and over time just drift apart. Nothing bad about wanting to stay with your friends, it’s good and all, but as we find out the third years have already made plans.

Taking a trip to the rave tunnel star lined tunnel, the third years talk about what lies in their future. For Mari it’s going to uni in Italy, for Dia she’s off to college in Tokyo, and for Kanan she’s off to get her diving license overseas. What’s interesting though is that they all made these decisions on their own and when they present them they don’t have some massive fight or anything about it. It’s bound to happen that they’ll go their separate ways and they don’t waste time making this some drama fueled mess, instead they all hug and probably shred some tears, but it’s not the end of the world.

We stick with the third years a bit more as they return to Mari’s home, down by the docks to be more specific, and reminisced a bit more about the past. We learned how Mari was always sneaking out to be with Dia and Kanan, and how her parents had to keep moving her room to a higher level to stop this from happening, but it was to no avail. Mari wanted to be with her friends so much as it was something she really loved and cherished. She thanks them for the time they spent together and they were going to end this moment by making another wish upon a star, but the rain stopped them from doing that. However, these girls have special powers so something like rain isn’t going to slow them down, they just need to combine their powers to make it work.

We also learn that Mari has a driver’s license and is able to drive around 8 other people, something which I’m pretty sure isn’t allowed, but whatever the case Mari, Dia and Kanan round-up the rest of the girls and set off to make a wish. Oh and the van they’re in can fly too. The ep closes with the girls atop a mountain, a special place for the third years, and they make their wish upon the stars. As the time ticks away, they all know it’s now or never to make this Love Live one for the history books, both for them and the school.

Another heartwarming ep this week featuring the third years. We’re coming down to the last couple eps now, so I’m expecting things to ramp up as the girls ready for Love Live. I’m sure we’ll get some more drama along the way too as they can’t have things be too easy for them. I really am liking this second season a lot more than the first, not to say S1 was bad or anything but the reliance on μ’s was too front and center, so seeing them mature and move away from that and find their own path in S2 is really nice. But back to this ep, it was great and I liked how things didn’t get too overly dramatic when it came to them discussing their future plans.

So that’s it for this ep, late review once again and I’m sorry for that. We’ll try again for next week. As always let me know what you thought of this week’s ep by leaving a comment below and I’ll make sure to get back to you.

Next week looks like it’s back to the school and maybe some kinda school festival? Whatever it is, I’ll see you there for that.

Until next time!


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