Ruby and Leah put their school idol rivalry aside and came together for a special performance. Was it the epic Aqours x Saint Snow team up I had hoped for?

Here’s my review!

I hate saying this, I honestly really do, especially with how great the set up for this ep was and the heart and emotion it had, but I feel like they kinda dropped the ball here. Last week ended with Ruby and Leah deciding they would write a song for their sisters and perform it for them in front of the big Christmas tree they stood in front of. It’s a great idea and a wonderful way for them to show their older sisters that they’ve matured and can stand on their own, but the execution felt off and while the performance was nice, it was lacking something… big.

I must not be the only one to feel this way because like I said the set up for this ep indicated something different from what we got. How I envisioned this ep going was Ruby and Leah teaming up to write a song for their sisters, then perform it for them on some grand sparkly stage in front of the Christmas tree. That didn’t exactly happen. While yes Ruby and Leah did work on a song together, they also had the help of Hanamaru and Yohane. Now I’ve got nothing against those two girls, they’re both wonderful and I love seeing them around, but having them present adds to the whole ball dropping issue which happens to be the climax of this ep.

The whole point of this ep was supposed to be Ruby and Leah proving to their sisters they’ll be okay on their own once they’ve graduated. That was the impression I got from last ep and was hoping to see carried on in this ep. What kinda bothered me off the start was that if Ruby was proving to Dia that she’ll be fine on her own, having Hanamaru and Yohane there kinda defeats the purpose of her being able to do things on her own. Okay, yes I get that they’re all friends and first years, but they didn’t add too much to the ep, aside from a commentary about watching your weight, and they just felt out-of-place in an ep focused about Ruby holding her own. I understand that the 4 of them were all able to bond, all of them being first years and such, but still having just Ruby and Leah would’ve been better I feel.

My other issue with the ep is the biggest: why did Dia, Sarah and the rest of Aqours perform in the concert? What happened to the whole Ruby and Leah showing they’ve matured and moved on from depending on their older sisters? It just doesn’t make sense or seem right to have everyone else suddenly take part in this performance. It bothers me a lot because it ruins the whole feeling this ep, and the last ep, had of the two girls wanting to prove themselves. Also how did everyone else know the lyrics, dance moves, and have outfits too? The more you think about it the less sense it makes and for me it just ruins a moment that should’ve been great. And I kinda didn’t see the theme in the lyrics too much about Ruby and Leah moving on from their sisters. I’m looking over them on the wiki and it’s not really clicking too much.

A bit of a side point here that I didn’t really consider until I saw it mentioned in another review, but the fact Saint Snow is getting so much attention and A-RISE didn’t is worth talking about too. A-RISE was cool, sexy, mature and just really damn good the moment you first saw them in S1 ep1 of the original Love Live!, yet aside from turning up here and there throughout both seasons and the movie, they never got this kinda development and that’s a bit annoying. Not to say I don’t like the development that Saint Snow is getting, but A-RISE was a group everyone wanted more of. Yes I know μ’s was the focus of the show, but A-RISE had a something about them that left you wanting more, yet you never got it. Maybe this is Sunrise’s way of giving the rival group more attention because A-RISE didn’t get any, but still I’ll be left wondering what stories those UTX idols would have brought to the show had they been given this kind of development.

I don’t like ranting about this show in a negative way, I love Love Live! Sunshine!! so much and all of the girls are so wonderful and heartwarming to watch, so having an ep so important falter this much is just really frustrating. Everything was lined up for it to be amazing, I honestly can’t be the only one disappointed that the performance wasn’t just Ruby and Leah showing their love for their sisters. Maybe I’m just being overly critical here, but it’s really hard to overlook an issue like this, especially after all the lead up and excitement there was.

Well then, that did not go as expected. A week ago I thought I’d be typing away with tears streaming down my face about how wonderful this ep was and how the feels turned me into a crying mess. I’m not angry about this, I’m just really frustrated that they blew this amazing chance at potentially the best ep of the season. Aside form the glaring issues, this is a really heartwarming ep with many great moments that make you go “aww”, so while I had some big problems with it, it still had parts I really did like. I want to hear your thoughts about this ep, whether you felt something like I did after or otherwise, so leave a comment below with your thoughts on it.

That’s it for this week’s ep, sorry once again that it’s not out on Saturday I was busy doing stuff and watching anime got pushed back. I’ll try once again to have this review out in a more timely fashion next week. Let’s just hope I’m not tied up with anything else.

As always, thanks for reading, leave a comment below if you want, and I’ll see you next time!


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