With time running out and the stakes higher than ever, Chika puts everything on the line and goes all out in order to keep the dream alive. The question now is: will it be enough?

Here’s my review!

Fifty-seven, the current number of applicants for the school. While it may seem like the girls are almost at their target goal of 100, they now have less than a month to go and the number of students applying has been slowing down. It’s looking like things might not go too well for our school idols here, unless they’ve got another miracle up their sleeve to use. Along with that issue, the new voting system for the upcoming Love Live preliminaries is revealed to vote for which teams go to the Nationals. While the online system sounds good, it puts Uranohoshi at a disadvantage as they don’t have a lot of students to all vote for them. So if they really want to make it to the Nationals, they’ll have to put on one hell of a good performance. Chika is further reminder about this via Saint Snow’s Sarah, as the two seem to be having conversations over the phone and Skype quite often these days. I wonder how You and Riko feel about that?

I liked how they finally tied in the original Aqours here as it wasn’t something they’ve been doing too much and I was starting to wonder if they would ever go back to the Dia, Mari and Kanan trio of Aqours. It was brought out in the previous ep that the third years only have one more shot at Love Live, so alongside saving the school it’s also their one final chance to shine on stage before graduating. So to get to the Nationals and have that chance to shine, Kanan knows the key to victory lies in a notebook of old dance formations used them way back in the day. The thing is though, this one fantastic move that they tried once before failed and Mari ended up getting hurt because of it. Even so, Mari and Dia know that if they want to have a shot at winning, this formation is their best chance.

After a dramatic scene on the pier where Mari ends up leaping into the water to save the notebook, Kanan tried to throw away, Kanan realizes just how serious Dia and Mari are about doing this. Even if it’s not just the 3 of them anymore, it still is a lot of work to pull off and even more work for Chika, who will be performing this death defying move. I liked though how the next day when Kanan presents this to Chika, she wastes no time in agreeing to do it. Even after hearing the Mari hurt her leg in the process, Chika doesn’t even stop to consider the risk, she has the determination and willingness to do this move, no matter how hard it may be.

The rest of the ep is really just Chika trying to pull off this move. For days she kept trying and failing to do it, and in the process she kept getting banged and bruised. But Chika never gave up. She knew the fate of the school was in her hands here if she could pull this move off, so she knew she had to do whatever it took to perfect it for their performance.

Chika just blew the 4th wall to pieces right here. Her powers really are amazing.

After days of failing to pull it off though, Kanan finally leaves her with an ultimatum: if she can’t perform the move by the next day, then she’d have to give up on it. At this point Kanan is more worried about Chika’s overall health as the preliminaries are almost upon them and if she continues to push herself, it’s guaranteed she’ll get hurt. But once again Chika refuses to let this move stop her, and with the loving help and support of You and Riko, along with the rest of the girls, Chika finally is able to pull it off. As for what exactly this move was? Cue the performance.

We’ll see how long that lasts before it’s taken down.

So there you have it, Chika’s death-defying move. Much like everyone else, I wonder how Chika’s voice actress Anju Inami will pull that off at a live show? I’m sure that will be a thrilling moment.

I love these girls so much. Chika too, even though she’s not pictured here.

Having pulled off the move that hurt Mari 2 years ago, it looks like Aqours has overcome yet another obstacle in their ongoing journey to shine the brightest. But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves just yet, because we still don’t know if they even passed the preliminaries. But with a move like that and another amazing song, I’m sure our girls did just fine.

My future header pic on Twitter.

And before I end this, Welcome to Hell Zone.

I think there is some significance to Yohane calling Riko “Lily,” but I can’t remember what it is. If you know more about this, please leave a comment below.

And that’s it for this ep. This second season really has been getting better and better as it goes along, I’m constantly surprised at how awesome it is. But man, that performance though, so good! I can’t wait until the full version is out as I need to have it.

That’s all I’ve got to say about this ep but I’d love to hear your thoughts on it, so leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to reply!

Just a quick heads up about ep 7, I’ll be out of town next Saturday for an important family event, so that review will be out on Sunday most likely. I’ve kinda been slipping with reviews the past couple weeks and that does bother me, but at the same time it’s literally just because I waste time playing games instead of working on this review. It honestly doesn’t even take that long to write, edit, get pics and post, yet I keep putting it off as the temptation of PS4 sitting on my table is far too great at times. As for next week though, I’m legit busy and can’t have that review out on Saturday.

Okay then’s all for this post, thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time!


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