Riko and Yohane finally team up for a hotly anticipated ep. Was it everything I wanted and then some?

Here’s my review!

Ever since last week I’d been eagerly looking forward to this ep. Riko and Yohane, together in an ep. It was a thing of dreams since they never got a chance in S1. But while the ep featured these two girls for most of the time, it wasn’t all lovey-dovey, hand holding and passionate hugging, rather they were dealing with an unusual situation this week. That situation being Yohane and Riko trying to take care of a dog. To be honest, this was the most un-Love Live ep to date. I mean sure there was still the usual school idol activities happening like them practicing for the upcoming regional competitions, but as a whole this wasn’t the usual type ep you’d expect from this show. Not to say that’s a bad thing though, it was a nice change of pace.

So as for how all of this begins, it starts after a practice session and the girls are packing up and heading home. Yohane lives in the city so she just walks back from practice, but on this afternoon it seems she’s in for a rainy encounter with lost dog. It was nice seeing a different side to Yohane as she’s usually Fallen Angel all the time, but seeing her looking after this lost dog was quite heartwarming. So I’m sure you can start to piece together how this lost dog ep will go: Yohane finds the dog but can’t keep it because her apartment doesn’t allow pets, asks a friend to look after it (that being dog loving Riko), she becomes attached to it and starts to outgrow her fears of dogs, and just at the girls are bonding with the dog its owner is found. And while all that does happen, they change things up a bit and focus on a different view of the situation.

Instead of playing out that whole scenario from start to finish of the ep, it only takes up about half of the ep as the lost dog’s owner is found and everyone goes home happy, right? Well not exactly. That attachment both Riko and Yohane had with the dog isn’t something they can just let go so easily, especially for Yohane.

As for as we know, most of Yohane’s back story has been related to us via Hanamaru, but this time we’re hearing the Fallen Angel herself talk about her past and her dark beginnings. Yohane has never been the most lucky girl out there. It rains whenever she goes out, she trips and falls a lot and she has a bunch of other things befall her, so after a while she started wondering that maybe it’s because she’s special that these things are happening to her. But even Yohane realized that things like fallen angels and such are just a figment of ones imagination and nothing real, then during that rainy day when things weren’t going well, she found this lost dog and it felt like she was drawn to it.

She connected with the dog on a much deeper level and that’s what made it so hard for her to just accept the fact the dog already had an owner and this wasn’t some chance encounter with destiny like she had hoped. It made for a somewhat feels-y side to the ep seeing Yohane trying to make sense of this encounter yet remain grounded in reality, and with the help of Riko, she’s able to reassure Yohane that she does indeed have special powers (something that seems to be an underlying theme in the whole Love Live! universe). It’s a nice end to this somewhat deeper that usual ep but it was also good getting some back story from Yohane as she’s a character that while gets a decent amount of screen time, we don’t know a ton about her past, especially told by her. As for Riko, it’s always seeing my girl get some quality screen time and finally together with Yohane, even if it wasn’t the ideal situation that I dream of. It was nice to see her overcome her fear of dogs though. You’re doing great dear, keep up the good work.

So like I said at the outset, this wasn’t the most school idol centered ep, but it all works towards bringing the girls closer together as a group and helping them strive towards their end goal of winning Love Live and saving the school too.

A little different this week but it’s a good change of pace and as a whole it’s nice to see this second season take a different route that the original Love Live! S2 did. A quick look ahead to next week shows the girls back on their quest to pass the upcoming regional competitions and continue their journey to shine the brightest on the biggest stage ever. As if the usual pattern will continue to be followed, there should be a performance next week too.

So that’s it for this week, be sure to leave a comment below with your thoughts on the ep as I enjoy hearing other’s thoughts on the ep too. As always thanks for reading, sorry for this being a day late, and I’ll see you back here next week hopefully on Saturday this time.


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