It’s finally time for The Perfect One to have her own ep. How did it go?

Here’s my review!

It’s been an ep I know a lot of people were excited for since the preview last week and now it’s finally time for fan favorite Dia to take the spotlight and have an ep about her. I too was caught up in this hype as over the last while my conversations with fellow anime blogger and friend on Twitter, OG-Man, have been about Dia and her perfectness so it was hard not to want to be a part of this Dia hype. So as for the actual ep and how that went, well it was really great and it’s made me like Dia a lot more, as expected.

So after last week’s amazing couple of performances its left Aqours short on money. It’s a problem that will make their trip to Tokyo a lot harder being that’s they’ve passed the qualifiers and are on to the next round. Also, it was nice to see Saint Snow’s Sarah Kazuno make a small appearance. I really do hope we see those girls once again at some point. Back to the matter at hand though, without any money it’s looking like a swan boat will be their only way to reach Tokyo, unless they can make some money somehow.

While this is problem the girls are working on throughout the ep, there is another issue that is affect Dia, that being she’s feeling a bit left out. How so, you might ask? I mean they’re all part of Aqours and hand out a lot, but much like in ep 2 where the 1st and 3rd years had trouble associating, Dia notices that both Mari and Kanan are a lot closer to the rest of the girls than she is, so close that the others are addressing them with -chan, but they still refer to Dia with -san. It’s something that’s bothering her as she feels it’s distancing her from everyone else and makes her harder to approach, unlike Mari or Kanan.

Back to the money problem though. To fix this the girls decide to look for some part time work to make money to fund their ongoing Love Live adventures. But to Dia, they’re thinking too simple and getting a job will take away valuable practice time as a group. Dia instead comes up with another plan, which is to sell items they don’t want anymore at the local flea market. It’s also another chance for Dia to get closer with the girls are maybe get them to address her as Dia-chan instead of Dia-san. At the end of the day though she’s still struggling to get closer to them as her efforts only seem to distance her further from the girls. Thankfully Mari and Kanan are there to help her out.

The back half of the ep features a familiar location, that being the aquarium from the Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM PV. Granted the girls didn’t put on any performance here, but it was nice to see another reference to the animated PVs done prior to the anime starting. So the reason they find themselves at this aquarium is that You was able to land them a day job helping out for an event. It’s an easy way to make money and they don’t have to worry about it cutting into practice time. But for Dia, it’s another shot at trying to get close to the girls and maybe get them to finally address her as Dia-chan.

But much like her efforts at the flea market, Dia is still struggling to close the gap between her and the others. Whenever she tries to make small talk or smile at them, they perceive it as her being upset with them. Everyone knows Dia to be the serious one in the group, the one who will always keep them in check, so seeing her acting so friendly like this is a foreign concept to them and puts them on the defensive right away. It’s not until Mari and Kanan finally straight up tell the rest of the girls why Dia’s been acting the way she has that they finally understand the situation at hand.

So at the end of the day Dia feels like despite her best efforts she still can’t fit in with the girls or get them to call her Dia-chan. But as the great leader that she is, Chika puts it nicely saying it’s because Dia is the way she is that they all respect her. She shouldn’t feel the need to change who she is just the fit in with everyone else. It’s probably something we’ve all heard, but you need to be true to yourself instead changing who you are just so you can fit in. Dia has always been a strong and serious person, but when it comes to Aqours she really does care about everyone and is always there to help them out and that’s the Dia they’ve all come to love. And yes, they do call her Dia-chan too.

All in all it was great to see Dia get her own ep and it’s definitely made me like her a lot more now. She’s more of a relatable character now and it was nice to see another side her. Going forward I can only assume my love for her will grow as she truly shines like a diamond in the group.

Up next is another ep I’m really hyped about, the long awaited RikoYohane ep. I’ve wanted to see these girls together for a while now and it looks like next week that will finally be happening. Ah I can’t wait!!

So that’s it for this review, as always thanks for reading and be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts on it below! I always read and reply to each comment!

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next week!


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