After all my grumbling over the past couple eps, Sunrise decided to remind me why this show is so amazing.

Here’s my review.

By far this is the best ep to date. By the end I was just blown away and like I said, reminded me just how amazing Love Live can truly be. So with that said let’s jump in and take a look at how this ep all played out.

Things pick up right where ep 2 left us, with Mari getting a phone call. As expected things aren’t good and the problem now is that the open house has been delayed a week. Okay, no big deal right? Well it just so happens that moving the open house back a week means it’s now on the same day as the Love Live qualifier rounds. Okay, big deal now. To complicate things, the Love Live qualifiers are being held in a far away location making the main issue being transportation.

The first half of the ep is the girls bouncing around ideas of how to make it to both in time. From Chika’s helicopter plan, to her boat plan, she’s thinking big, but, sadly both get shot down. Although that would be a pretty epic entrance, arriving by helicopter. Thankfully they’ve got Dia and her down to Earth ideas. For Aqours to perform at both the open house and Love Live qualifiers, they would have to be the very first ones to perform at the qualifiers then race to catch and bus and make it back to school on time. By far it’s the most realistic and feasible plan, however there is just one more catch. The order of performances is decided via lottery. Seems like nothing can go their way.

Hnnnnnnnggg Riko!

But all hope isn’t lost and with Yohane stepping up to bat, she’s confident she’ll get the number 1 and help the girls out. Of course Yohane’s luck is still on a bad streak, even after “winning” (with the help of Hanamaru) against Dia in a thrilling round of rock-paper-scissors. So with their number being 24, it’s pushed them into an even tighter spot with an even harder decision: the open house or Love Live?

Honestly it’s a tough choice as the need to school to be open to continue being school idols, but they don’t want to pass up another chance at Love Live and shining on stage. Riko does come up with an idea though, splitting the group up and sending 5 to the qualifiers and 4 to the open house but then that messes up the unity of the group and mostly importantly, can they still call themselves Aqours when they do that. No one really likes the idea, but with no other options on the table it’s the one they go with…. until Chika comes up with one final idea that might just get them to both.

The back half of the ep really brought this ep to life, starting with the girls in their costumes for the performance. By far Dia stole the show here as she looked absolutely gorgeous. I’m already falling in love with her more and more, but when she stepped out in that costume, that was one of those moments where you’re just lost for words, so I’ll just let the screen shot do the talking.

I also really loved the Dia and Ruby moment here, where the two sisters share a loving hug before they take the stage. It was such a great moment and I really hope in the coming eps we have more scenes with the sisters. As for the actual performance, as expected it was amazing and another highlight of the ep for sure. The song is a new one made by the 1st and 3rd years during their team up in the last ep and is called MY Mai☆TONIGHT. And instead of me trying to convey how good it is, just have a look yourself.

Hopefully that video doesn’t get taken down anytime soon, but yeah you can see why it’s better to just like that do that talking instead of me trying to put into words how good it is. It was also great to see Dia and Ruby being the center for this song. I love those sisters so much.

But the ep isn’t over there. They’ve still got an open house to get to and this whole sequence of them getting there is honestly really great. Chika’s plan turned out to be taking a little orange grove train that zips through the mountains to get back to the school in time. Although it turns into more of a roller coaster than train ride, but it does the trick and gets them back to school in time. This whole train sequence was also really reminding me of the Happy Party Train PV in which Kanan leads Aqours on a magical train ride, and for this ep Kanan was conducting the train too. This has to be a reference to HPT. Also if you haven’t seen that PV, please go check it out and you’ll see what I mean about this ep referencing it.

And finally the open house performance was a song I totally didn’t expect, Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru kai? which is of course the very first Aqours song. The TV edit for it is really cool and also worth watching. Sorry for the grain.

It was the icing on the cake for this amazing ep and it was really cool to see this song brought into the anime like this. This also means Chika, You and Riko are responsible for making this song, good job girls! So in the end a miracle did happen and they made it to both the Love Live qualifiers and the open house. It was truly spectacular and it really brought out what I love so much about this show and Love Live in general. Eps like this are where the show shines the brightest and if it’s already this bright at ep 3 then I have a feeling we’re in for a real treat. I just hope all their hard work in making and performing both songs will help them keep the school alive. I guess we’ll have to wait until next time to find out.

So there you have it, a truly amazing ep and my favorite of S2 so far. Next week already looks to be better than that as the one and only, or as OG would say, The Perfect One, takes center stage. I can’t wait to see what that’ll be about!

Alright then that’s all for this review, very sorry about it being late I was busy all weekend so I’ve only been able to work on it when I get home from work. Anyways I plan to be back on schedule for ep 4 on Saturday, so expect the usual same day release for this week’s ep. As always thanks for reading, leave a comment if you want as I read and reply to them all, and I’ll see you next time for a Dia ep!

Until then!


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