Wow, this episode really got me annoyed. I will say I am doing at least one more episode review of this show, but, wow this episode was bad on so many levels. I more than likely will drop this show. But, I want to give it the proper chance, and hopefully won’t force myself to review it until I cannot take the show any more like a vast majority of the shows I have reviewed here. So, I mean this introduction and the title of the review probably give an idea of what to expect, but either way, let’s get started.

The Plot:

So, there was the three minutes of recap of episode one’s ending. Then the following well, fourteen was back story, pretty much getting rid of the build up of that fight and final scene in episode one.

But, let’s see what happened in that back story. There was Asta constantly asking the Sister to marry him. They ran that joke into the ground pretty quickly, then again they did it like for two minutes straight this episode.

black clover ep 2 pic 1

There was actually something important, namely who the Wizard King is, and how he not really is the king, but is the most powerful wizard in the kingdom.

black clover ep 2 pic 2

Then it dragged on for a bit before stretching out the context of the flashbacks in episode one where Yuno gets beat up, Asta saves them, then they both swear to be rivals and be the Wizard King. Honestly, this was the majority, and easily the most pointless.

Then back to the present, Asta’s grimoire appears. He nullifies the magic the guy is attacking him with, then beats him up in a single swing in less than twenty seconds. Wow, all that build up was for nothing.

black clover ep 2 pic 7

Then again Yuno and Asta swear they will be Wizard King to end the episode, which again was them just swearing they are rivals and will be for a few minutes.

black clover ep 2 pic 9

Overall Thoughts:

The plot passing is terrible. Alright, I am going to copy all my tweets while watching the episode.

Okay, so, kind of obvious how that flashback was pretty much way longer than it should have and a lot of it was in episode one. Yes, it did give proper motive for the characters, however, it was pretty much unnecessary. Episode one gave short little glimpses, which was certainly more than enough on why they want to be Wizard King.

The Wizard King story, honestly could have been thrown in anywhere. It was somewhat important, but again, they could have done it in any way.

That build up again was terrible. The fight they gave a three-minute recap of, which again, was just Asta being bad mouthed, ended in less than twenty seconds after over seventeen minutes was dedicated to giving them backstory and motive so he may have the drive to attack him. They then went and used the remaining time to drag out the fact that Asta and Yuno are rivals and now both see themselves that way.

I honestly haven’t been annoyed at an episode in so long. At least ninety percent of the time I can make fun of it to make up for the annoyance. This I cannot.

Everything that happened in this episode, either had no reason to happen or could have been condensed into the first five to seven minutes.

I really hope the third episode is better. This episode plot wise was terrible. At least with flashbacks there is supposed to be some sort of new revelation about the character. And there clearly wasn’t one.

I would like to say I have not read the manga, so, again most of my assumptions about what they hinted at in episode one was correct when this episode went into so much detail about it.

I think it was that twenty-second fight that really set me off. Granted, I would still be annoyed at all that backstory, however not as much if the fight had more to it. The backstory really only served as pointless filler for motivation the character was already showing.

I am going to stop myself here before I start talking in circles.

Overall Enjoyment: Do I even need to say/100

Feel free to comment on your thoughts on this series, both the anime and manga, just be mindful of spoilers.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe