Hello and welcome back to another Love Live! review! After last week’s opener, let’s see what the girls would do another the impending doom the school is in.

Here’s my review!

Looks like Chika’s motivational speech at the end of ep 1 was exactly what Mari needed to hear because she’s able to negotiate with her father about the school merger. They now have one shot to change his mind, that being get 100 perspective students before year’s end to keep the school alive. It’s not the biggest number in the world, but 100 is a long ways away for them right now, even if they do already have 10 to begin with. So, now the mission is clear: get 90 more students interesting in attending the school or it’s all over. Let’ see what they do now.

Of course the number one way they plan on doing this is to perform a song at the open house and get the attention of girls who also share a passion or school idols, thus making them interested in the school and in turn want to attend. It’s a simple strategy and one they can easily work with, that is if they can come up with a song to use for the open house. And just to make things a little more complicated, the Love Live qualifying rounds start very soon and they also need a song for that too. That’s easier said than done, especially since it’s Chika who is doing all the lyric writing and Riko making the actual music. Out of the 9 girls it seems a bit unfair to let two of them do all the work, so Mari devises that they split into groups and work on the songs together. I thought for a moment we’d see them in the actual sub-groups, but I guess they’re saving that for a later time.

So the groups are set, Chika, You and Riko will work on the open house song while Mari, Dia, Kanan, Yohane, Ruby and Maru will work on the Love Live song. This way the burden is lifted off Chika and Riko’s shoulders and the work is spread around to all the girls. From here the ep mainly focuses on the latter group as they work on a song for Love Live. It was nice actually as the second years are usually featured the most and probably are the “main” characters, so seeing the other six girls for a whole ep was a nice change of pace.

Speaking of changes of pace, we got to see some new locations in this ep too, for starters Mari’s mansion. Now I do know that Mari’s family owns a hotel chain so I’m just kinda assuming the place they went was a hotel that she lives in, as the exterior shot gave it a hotel feel than a home, but a the same time there were a massive statue of Mari in the lobby, so I’m not sure anymore. Either way, her residence is quite amazing and it leaves the first years mind’s boggling with all the luxuries Mari lives with. Honestly I wish I lived in a place that nice.

But wait, they’re here to create songs not lounge around drinking tea, eating treats, and watching TV. As amazing as Mari’s place is, it’s not the most productive location to work in. From there, they move over to Dia and Ruby’s house, which is also quite impressive. True not too much is shown, but you get the feeling their house is incredible too. But as amazing as these locations are, it’s still not helping the current problem, that being making a song for Love Live. Something else the girls probably didn’t expect to run into is the fact the first and third years don’t really know each other all that well and it’s making this task a bit harder.

But wait, you might say, aren’t they all in Aqours together and are all friends? Well true, but outside of Aqours they don’t hang out and talk all that often. That realization comes to light when their tastes in music clash, Mari and her ear shattering metal doesn’t bode well with the first years, making them stubborn and unwilling to continue working if they can’t find a common ground.

Out of the group of six, Dia and Ruby get along the best being sisters and all, so that leaves Maru and Yohane vs. Mari and Kanan. The Kurosawa sisters come up with a plan then to get these four to bond some more and hopefully be able to work together on the song. While it’s a good idea, they still aren’t coming any closer and a song still isn’t being written. From playing outdoor games, reading, and bathing together, the girls still aren’t bonding and aren’t making progress on the song. It’s not until they’re caught in a rainstorm that they finally come together.

In the dark confines of an old temple Haramaru has permission to enter, they’re sitting around in the candlelight trying to spark come creativity when it comes in the unlikely form of a leaky roof. I actually found this moment pretty cool as they girls used the sounds made from the water dripping into the cups and plates to realize that even though it’s off tempo and out of sync, it’s still able to come together one by and one and sound nice in the end. Likewise the girls are all different, their tastes vary greatly, but when the find a common ground and come together, they can finally create the song they need.

So with one song completed, and open house song being completed by the other girls (or at least I’m left to believe they have completed the song) it’s now time to practice both and perfect them to they can continue towards their goal of saving the school. They’ve still got a long ways to go, but this is an important step towards that goal. I just hope that phone call Mari got at the end won’t throw another wrench into their plans. Guess we’ll have to wait and see!

So that mops up ep 2. Overall I enjoyed it a lot more than the first one, not to say I hated it but it was a bit disappointing in some regards. But those feelings are gone with this second outing and I’ve bounced back to loving this show once again. Like I mentioned above, it was nice to see the girls go to some new locations in this ep, showing off some of the homes he girls live in, and I really liked that scene at the end where they get the inspiration for their new song. It was just a really cool way of going about it and I liked seeing all the girls coming together. Great stuff.

Before I sign off, I’d like to once again mention that next week’s review will be delayed as I’m busy that weekend and will be out-of-town both days. I’ll be able to watch ep 3 when I’m home Saturday night, but the actual review writing process will take place between the 23rd to 27th. I’ll have the ep 3 review posted before ep 4 is out, no need to worry about that. I’ll also mention this on both my personal Twitter along with the blog Twitter as well, so if you’re not following those I suggest you do.

As always I’d love to hear your thoughts on this ep so leave a comment below as I make a point of reading all the comments. Okay then, that’s it for me, I’ll see you next time!


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