Hello, and welcome back to Love Live! Sunshine!! Yes, here we are with the highly anticipated second season of this ultra popular franchise. But enough with the intro, let’s take a look at the season opener.

Here’s my review.

While it’s hard not to get excited for new Love Live!, I must admit I was a tad bit cautious going into this season opener. I may have let on to that a bit, but when the time finally came I was pretty excited to watch. But why, you might ask, was I feeling somewhat cautious going into this ep? Well it stems back to S1 and what happened. Like I said, it’s hard not to get excited about Love Live! but for me S1 felt like they played it too safe for the majority of the season and only in the back half did they seem to find some footing and know where they wanted to go. It’s not too hard to see that S1 and the original Love Live! had a lot in common, probably too much actually. I was hoping for something new and different and while you can argue that there is only so much you can do with a premise like this, I still did want something new and something we haven’t seen before. So how does this all tie into S2?

Well for starters, they tie up the loose ends that S1 left us with. Namely, that they failed to make it to the Nationals (no word on if they got a DF for bringing everyone on stage) but for all their efforts they could at least go home with a shiny new two color ball point pen. I mean… it’s better than a participation ribbon as a pen is at least useful. I like how Ruby muses about the prize for making it to the Nationals would be a three color pen. Triple the colors, triple the fun. But in all seriousness, it was good that they did address these left over questions from the S1 finale. However, the joy of another Love Live being announced and the chance to shine on stage again is overshadowed by another problem that’s been kept at bay by Mari for a while now. The school is still isn’t saved.

But wait, they got 10 perspective new students entering with probably more on the way so why didn’t their efforts pay off? Well despite their hard work and wonderful performances, it’s still not enough to stop the school from being combined with another one. Ten possible new students just realistically isn’t enough to keep a school alive so the decision was made to cancel the open house everyone was looking forward to as no more new students will be accepted. So really, did they lose the battle and the war? It would seem so at this point as their hard work was literally for nothing in the end. But this isn’t something a girl like Chika will just let happen so easily. Chika shows her determination here in that she’s unwilling to give up so easily. Hell, she’s even ready to fly to America to talk with Mari’s dad about this decision. Now that’s going above and beyond. True she doesn’t actually fly across the world to have a chat with him, but I think if she actually had the available funds to do so, she would.

So with that said the stage is set for the rest of the ep and probably most of the season too, and honestly I’m kind of a bit disappointed again. It all ties back to S1 and the issue I had with the school being closed aspect. The main problem is that it’s not introduced until ep 6 and by then it really feels like some last second idea they wanted to add to the show just so they could continue to play it safe with something everyone was already familiar with.

I do get that a difference here is that by the end of the original Love Live! S1 they’ve saved the school and it remains open while in Sunshine!! they’re still working on that problem, but the fact remains that it’s the whole aspect of saving the school which I have the problem with. It was introduced half way through S1 and pretty much up until that point they were getting by with the “let’s be like μ’s” thing instead of “let’s be μ’s”.

But back to this ep though, Chika knows that can’t give up so easily. She’s ready to struggle to get this decision postponed further or just overturned altogether. Aqours is everything to her and she’s not letting their efforts be in vain. I like how she puts it, how Mari has done her best behind the scenes to delay this merger, but Chika and the rest of the girls haven’t done all they can just yet. Chika shows her leadership here by rallying the girls and refocusing them on overcoming the problem at hand. It won’t be easy but if they truly want to keep shining as bright as possible, then they’ll have to once again give it their all so that the dream continues.

That’s it for ep 1 for this season opener. I might have sounded pretty negative, but I still really do enjoy Love Live! Sunshine!! as a whole. It’s great to see the girls again, the new OP/ED are absolutely amazing, Yohane’s mom got some screen time, and it’s just really nice to be back in this world once again for another few months.

And before I end I’ve got some news regarding upcoming reviews. I know the season has just begun, but the ep 3 review will be delayed as I’m busy that weekend. I’ll aim to get it out during the following week before ep 4 airs. I’ll have a few reminders about this via my Twitter and the blog Twitter, so keep an eye on those for future updates and such.

Okay then, that’s all I’ve got to say. I’d love to hear your thoughts about this ep and having Love Live! Sunshine!! back once again, so leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to get back to you! Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next week!


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