I sort of have a record going for shows I review here. Spring I tend to hold onto, but summer I drop. Then I hold onto Fall. So, since Sakura Quest was two cour and nearly dropped, hopefully this is a good omen for this show and how I will complete it. The show is shonen bait, so, I already see no reason for me to drop it. Hopefully this intro in the first episode review doesn’t jinx it, so, I am just going to start focusing on the episode review now.

The Plot:

So, these two boys abandon at birth were picked up by this priest, or I assume he is a priest since he runs a church. One is rather energetic, Asta, and the other is fairly reserved, Yuno.

black clover ep 1 pic 1

Fifteen years later, they kind of still are that way. Asta turns out doesn’t have any magic. But still, he does what he can. Although the first thing he does after that time skip is hit on a Sister and beat up, well, things aren’t going his way in that department. To make matters worse Yuno is the total opposite and due to his magic, everyone really likes him.

But Asta trains every day and believes that when he gets his grimoire that his magic will appear. Due to this he then can become the Wizard King, which they didn’t really explain, so that is either someone really strong with magic or a literal king or both.

black clover ep 1 pic 5

It soon becomes that one time a year event in the Clover Kingdom, I am starting to see one reason why this is called Black Clover, there are a lot of Clover references. Anyway, it is an event to get a grimoire for all 15-year-olds. Some snotty kids that think they are better than everyone talks down to a lot of the people there.


black clover ep 1 pic 6black clover ep 1 pic 7

Asta’s luck is not done being terrible. Not only did he not get a grimoire, but Yuno got one that the first Wizard King got, a four-leaf clover. Yuno also quickly rejects Asta as his rival.

But this does not get Asta down, as he goes back to training. He knows someday he will get his grimoire.

black clover ep 1 pic 10

While Yuno is leave he is attacked by those two snotty kids. He doesn’t even need to use his grimoire to beat them too. That fight is quickly resolved, but a creepy guy who watched the event go down, well he wants to steal Yuno’s grimoire since someone is paying a huge price for four leafed clover ones, even if they themselves cannot use someone else’s grimoire.

Asta comes in to (at least try to) save the day, only to get beat both physically and spiritually. The guy also says he can sense magic in people and in a world of magic Asta has none what so ever.

When things look its bleakest Yuno says Asta is his rival. This courage pushes him to fight. Asta’s grimoire appears, a black five leaf clover. Four is meant to bring luck. But five brings out a demon. Thus, the episode ends.

black clover ep 1 pic 16black clover ep 1 pic 17

Overall Thoughts:

This was a pretty decent first episode. It ended at just the right time to set up the next episode. It gave certainly enough about the character to get to know them. From his determination to what he does to reach his goal, and more.

If there is one thing about this show I did not like by this episode was the constant mentioning that Asta has no magic and how a grimoire might change that. It felt leading up to the scene with the grimoires that it was mentioned just too much too close together. I could understand mentioning how he has no magic once, then again how a grimoire might grant him magic, but both were mentioned several times, even at the grimoire event.

Taking that away, again, I did enjoy this episode. It gave focus on Asta and who he is and his goals. Sure, it did not go too much into what the whole plot of the series may be, hopefully besides aiming to be Wizard King, but this is shonen so it probably will be just that, at least at first.

For now, it was good, not too bland, but nothing too amazing either. It seemed like it could either be a typical shonen or be one of the few that is so much more. But it is too soon to say.

Overall Enjoyment: 90/100

Feel free to comment on your thoughts on this series, both the anime and manga, just be mindful of spoilers.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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