Hello and welcome back to Saekano. Yes it’s been a while, a very long while, but I’m back to finish what I started. So as this will be a pretty long post, let’s get right into it.

Ep 6

Eriri didn’t die!

When we last saw Eriri, she was passed out on the floor with a fever. Not good. Tomoya is able to rush out to save her though, with the help of his rival Iori Hashima, but in the process of doing so he has to abandon his original plan of a big release at the Winter Comiket. While Eriri is able to complete her side of the work, it’s still not enough for the full package deal they had planned and instead go with only 100 copies that they were able to burn at the last moment. Overall it was a tough decision for Tomoya to make, but he felt that Eriri’s health was more important that releasing a game. So while things look like they’re going well, Eriri apologizing for pushing things to the absolute limit, the game release going extremely well, and the team happy, something’s still not right.

A few lingering shots of Kato will bring the drama back once again as she had told Tomoya that if he needed to suddenly go to help Eriri, she would be free to come and assist. But he never called her, more importantly, he ignored calls from her while on route. Come on man, just when things are going well you still mange to mess it up again. Now with a rift created between him and Kato, how will he patch this up and continue on with his next project?

Ep 7

Two months has passed with ep 6 and Tomoya, Utaha, and Eriri are back to their usual selves, but for some reason he still hasn’t done anything about the Kato situation. Two months!! Are you kidding me, Tomoya? Of course it’s going to be hard to deal with a problem like that after letting it sit for two months. Moving ahead with a new game idea is also proving tough as without everyone on board it’ll be hard to work as a team.

This ep also takes place during Valentine’s Day, so we have moments where both Eriri and Utaha give Tomoya chocolate, each in a surprisingly normal way. Tomoya comments how he was expecting a more tsundere attitude from Eriri as she handing the chocolate over. Utaha also is quite normal when handing chocolates over to Tomoya, although she does have some easily misunderstood comments to go along with it. Classic Utaha.

The ep wraps up with Tomoya back home playing through Cherry Blessing and realizing just how important Kato is, not only to making their next game, but to him as well. She’s played such a big role in helping make the game and she’s given so much of herself during that time. His not letting her help him when he needed it the most is a serious blow to their relationship and is why they haven’t talked for two months. This ending is a sign of what’s to come in the following ep, and boy is it a great one.

Ep 8

All Kato.

It’s easy to see why Kato is the choice for best girl for so many people. Eps like this are when she shines the brightest and really drives the point home that while she doesn’t stand out as much as Utaha and Eriri do, she’s got a certain charm to her that both the other girls are lacking. She’s so normal, down to Earth, easy to be around and someone you just click with.

The first half of the ep is Tomoya finally talking with Kato about what happened and how sorry he is. The scene takes places in the AV room and Kato really opens up regarding her feelings about the matter. It’s a great scene and an important one too as it shows them fixing their relationship and now look ahead to their future plans of making their next game.

The back half of the ep shows just how perfect of a couple these two are. Sure Utaha and Eriri are always over Tomoya and vying for his attention, but Kato seem to always spend the quality time with him. Just everyday things like shopping for dinner, walking home together, making dinner together, eating dinner together, Kato and Tomoya just work the best as a couple and it’s really nice to see. I talk about how much I love Utaha, her personality, looks and such, but honestly Kato is the girl you’d really want as a girlfriend and later on as a wife. Like I said, eps like this are where she shines the brightest, especially when the other girls aren’t around at all. Overall this ep was excellent and Kato is continuing to change my mind about who really is the best girl in this show. Also worth mentioning, bath scene with Kato too. Very good.

Ep 9

From here to the end things get serious.

Utaha has graduated and will be starting uni soon. It’s a big step for her and a big change for Blessing Software too. Things are going well for the first part of the ep, Tomoya meets Utaha post graduation ceremony and the two head out to the diner for a snack. Once there Tomoya shows his latest game proposal to her in hopes of getting her on board. But it won’t be the easy. While Blessing Software worked well together for their first game (give or take some events) it’s not a place where Utaha can really shine and showcase her true talent. It’s also because of Tomoya’s attitude and approach he’s taking to this too. He’s not pushing her in a way to drive out her talent, rather he’s too lax and not demanding enough that would get her working to her true potential. Cue the flashback to a month ago.

Utaha and Eriri are summoned by an extremely well known and popular creator in the game industry, Kousaka Akane, who asks them to join her in making the 20th anniversary version of an extremely popular game series. It’s the chance of a lifetime and the proposal that Akane has given them was tailored specifically to appeal to them. Akane offers what Tomoya and Blessing Software could never offer and it would push both Eriri and Utaha to show what they’re truly made of. This meeting also serves as a wake up call to Eriri who has been in a drawing slump ever since the villa incident and after some very strong words from Akane, it fires up Eriri and gets her creative juices flowing once again.

The whole scene with their meeting is another really good moment in this second half of the season as it brings out some issues that both Eriri and Utaha haven’t wanted to face, or accept, but know that if they continue working with Blessing Software then they’re essentially wasting their talent. As easy as it would be to initially dismiss Akane’s strong words for the girls, when you stop and think about it she’s actually right in what she’s saying. Blessing Software, and Tomoya specifically, will never be able to push them to where they want to go. It’s just a group of friends that teamed up to make a little game together, not a place where people serious to create go. So all of this is leading to the inevitable question: what will Eriri and Utaha decide, Blessing Software or Kousaka Akane?

Ep 10

Utaha and Eriri are still dealing with the fallout from their meeting with Kousaka Akane. It was a brutal experience for both of them but served as a wake up call they desperately needed. While leaving behind Blessing Software isn’t an easy choice, it’s one they both know is the right one. It won’t drive them to create and it’s only serving as a stumbling block for them at this point in time A good chunk of this ep is spend with Utaha and Eriri coming to grips with this meeting with Akane but it serves as more development for their characters and for the story overall. Both girls want to create, it’s what drives them and pushes them, but Tomoya can’t give them to them. The choice is obvious whether Tomoya will admit it or not, it’s the one they can’t pass up.

Speaking of Tomoya, it was actually nice to see him not get all upset about this, well not on camera at least. It shows character development on his part as he’s able to accept the fact Utaha and Eriri can’t move forward while staying in Blessing Software and that he’s only holding them back. A scene with him and Iori (who also decided to leave rouge en rouge with Izumi for most likely the same reason as Utaha and Eriri did) where he urges him not to give up, even though Utaha and Eriri aren’t on him team anymore. Iori doesn’t want him to give up because of that, if Tomoya wants to keep making games then he’ll have to work even harder now with people who can’t offer the high caliber work that Utaha and Eriri brought to the table. But that’s where his true talent lies, managing people, normal people, to work together on a game. People like Kato or Michiru, people who aren’t serious creators but still have a passion to make a game together.

So that brings Tomoya back to square one essentially. He’s got no team, hell he’s got no harem anymore, but he wants to go on, he just needs that inspiration to do so. And who better to give him that inspiration than the girl who started it all. The closing scene of this ep is truly special as it takes the whole show back to where things all began, the cherry blossom covered hill and the lone figure of a girl standing atop it. It caps off an amazing ep full of character development, satisfying closure, and a dash of feels too, but most importantly, it inspires Tomoya to create the game he always wanted.

Ep 11

Wow, just wow this was the perfect ending.

Ep 10 closed out with Kato suggesting the two of them go on a date and ep 11 picks up right there. Of course the location should be obvious, the mall the two of them went in season 1. But while it may just seem like Kato is dragging Tomoya along to make him feel better about the whole situation, which is does, it also is part of her grand plan to inspire him to make the game of his dreams. Doing normal ordinary things with your girlfriend like shopping, having casual and fun conversations, just hanging out and having a good time. No ulterior motives, no deception, none of that, just a nice casual, maybe even boring time, with the girl of your dreams. It’s something like that which Tomoya wanted to capture in his original idea for a game but got lost and turned into some story about lovers from different dimensions trying to save the world and each other and it just wasn’t what he had in mind from the get go. But Kato was able to bring this original idea back and boy did she do a excellent job.

A scene that really stands out for me is when the two of them are walking back home after their date and Kato reveals her plan to Tomoya. Their conversation coupled with the insert song, and beautiful animation just made for a truly remarkable, and quite emotional, moment. Kato won’t give up, even if their two all stars aren’t with them anymore she still wants to press on, Tomoya at her side. To her Blessing Software isn’t dead, rather it’s rebuilding and will come back and make the game Tomoya always wanted to.

The second half of this ep where Tomoya goes to see Utaha and Eriri off at the train station. He’s ready to move on without them and is there to wish them the very best in their next exciting adventure. And it’s not just him saying that, he truly means it. He’s come to the conclusion that they can’t stay in Blessing Software anymore and their talents need to be used to their full potential for something as grand as Field Chronicles is. It’s a great scene, accompanied by another wonderful insert song, and ends with Utaha and Tomoya finally sharing a kiss. Of course it’s the end of the world for Eriri who was literally moving in for that very same kiss Utaha stole from her. But as Utaha pointed out, she’s going off to uni and probably won’t see each other that often, so if Eriri had kissed him it would create this awkward tension between the two of them at school. So while it was harsh for Eriri to not be the girl to kiss Tomoya first, Utaha was actually helping them out in the long run. Although I doubt Eriri will ever see it that way.

The post credit scene really wraps up the story but also leaves it open for more in the future, should that ever happen. Tomoya and Kato are third years now and are joined by first year Izumi Hashima too. When Iori told Tomoya back in ep 10 that he and Izumi were quitting rouge en rouge, he mentioned that Izumi had found a place where she could still keep pushing herself to do better, little did we know that place would be at the very same school Tomoya, Kato and Eriri attend. Michiru also makes a surprise appearance and mentions the Blessing Software activities are restarting. So now you can see where things are going; Tomoya, Kato, Izumi, and Michiru are the new face of Blessing Software and together they’ll go on to create their next big game.

Final Thoughts

What a great season. Yes it took me a few extra months to complete it but now that it’s over I can look back at it and be satisfied. Overall this second season did exactly what a sequel is supposed to do, continue the story and expand on what S1 started. The back half of this season is where things really came to life and the final few eps were outstanding. What stands out to me a lot is the growth all the main characters had. By the end they’ve changed all the for the better and its just really nice to see that happen. The original harem got broken up, something that doesn’t seem to happen all too often in anime, but it was for the best as it allowed for that growth I keep mentioning to happen. Tomoya will now be taking a new route, so to say, one that will bring a new set of adventures and challenges along the way and if we get another season, which I would love to see, then I’m sure we’ll see this character growth continue even more.

Looking back at it all now, from S1 to the end of S2, I’m extremely happy with how this show went and how it ended too. They very well could’ve just ended it with the usual go read the light novel for more, and while that is present, there is a overall feeling of conclusion to the last few eps and not just some long drawn out ad for the source material. I do actually have the manga as Yen Press is currently giving it the North America release, so I can keep reading and see where things go, so even if there isn’t a third season I can still keep the story going in printed format.

Alright then this post has gone on for far too long. Tallying things all up, from the excellent character development, progression of the story, beautiful animation, well picked music and overall enjoyment, I’m giving Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata Flat a well earned 9/10.

So that’s it for this extra long post. Sorry for dragging this on for months, I’ve honestly been busy with work but now with things quieting down and another season starting I knew it was time to complete this. For those who held out to the end, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it.

Up next for me is the return to Uranohoshi for Love Live! Sunshine!! S2. Love Live! is returning to Anime Corps once again!! I’m extremely excited to be reviewing that and I hope you can join me for those weekly reviews. It’s time I make my long overdue return to my anime blog here and what better way to do that then review Love Live!. It’s gonna be another great ride and I’ll strive to do my best with each review.

Alright then, that’s it for this extra long post. Thank you so much for reading and sticking around to the end, if you actually did, that’s it for Saekano (unless there is another season in which case I’ll be back) and I hope to see you next season!


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