I really like Sakura Quest, and unlike a clear majority of my reviews here on Anime Corps, I want to see it to the end. Unlike Luck & Logic, Taboo Tattoo, Chaos;Child, I like this show and want to continue to review it. Also unlike the ones I did complete Big Order and Occultic;Nine, I actually like it and have little to no issues with the show what so ever. So, for the first time since joining this blog two years ago, time for a bunch of reviews shoved into one, so I can finally complete a show I really enjoy for reviews for once. Although, the final episode will get its own post.

Unlike how I normally do it, it is just thoughts for the sake of it not being a super long post, well, double the length of this already long post.

Episode 17 Thoughts:

I really feel bad for old people after watching this episode. So, they lose their bus route and have little to no idea how technology works. Although the whole Butt Old Guy thing was pretty funny. Still, this episode really felt like it was pointing out a lot of things old people do, bad with technology, seemingly know all other old people, and well take things too literal. I mean there was a fight going down after someone posted something online. Old people do not mess around with other old people trolls.

Still, this episode was a lot more enjoyable than I thought it would be. Plus, it was nice to see this tie in a few ways. First being an easy way to find the artifacts, despite one of the old people tricking the girls. There is also the fact they wanted to teach the use of technology in order to better the older generation, which in turn could get the younger generation to show up if they know they are treated like that when they are old.

It was fun, and had a rather silly ending that really beings up what will happen in the next episode.

Overall Enjoyment: 85/100

Sakura Quest Ep 17 pic 4

Episode 18 Thoughts:

I did think this episode was pretty silly, at least the start of it anyway. Just how the old people were taking Yoshino hostage, and well her playing along with it. But wow this episode really had a different tone by the ending. It felt like a lot happened. This episode seemed different and the same goes to episode 17. It was not about trying to get the outside community, rather than focusing on improving the community that you are a part of now. I think it really worked out.

The ending however, it kind of feels like they went from mourning to “Oh hey, there is the item we are looking for.” It seemed rushed at this point. It felt like the death could have been avoided. Really the only thing that one could take from this is how important setting roots somewhere is. Which ultimately is Sakura Squads end goal now, creating a place people can enjoy and want to come back to.

Overall Enjoyment 90/100

Sakura Quest Ep 18 pic 4

Episode 19 Thoughts:

I am glad it was a Maki focused episode. I am also glad they did not try dedicating a whole episode or two to find the next piece for the Festival. It was nice to see some continuation to her character in terms of acting.

Her father, to this point, has only been known that they do not get along. I do wish there was some more conversation than them arguing, but I think it worked well. He really cares for her acting, and with everyone finding out about Maki getting an audition, well it pushes her more.

I am glad they brought up what happened in episode 13, where Maki was meeting some of her old friends in Tokyo. It was then they mentioned a gig for her to try, which she felt she would not get. It honestly gives me a little hope for what I do. It makes it all more relatable, knowing that even though you constantly get rejected and even if you think that there is no way you could succeed, there is always the chance you do. Sure, I might be referring more to my writing, but how she has treated her acting, still resonates with me and my goals. So, it is nice to see it was not all for nothing and just a small little thing mentioned.

This was an enjoyable episode. It put enough focus on Maki and put the main plot to the backburners, which is fine. The show does not only show the growth and attempt to change the town, but the growth of the characters in this year. This arc for Maki, certainly will change her, and well, resolve just another character before the end.

Overall Enjoyment: 95/100

Sakura Quest Ep 19 pic 3

Episode 20 Thoughts:

I like how this episode continued off from the last one more than others. I do understand why Maki did not succeed, but I still wish she did when it came to her audition. One, it really would force the character away from the group. However, she gave it her all, and really this episode worked out great for her.

Sakura Quest Ep 20 pic 1

It was about her, and she even said she can enjoy any work as long as she can put something she loves into it. I am glad she did not fully give up on acting now wanting to start a local theater group. I think it works, at least for now, for her character. Maybe someday she will get a break, but this show is meant about bringing people to a local town verses leaving that town. So, it makes sense on both parts.

I knew the school would play a role. Honestly thinking about what they could do in episode 19 for the school, turned out just right for where they went. Especially the start of the episode how some people were having trouble doing something. The school can now reopen as a center and provide multiple ways for people to both preserve the towns culture, but also have space for them to do something they enjoy.

This episode was again enjoyable, and as much as I would have loved to see something else happen to Maki and her goal, it fits into the show the way they went with it, and gave somewhat of an ending to her character’s goals.

Overall Enjoyment: 90/100

Sakura Quest Ep 20 pic 2

Episode 21 Thoughts:

This episode I found myself a little bored with. I stopped midway only to still find myself bored. I mean there was drama this episode, and that was well done. But overall, I don’t have much to say. I liked what they were trying to do, but it certainly wasn’t for me. It wasn’t a weak episode or anything. It just did not resonate well like the last few episodes.

It seemed like they were trying to put focus on so many different things, Shiori never leaving town, Erika wanting to run away, the festival, and the shops. Either way it was just alright in terms of enjoyment.

Overall Enjoyment: Alright/100

Episode 22 Thoughts:

This episode had the right balance of a lot of things. It ended the whole thing with Erika rather nicely, it gave ideas for how the town could grow, and well, it still left small for a plot point yet to be resolved before the final episode.

First the Erika portion. Episode 21 to me, did not really work out. This time it did more. I guess it just became relatable. Trying to achieve your dreams is hard and reality is different. But this episode reminded people who your dreams can always change, but still hold. The older guys this episode all realized that their dreams sort of came true, one wanted to own a book store, and does, while another wanted to be a hero of justice and is a police man. It was nice to see that tie in with Erika, and then ending it off with how her brother was. It gave a nice emotion ending and one that came with a wider realization.

As for the dragon, well, since that was not found, it still needs to be. Which is kind of unfortunate that they are still searching for it right to the last three episodes.

Sakura Quest Ep 22 pic 4

As for the shopping district, it was nice to see the lanterns reappearing and how it lit up. But between this and that whole thing about dreams and reality, that can also sum up the show nicely. Going in Yoshino and the girls all thought they could easily change the town. A year is almost up and they have not made it the go to spot for everyone. Instead they are making little changes and although they may not have fully realized it yet, their goal is not something that can easily be accomplished overnight and maybe not even a year. So, hopefully this idea is something they pick up on, although they may have already.

Overall Enjoyment: 90/100


Episode 23 Thoughts:

Just, wow, this episode really kicked up the drama and everything right before the final. Overall it was a decent episode and now more than ever the importance of the mission comes to light. On one hand, it was a nice twist at the ending, I do wish it was earlier, maybe two or three episodes ago, in order for there to be a much larger impact. With only two episodes left, there is the possibility it could be rushed.

Sakura Quest Ep 23 pic 1

I will not just focus on the ending. Everything else this episode too was important. I think Yoshino’s speech had easily the greatest impact. This whole time as she said it was not about reviving the town. It became apparent to everyone that this is not just a job for one person or even a small group, if everyone wants the town to thrive, everyone needs to be willing to help out so no one feels forced.

I do like the fact that what sparked this was someone wanting to return to the town. All this time it was bringing outsiders in to do something, like that movie, or even the concert. This time it was someone else who lived there, is successful, and really has a means to help the town. Plus, a lot of previous episodes and things had impact, namely the middle school closing episode, it was nice to see have that be a much larger impact than what it originally came off to be.

This episode certainly was one of the best when looking at where they came to this point, it probably would not hold its own when looking at itself. But it became better because of the episodes leading up to this to really show how far this journey has come, but also give a much clearer picture on where it may end.

Overall Enjoyment: 99/100

Episode 24 Thoughts:

The journey is really nearing its end. It is nice to see exactly everything that happened. This episode gave the slightest bit of hope the town could be saved at the end. But due to the absorption with the other town, it felt like some of that was swept under the rug.

All the characters are showing signs of change, some know what they will do after the one year is up. Sanae thinks about opening a shop of her own. But as the girls continue to prep for the festival, they do realize Yoshino has changed too, despite her not knowing what to do next.

This episode really had some drama moments, namely the scene with the producer of that TV show that screwed them over during the last festival. It was nice to see him being told off. Although most of this series was about trying to bring outsiders in. Even the song that is the focus of the town. It was nice to see them wanting to keep it local in an effort to develop the town their own way. It cannot be done on their own, and they know that, but they also cannot throw away the hard work each of them did.

It was a nice episode and all their hard work is starting to show. But really it is hard to fully judge this episode without seeing the final. It was still enjoyable, but it was only the first half to lead into the final. Their final journey is only half way and now the question of its worth is about to show.

Overall Enjoyment: 85/100

Sakura Quest Ep 24 pic 4

I know I talked about a lot of episodes. Normally I do not do this. Still, I wanted to see this show to the end, even with reviews. So, as always feel free to comment your thoughts on the series or any of the episodes I talked about.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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