Lots of flashbacks this episode. Well, flashbacks to things that did not happen in the series. With nine episodes left each episode only makes it more and more clear on what exactly might happen. A new quest is about to start, so let’s get right into it.

The Plot:

So, Sanae was trying to figure out exactly what Kadota was up to. Somehow this turned into her watching Oden Detective, much to Maki’s displeasure. But this moment of enjoyment is put to an end when a rather large boom goes off.

Sakura Quest Ep 16 pic 1

It turns out Kadota tried to pull something out of the lake. He crashed his car and has pneumonia. They brought him back to the hospital to rest. But, the mystery behind what happened is on everyone’s mind.


Then Riri brings out a photo of her grandma, Kadota, and Doku, singing at a festival. Well, obviously, they were in a band. Thus, the flashback starts. It turns out they were going to run away to Tokyo to promote their band, while everyone was busy at a festival. Ultimately, the night they were all going to leave, Kadota did not show up. It was also Riri’s grandma’s idea to leave for Tokyo.

Anyway, it also turns out that night Kadota ran to the festival and sunk the float. It also turns out that the festival was never held again after that night. But it was never popular, so no one really cared it was canceled.

Then there was a scene with Riri’s grandma meeting Kadota’s wife. Yeah, starting to think there was possibly something between her and Kadota when they were in a band.

Sakura Quest Ep 16 pic 10

The girls however, well, it turns out there were a lot of people there to watch the lake dry, to the point where people started food stalls. Some people were only there due to the rumors of Kadota. I do like the fact they had no idea it would be this popular.

Sakura Quest Ep 16 pic 11

Another flashback, well, yeah, Kadota thought everyone was wasting their time in the town. Nothing was going to happen there. Going ahead from there, well, he was asked to leave for Tokyo. But in the end, well, more on that in a bit.

Yoshi and Riri decide to look more into the festival Kadota put an end too. It turns out it dealt with that folktale with the dragon. It has been brought up several times this series, so, it is not really surprising a festival dealt with it. Because of how the shrine was, that was why they would load a float to go across the pond.

Back to the past, well, Kadota did not want to run away to Tokyo. However, he did want to wake everyone up and to try to make a difference in the small town.

Sakura Quest Ep 16 pic 16

In the present, well, there is not much of a float left. But, Yoshi does thing that they should try to revive the festival, which all the girls agree to.

Then Riri says goodbye to her new friend. There was something in there about Riri’s grandma telling Riri she should go leave town or do whatever she wants so she won’t grow old and regret it. The episode ends with the girls being told if they want to revive the festival they need to find three sacred treasures for the festival that went missing.

Sakura Quest Ep 16 pic 19

Overall Thoughts:

This was certainly a Kadota episode. Well, Riri’s grandma too, but still. Both are super important side characters and are two major aspects of the show. One represents the need for change and the other wants no change. Both in the past were rather interesting compared to their present-day selves. Kadota being hesitant to leave the town, but also in between of wanting to change and not wanting to change. More than anything Riri’s grandma being the one who came up with the idea to run away and just leave the town in general.

I do like the fact that everything with Riri’s grandmother did affect what Riri’s focus was last episode and her wanting to leave town or go out and do something new. It felt like the right push she needed in having her grandmother telling her it is okay. So far, she seemed to be against the idea or would be, she was against the idea of Riri’s parents marrying since her dad was marrying someone out-of-town. Although that ultimately ended in divorce and her son never being around, she has been right before. But, it is clear she cares more for Riri then the town, she wants her to be happy and she knows that Riri being part of the group has made her be. So, telling Riri it is alright to go out and do whatever really showed she has Riri’s best interest always in mind.

Unlike previous episodes this one did not give that great of a picture on a grand scale. I will say the ending and wanting to bring back the festival did work. It will more than likely be important for what is to come. But looking at everything else that has happened did not feel like it fit right or easily could have been left out. Yes, it adds to the characters, but those characters are probably not going to change now that the past resurfaced, sure it could be mentioned again, but unless some weird way Kadota’s back story holds a major role, outside of introducing the festival, it seemed unnecessary.  The only real issue I see with it is what it says about Riri’s grandma. How exactly did she become the way she is now?

This episode certainly was enjoyable, but something else easily could have happened to have more impact. For everything it did add, all of that, the festival and Riri’s development, easily could have happened in a different way. Riri’s part could have been done last episode since it was just a short scene this one. The festival, honestly could have been learned the second the pond drained, none of the Kadota things could have happened.

Overall Enjoyment: 80/100 + 10 if this character development holds major importance later.

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