Alright, after episode 13 ended on a dramatic, and hopefully change to the series. Time to see if there is any form of change that starts.

Before I begin, I would like to make note, the next episodes do look like they are single episode format, so reviews will begin covering just one episode again.

Episode 14 Plot:

Yoshino is being burned at a stake, sort of, not at all. By this she has manju being thrown at her. Of course, this is just a dream and she is really back in her hometown. In fact, most of the girls, besides Riri and Shiori are visiting their hometowns or just taking a full-scale break for a short time.

So, Maki and Sanae are both somewhat bored now they are not working for a short time. Sanae is even used to living in the countryside and feels like a stranger.

Alright, so to make this episode wrapped up a bit quicker, since this was a transition and realization episode not much happened.

Maki and Sanae both hang out with their friends, both set of friends offer them an opportunity to further themselves in their own careers. Both are unsure and ultimately want to stick with what they are doing now to see it to the end.

Yoshino meets with her sister and goes to a local festival. Ultimately getting the realization that the town needs to be something people can enjoy, brag about, and overall come back to.

Riri and Shiori decided to start finding homes for Bread and Breakfasts. This way people have a place to stay. There was the realization that Yoshino’s term is only a year. Also, strange people have been wondering around the town. The episode ends with some people who speak Spanish trying to communicate with them, which clearly, they don’t speak.

Episode 15 Plot:

Alright, so, this episode starts with Yoshi returning to town. Well, before the girls can catch up, they go back to the Kingdom, well, all the people who surrounded Shiori and Riri are having a little party. The townsfolk, mostly the single guys, are chatting with everyone. It turns out they are all they’re for the Chupacabra.

Anyway, the girls then have their get together. Yoshi says something that resonates with Riri, that being her going home was a place that wants you to return to. Well, Riri does not know that feeling since she never left town.

Sakura Quest Ep 15 pic 3

The following day it is back to business, Shirori brings up the B&B idea. Now they have a smaller issue with dealing with no hotels but visitors. This problem needs to be addressed. They also talk about other issues, such as the language barrier. Well, where is Riri in all this, well she is getting along with all the people and showing them other types of UMA.

It turns out the visitors will leave after the lake dries. It is the first time they are doing it in 70 years. Well, the visitors also believe that the Chupacabra may live in the water, and Kappas and Chupacabras may be the same thing. Also Doku has another invention.

So, back to the B&B thing, well, there is the issue since more people are going to show up. So, although it takes a month to register a house for a B&B, there is nothing about letting them stay for free. So, the girls go to clean up one of the houses.

Sakura Quest Ep 15 pic 9

On their way back, one of the girl visitors talks with Riri showing all the places she has seen, which gets Riri to think.

Also, Doku and Kadota reminisce looking at the lake, also Kadota saying he hopes something won’t appear in the lake.

Sakura Quest Ep 15 pic 10

Well, later on, Kadota notices something in the water and nearly drowns trying to get it out. Ultimately, he not only goes to the hospital, but leaves to try to get it back. But Doku contacts Riri’s grandma about whatever was in that lake.

Overall Thoughts:

Honestly, it was a week between seeing episode 14 and 15. Also, after watching episode 15. I could have considered this episode and the last as single episode reviews. I figured I should probably mention this since I might focus on episode 15 a bit more.

When it came to episode 14, well, I am glad that it felt more like a transition episode, granted 15 did too, but more of a follow-up. Episode 14 was a great follow-up to the end of episode 13. It gave Yoshino time to think and really get an idea on where she should be going next. But it also opened up Riri and mostly Shiori’s eyes that this set up they grown used to the past 6 months is not going to last.

I do like how episode 15 followed this idea with Shiori and Riri. Although not much was focused on Shiori with this, it is interesting Riri getting more development. I will not be surprised if in the next few episodes or by the end if Riri decides to leave town for a bit. Her character clearly grew a lot behind the scenes and episode 15 really opened her mind to it. As for Shiori, I think she wants to hold onto the idea. But even more so succeed to give Yoshino either a reason to return or even stay.

As for everyone else in episode 14, it was nice to see them reacting, despite being bored or even offered a chance to further themselves, they still hold the current task important. It could hurt them; however, they see the current task just as important. Perhaps a change will come to them, but who knows. Not much has been going on with Maki for acting, and Sanae is just up in the air. But both clearly are set with wanting to both help the town and further their path, so there will probably be more with them later.

With episode 15 it was nice to see a change. I am glad that it is not only about trying to get just natives but other countries to visit. Sure, the other countries are a stretch, but with the whole UMA thing being important to the visitors, well, who knows. It was made known it did not work before. But it is something that has constantly be appearing again and again. Maybe their key to success is tied with it, but also doing its own thing.

Episode 15 gave potential on how the town could change. The first half may have been dealing with the town and the main characters. But the second half of the series, judging by episode 15 is opening more. It is about finding that balance between the town and everything else and how to get the two together.

Long story short, fairly good episodes, and pretty great follow-up to both episode 13 and the first half of the series.

Overall Enjoyment: 85/100

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As always I hope you enjoyed.

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