So, at least the first half of the two episodes made it seem like this was about Yoshi. Which thankfully it was, so now I don’t need to make that much of a change to the opener. Anyway, let’s get right into it.

Episode 12 Plot:

The founding festival is about to begin, but there is a lot of planning that needs to be done. Not only have past years flopped, this year is different. A former resident of the town, who is now on TV wants to do a special focusing on the town for the festival. Of course the girls are pumped up, even though they will be filmed constantly, but they also have a goal to get six thousand people to show up. It might be difficult since that is about that amount of people who visited all last year.

Anyway, the TV crew filming them does not change much, sort of. Shiori wears glasses and talks more refined, while Riri, well she wears a mask. However, they continue with their usual approach for issues and divide the work.

Sakura Quest Ep 12 pic 4Sakura Quest Ep 12 pic 5

While they do that the camera crew asks them a few questions. Sometimes it was their reasoning for doing this line of work, or what it means to them. Both Shiori and Riri’s dealt with Yoshi though, hmm.

Anyway, while minor planning and issues in terms of paying for everything come up, the TV host has a secret plan. It turns out he has a buddy of his who can get one of the most popular bands to perform at the founding festival. The TV station will also cover the cost. So, free PR, that actually deals with the town and not a movie like last time.

The girls get put on TV to make the announcement and are known as the Town Revival Gals, personally I still like Sakura Squad more.

Sakura Quest Ep 12 pic 13

With there just being one issue left, paying for the main focus, the Trivia Contest, the girls talk to the Board of Merchants and the various shop owners and clubs in the town. Most are against it, but ultimately in the end the Board of Merchants agree to help pay, which in turn gets the other groups to offer their support. Honestly that caught me off guard.

Sakura Quest Ep 12 pic 14Sakura Quest Ep 12 pic 15

The episode ends the night before and people already starting to show up, but for the concert.

Episode 13 Plot:

So, right where episode 12 left off the girls go to see some of the people visiting. Some complain about no hotels. Also, they were warned about bear sightings. It also seems apparent that the people are there more for the band then the Founding Festival.

Sakura Quest Ep 13 pic 1

The next day also seems that way too.

Sakura Quest Ep 13 pic 2

From just those two things alone, well, seeing all the members of the town getting ready and prepping for the crowd. It seems unlikely anyone will go to the Festival.

Sakura Quest Ep 13 pic 3

Yoshi simply wants it to be a success. Luckily, as she goes out on stage there is a crowd. I swear ever since Love Live I always think no one will show up. Love Live Sunshine even did that too. Seriously those shows messed with my expectations of these moments.

Sakura Quest Ep 13 pic 4Sakura Quest Ep 13 pic 5

The town is full of people buying and well trying to be sold stuff too. Thus, comes time for the quiz. Well, the concert was having issues. It finally started of course during the town’s main event.

Sakura Quest Ep 13 pic 6

Swarms of people leave for the concert. Not so surprising, the band members seem to care little about the town. Also, the concert is interrupting everything that is happening at the festival for the people who actually wanted to go there for it.

Again, not so surprisingly, Riri’s grandma simply said that it is fine no one is around now, they just need to make sure they sell more when everyone leaves the concert.

Sakura Quest Ep 13 pic 9

Ultimately it ends, everyone is happy that they had 6000 or more people to visit in a day. With plenty of hopes more people will come thanks to the coupons.

Sakura Quest Ep 13 pic 10

However, the aftermath does not look good. They gave away over 1000 coupons, well only 20 were used. The show that aired on their town, well did not give them the kind of publicity and focused more on the band then the town.

Reality sets in for Yoshi, she questions what she has been doing these last six months. Nothing has changed and she is heartbroken. The episode ends with her leaving town.

Sakura Quest Ep 13 pic 13

Overall Thoughts:

Wow, the last few minutes of episode 13 really gave the drama needed. I guess that was hinted at in episode 12 seeing that the director said she does not have much drama going for her role.

I also think this will probably not be the last we see of him. He was a resident of the town and wanted to help. He was super into everything the girls were doing. Well, the end result was not to his liking and the show was simply edited to get more people to watch it. Hopefully this is not the last of him.

The buildup was rather nice. I mean it was predictable for what would happen. People would care more for the band then the town. Yet, seeing all the people at the festival, well, I thought maybe I would have been wrong about it. Clearly, I was right still.

Yet, the drama and realization Yoshino had of the town was a great turning point. This is the halfway point in the series. It not only showed how far they all came so far, but how much Yoshino has changed. The first few episodes she was focused on either getting out of the town or doing whatever it took. It turned into her caring and knowing what to do for the town that they would like. Now she just needs to find what outsiders would like as well.

These two episodes were Yoshino focused, and much-needed. Her character, although somewhat focused, was not the main focus for the last chunk of episodes. It really brought attention back to her and really give her the wakeup call she needed. Back with Shiori’s episodes, she said Yoshino does not really think, rather goes on instincts and head first with problems positively. I think now a possibility she could be a little more cautious but also thinking more for the long-term and not what is just right in front of her.

There is certainly room for her to change, and well, she will probably get some focus to get back on her feet and really find a means to help change the town.

Overall Enjoyment: 95/100

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