Alright, hopefully I get it right this time, and do not talk a lot about the plot of the episodes. I will say if the show starts doing single episodes, I will cover those in single reviews, or if I ever catch up to the episodes. Either way, let’s go right into the Riri focused episodes.

Episode 10 Plot:

Since the episodes focus on a matchmaking tour, I honestly would have thought it would be different. This episode really did not seem like it would focus too much on Riri, or at least the main issue. It does start off with Riri being alone as a kid. Later, there is a flashback with her first meeting with Shiori.

Sakura Quest Ep 10 pic 1

Anyway, on their way home from drinks, Shiori tells Riri that she has noticed Riri has changed. She may be monotone, but Shiori notes that Riri is a lot more cheerful. Seeing that I am sometimes the same way, comparing Riri to the start of the show to now, yeah, it is clear she is more cheerful.

Sakura Quest Ep 10 pic 2

The following day the girls are tasked with helping the single guys in the town attract city girls as part of their group’s matchmaking tour. Well, the stops do not sound pleasing, but the girls go right into work trying to find things that both relate to the town, and something that could attract people as well. Thus, the town’s dance is brought up that night.

Riri is not good at dancing. Although Yoshi does not know the dance, pretty much everyone but Riri will take part in it. Riri even talks to her grandma wondering if she changed, and seems, more confused or bothered by it.

So, the tour begins, and well, the three guys introduced are pretty much pushed to the side by a married man and the artist guy. But at least the cop later is part of the group and gains one of the women’s attention.

Also, a lot of single men from other towns showed up to help their single brother’s out.

Sakura Quest Ep 10 pic 7

Thus, that night the dance begins. The old man brings up the dance was used to keep a dragon away. This gain’s Riri’s attention of course, so she goes off without a word.

Sakura Quest Ep 10 pic 8

Before everyone goes to find her. The rain begins, making everyone go into hiding. Also, the statute of the dragon is knocked over and broken. Looks like the deity might be angry in the next episode.

Sakura Quest Ep 10 pic 9

Episode 11 Plot:

With the events of last night behind them, the girls start thinking they are cursed. They may have fixed the statute, but the castle was broken into and well, someone left a mess.

Sakura Quest Ep 11 pic 1

Riri might be sick, but she looks more into this dragon story. She feels connected to it, since she feels like an outsider.

Sakura Quest Ep 11 pic 2

Of course the dragon’s curse continues as they go to the Bear Guy’s restaurant. Someone with a beard and bulging eyes keeps following them. There was also the instance at a rock climbing wall where it felt like they were being watched too. More on the Sandals back story that happened there later.

Sakura Quest Ep 11 pic 3

Yoshi goes to see Riri, but well, her grandma pushes her away. It turns out Riri’s parents, or mom was an outsider to the town. They married and she did not like it in the town, so they moved away. Instead of taking part of the candy shop, her dad got a white-collar job. Well, shortly after Riri was born, her parents divorced, Riri’s dad had to work overseas, and Riri was handed to her grandma to live with.

Anyway, while that backstory is going on, Riri discovers the truth behind the dance. It was not to scare the dragon, the opposite. It was to try to make friends with the dragon and learn from it. Of course, they ended up scaring it to the point it died, but it is the thought that counts. Wow, they were really socially awkward.

Sakura Quest Ep 11 pic 6

Riri is later pushed away by the single men because she wanted to reveal the truth. Her and Yoshi have a talk, they both want to be like the other, and well, Riri is surprised anyone would want to be like her. But she does have things that Yoshi admires. Then Sandals shows up while singing.

Sakura Quest Ep 11 pic 7

So, his great-great-grandparents, well, grandma grew up in the town. They moved away to his home country. The song he sings goes along with the dance. Honestly everyone forgot about the real meaning of the dance and the song, where it not only took someone from another country and the internet to fix it.

Sakura Quest Ep 11 pic 8

Anyway, that night it turns out the man who has been following everyone, well he is the ex of one of the girls, and simply wants her back. Well, poor single men of the town did not find any women to say the least.

Sakura Quest Ep 11 pic 9

Thus, the episode ends with Riri singing the real song, and Yoshi revealing that the town is not a place that rejects outsiders but accepts them and their culture.

Overall Thoughts:

Besides the discovery of the dance and that truth, well, I think the true version really mimics the town as a whole. One end, people rejected outsiders while some accepted them. The dance, with both meanings, well, are both sides of that. But not only that, but the one that is trying to accept outsiders, well, they are awkward and sort of scare them away. Much like the dance was trying to make friends with the dragon.

It is not only that mirror of what the two meanings are, but I hope this could be a turning point for the show as a whole. To now there was always that part that rejected change because it went against the beliefs of the town, it rejected the thought of outsiders. Now, their view is changed because well, the town originally accepted outsiders. So, although I won’t be surprise if there is some hesitant to accepting outsiders, since the grandma is so obsessed with tradition, she will probably be more open-minded seeing their tradition is to accept outsiders.

The first half really did not work in Riri’s favor. The second half did a bit more, and honesty I think it worked with her character. She never attracts too much attention, and well, although she clearly was the focus in the second episode, it took time. But not only that, her discovery worked better that she was the one discovering that. She is both meanings of the dance. She is helping outsiders, her grandma is against them, both her parents were part of and not part of the town. I think the real meaning behind this dance, could have a larger impact of the series, at least in a figurative sense.

The first half of the show is almost done, so these episodes really help, at least figuratively, give a sense on where the series may go next. Hopefully it does too.

Also Riri is best girl as of episode 11.

Overall Enjoyment: 90/100

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