The spring season is winding down and it’s time to look ahead to the next exciting season of anime. Nick here and I’ll be walking you through what the plans are for Anime Corps starting in July.


Things will be a bit quiet this season on the review front. Joe will be continuing his reviews for Sakura Quest as that’s a 2 cour show and Deven might be reviewing Fate/Apocrypha, as he’s our resident Fate expert, although he’s just waiting to see how his schedule plays out for the next while.

As for me I’ll have my series review for Saekano S2 out at some point in the next while. Currently the show has ended as of Thursday the 22nd, but I’m still really behind and haven’t watched it for a few weeks now. But I said in my update post I’ll finish reviewing this show as it’s something I can’t leave unfinished. I’ll have more updates about when that will be coming out via Twitter (both my personal one and the Anime Corps one) so keep and eye out there for future updates.


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Tsuyuki has been doing a fantastic job with editorials over the past while and you can expect that high caliber content to continue throughout the summer. His editorials are out Friday (can’t remember the exact time, sorry!) and they’re really worth reading and discussing.

Alright that’s pretty much it for the summer update. It’s going to be a quiet summer here on Anime Corps but we still aim to deliver the best quality content we can make. As always we hope you can join us for another season as it’s always great to have you along for the ride.

Thanks for reading and here’s to another great season of anime!


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