Can I just say I am glad for going back and reading previous episode reviews. It has been while, and normally I do not like to date the fact it has been nearly a month since my last review. But well, either way, I got a swift reminder on what happened and it is time to continue. I need to do a little searching, but if the show keeps the two-episode format, expect reviews to cover two episodes at once. Either way, let’s get started.

The Plot:

Last time Sakura Squad was getting completely taken advantage of into making a movie. So, time to continue that with poor Riri needing to do some acting only to be chewed out by the director.

Sakura Quest Ep 7 pic 1
Don’t Bully Riri-chan, she is trying.

Luckily, Maki seemed to have some turn around from the previous episode. Instead of offer to take Riri’s place, since make up, and a whole lot of filming would be wasted, she gives her some advice. Well, that works wonders.

Sakura Quest Ep 7 pic 2

Later, more issues come up. So, the girls split up. Maki has an idea how to get some kids to be zombies for a scene since production moved sooner. While Yoshi goes to make a call about that house they need to burn down. Of course she learns the truth that Shiori was hiding.

Sakura Quest Ep 7 pic 3

It turns out Shiori had a connection to the place. The old woman who used to live their Shiori would go see from time to time. She was not her grandmother, just a friendly old lady she would see when she was a kid. Shiori did not want to see the house be burned down because of those memories.

Sakura Quest Ep 7 pic 4

When Yoshi confronts Shiori about this, well, Yoshi responds with “Then what about the memories of the other houses?” In which case Shiori angrily responds with how Yoshi left her hometown, so why should she care about the memories from said hometown.

Sakura Quest Ep 7 pic 6

Meanwhile, the others go to a school that Maki could get the kids for the scene from. It turns out her dad is the principal there, so it was pretty easy to get a bunch for kids for the scene. Of course, she still does not want to see her dad, so she goes for a walk. I am honestly surprised the two did not run into one another. Still I guess that bridge can be crossed in another episode. Anyway, nostalgia of a play when she was a kid showed up.

So, more filming goes on, and well, much like Sanae I am completely lost on the plot of this movie. Riri has her covered, although it is still confusing.

Sakura Quest Ep 7 pic 10

Ultimately Maki also finds out her dad was a huge fan of hers since the beginning, kind of sweet how her father although said to be cold, is very caring for his daughter. He even showed up in the final scene of the movie. Which, due to the director, name Maki is taking part of as a stunt double, since her Kouha did not want to run into a fire since she was talked out of it.

Sakura Quest Ep 7 pic 14

It also turns out that Yoshi asked to have the original home owner get some form of recognition in the credits. As well as a shout, out for other film directors, although that does not go as planned.

Sakura Quest Ep 7 pic 15

So, after all that hard work what do the girls do? Go have a few drinks of course.

Sakura Quest Ep 7 pic 16

Overall thoughts:

Where to begin. I mean, I did like the fact Maki does still have more room for character development. What sort of gets me was how in the previous episode she was pretty clear how she wanted nothing to do with this movie. But seeing Riri struggle she really did a one-eighty and helped out a lot. As much as I did not like this quick change, it does say a lot about her character. When her friends are having trouble she will easily put aside her own feelings.

As much as I would have liked to of seen Maki get a larger role in the movie. Seeing her take that more dangerous approach was fine too. Although I wished a sort of role reversal happened with her Kouha. Where in the previous episode it was how she did not eat a bug, this time she jumped in fire while the other did not. It was still nice to see the fact of that switch, although it was certainly more extreme and dangerous.

I think the whole thing with Shiori was a rather weak part of the episode. I mean it seemed solved quick. I mean I know these two episodes were not meant to focus on her. But still, I think her little arc, unless it comes into play later on somehow, does not really have any significance these two episodes and could have been out of them with no issues.

Either way, it was an enjoyable episode, and a better follow-up then the Sanae two-parter.

Overall Enjoyment: 85/100

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