Hello everyone and welcome back to another blogger award post. This actually is the second time Anime Corps has been tagged for the Sunshine Award, the first time was June 10th 2015, but as it’s been a while since we last did a post like this, we felt it would be a nice change of pace to do this again. Thanks to OG-Man of The Yuri Nation for nominating us for this blogging award. Be sure to check out his awesome yuri themed blog as it’s really great. Great community there and the posts are always a very enjoyable read.

Alright then, let’s get right into this!


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On to the questions!

1: Is there an anime that you’ve never finished, but you still hope to one day?

Nick: I’d have to say Re:Life as I started it when it first aired but as they pulled a Netflix and released all the eps at once it really killed my motivation to watch it as I could always put it on the back burner and get to it later. Still waiting for that day when I finally do.

Tsuyuki: Black Lagoon. It’s a show I know a decent amount about and feel like I’d really enjoy, but for some reason I just haven’t gotten around to finishing.

Joe: Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040, is one that comes to mind first, there are a lot on the list, I only say this one since I bought the complete series. It was very fun and enjoyable, I got halfway through and decided to buy it. But, I have not gone back to it since I started it. I honestly been meaning to for months to start watching it again.

Deven: Ironically it would be Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu Ka 2. I started the second season while I had my first laptop but I forgot where I was in between moving from my laptop to my current desktop. And I haven’t had the time since.

2: Have you ever cried while watching anime? If so, which anime was it?

Nick: It’s happened a lot and I can’t remember every single show where I got all emotional, but what comes to mind in recent times is probably last Fall’s Fune wo Amu. The last ep hit hard.

Tsuyuki: I’ve cried at far too many anime. Just to name a few, AnoHana, Clannad, Byousoku 5 Centimeter, and Planetarian.

Joe: Honestly, and I said this several times on twitter, yeah, a lot of shows. Going off the more recent one, that comes to mind would probably be Twin Star Exorcists, when Sae-chan had to leave. It was the start of the anime original half, and well, she was the main characters “daughter” for a good 10 episodes before needing to leave. Also towards the ending in general.

Also, the final of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, partially since I did not want to see it end, the other just being the emotional confrontation.

Deven: I have once. Once during near the end of Naruto, Sasuke and Itachi fought Kabuto. After the fight Sasuke says that he understand how Itachi feels and what he wants for him. And then Itachi told him that he understands Sasuke and he’ll love him regardless of his choices because he’s his brother.

3: Everybody seems to have guilty pleasures, shows they might not want to admit that they like. Do you have one?

Nick: The two that come to mind instantly are: Sword Art Online and Oreimo. SAO because when I first saw it I thought it was awesome, not gonna lie. Was I just swept up in the hype like everyone else was? Maybe, probably I was. But over time the hatred just kept growing and growing for it and it was almost like if you even mentioned anything positive about it you got labeled all sorts of things. I plan on rewatching it this year as I’m really excited to see the new movie at some point, so during this rewatch I might have some new opinions on it, but really I’m not going to let what everyone else thinks about it be my deciding factor of whether or not I can like it.

For Oreimo… well it’s hard to really pinpoint why I love that show so much. It’s wrong, it’s taboo and if you want to get real about it, it’s disgusting. Yet I liked it. No, I loved it. It just left a mark on me and I can honestly say it’s had some influence over my taste in anime in recent years. I don’t know if I should be worried about this, probably yes, but looking at it from purely an entertainment standpoint, it was such a fun show to watch and I’d love to sit down and rewatch it all over again. Shout out to Eromanga-sensei too as it’s a spiritual successor to Oreimo and totally worth putting time into. By fan the most fun show I’m watching this season.

Tsuyuki: Yes, although with the currently airing Eromanga-sensei it’s a little bit less awkward that I actually really enjoyed Oreimo.

Joe: I used to say High School DXD, but I have not seen it in so long, even though I might start-up again. Season 4 was announced last year and there is still no word on it, after the announcement. I guess maybe now it would be, well, I have no idea.

Deven: Hmm I’d have to say that it would be those all girl, super cute as heck slice of life shows like Gochusa, Hinako Note, and Anne Happy. Stuff like that. Not really the coolest stuff out there…but it’s so cute.

4: What’s the best song that you’ve heard this year?

Nick: If we’re talking anime then Aozora no Rhapsody by fhána or Morning Glory by (K)NoW_NAME.

Tsuyuki: Probably something either originally by or covered by After the Rain or Mafumafu.

Joe: Going off Opening Themes, probably Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. As for new American Music, I only listen to 60s-80s rock, so nothing new there.

Deven: Weight of the world from the NieR Automata soundtrack was really good.

5: Do you have a nickname, and if so, how did you get it?

Nick: I was always been called ‘Nick’ since I was in school, so that’s kinda been my nickname.

Tsuyuki: Yuki, just because people got a little tired of calling me Tsuyuki.

Joe: Whatever OG-Man calls me is seemingly a new nickname. Other than that it is Joe, since it is the short version of Josef, kind of obvious.

Deven: I don’t have any nicknames that I can think of.

6: What blogging-related thing are you most proud of?

Nick: Aside from starting this blog and keeping it alive for 3 years, I’d say if I was to look back at a post which I really liked, I’d have to say my Plastic Memories ep 11 review. I was just 100% done with the show at that point and wanted it to end. Looking at it now I think I more or less captured that feeling. If not, the ep 13 review is the finishing blow.

Tsuyuki: The Nico birthday post. I spent time in advance making sure it lived up to the hype I put behind it and when it finally came out, everyone really enjoyed it. It made me really happy and it’s one of the few blogging things I’ve written to actually surpass 100 views.

Joe: I honestly have not looked at it, or tried to update the post in some time. My 300th blog post (on my blog) which was meant to be a bunch of tips for bloggers from bloggers. It is also the post I have the most likes on, I have not seen much in terms of views on it in some time though. (Yes, I am putting the link in since I am the editor)

Deven: Probably when I hit a 100K views. It was awesome when I did it.

7: What are your pet peeves?

Nick: People who say every single anime season is terrible and say it’s not like X season from X year or people who over analyze a show to death. So what if a season isn’t a good as you personally expected it to be. Guess what, anime isn’t made for you alone so if you go into every season expecting absolutely flawless shows like from your so-called “golden years”, then yeah you’re going to be disappointed. Geez, get down off your perch and learn to enjoy something for a change. And for those who over analyze a show, its fictional. No high school student could ever pilot a big ass robot and fight off aliens in real life. No girl’s boobs bounce and giggle like that in real life. No plot will every be flawless and no character will be 100% perfect. Real world logic will never apply to something like anime so stop analyzing it as if this were to happen in real life. Take a look at a dictionary definition of “entertainment”, if you’re spending your time over analyzing anime then you’re going to miss the whole point of what it’s supposed to be.

Tsuyuki: People who dismiss opinions or conversations and people who are unwilling to consider other perspectives of a topic. I like discussing controversial opinions and talking about disagreements; one of my new favourite Twitch streamers and I regularly discuss why 9S from NieR: Automata is or isn’t a terrible character, it’s whenever someone is so hellbent on not talking about something that actively disagrees with their point of view and insisting it’s invalid or dismissing it as a point of view that things get annoying for me.

Joe: People being mean, and thinking either they are not or they think it is okay because they said it is a joke after, pretty much the straight forward.

Deven: People that don’t read signs and then ask for help when the sign could have easily explained what you were supposed to do.

8: When you’re finished blogging, what do you want to be remembered for?

Nick: Someone who wrote okay reviews.

Tsuyuki: Provoking thought. That’s my absolute number one goal whenever I write an editorial for this blog and if people could remember me for that whenever I stop writing for blogs (which is not anytime in the near future) that would be really cool.

Joe: Not disappearing with no warning, too many bloggers do that.

Deven: Not sure.

9: If you had a personal theme song that played wherever you go, what would it be?

Nick: Like Tsuyuki said, something boring and mellow. I’m not that exciting of a person irl.

Tsuyuki: What I’d want it to be some something super cool like Theme for Psychopath Justice by Kobaryo, but in all reality it’d probably be something really boring and mellow.

Joe: Either one of the Dragon Ball themes, Mobile Fighter G Gundam’s Fly the Sky, or something random and cheery. Just so my life can seem either intresting or give me something mellow.

Deven: It would be Red like Roses Part 1 which is some awesome music from the Web Show RWBY.

10: What was the last movie you watched? How was it?

Nick: Passengers. It was my second time seeing it actually, this time was on DVD. I quite enjoyed the movie, was pretty neat. Actually is the first time I’ve even seen a movie that had Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence in it. Not together, just in general.

Tsuyuki: Kimi no Na wa. and it was absolutely phenomenal.

Joe: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, and it was awesome. It certainly was a lot funnier than the first one, it did have less action too. Certainly, a good follow up film.

Deven: I haven’t gone to a movie IRL in a while because of school. The last anime movie I’ve seen was the Trinity Seven movie. It was okay.  It was more of the same and what we expect of the series but I don’t feel that it pushed the series at all.

11: What do people think is weird about you?

Nick: I really don’t know. Ask someone else.

Tsuyuki: The biggest one is probably me being a lolicon. It’s partially why I feel so strongly about the legality of stuff surrounding lolicon; not because I’m addicted to it or anything but rather because I don’t want to be painted as a criminal for something purely fictional.

Joe: I have no idea.

Deven: I don’t know…maybe it’s my total love for Nozomi Tojou from Muse or my love for Kanan from Aqours.

Alright that’s gonna wrap up this post. I know the rules stated that you’ve gotta nominate a bunch of other people, but I honestly can’t be bothered to go through the list and pick out a bunch of people. Plus, there is always the chance they might have been nominated for this recently and don’t want to do it again or something like that. Instead I’ll open it up to everyone who’s reading this. Take the questions we used and write-up your answers for them on your blog. Send us a link as I’d love to check them out!

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you later!


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