As the deadline looms ever closer, is Eriri starting to fade under the pressure?

Here’s my review.

This week’s ep had a different feel to it, at least that’s what I got. So far things have been moving along pretty well for Blessing Software, they haven’t had any serious troubles yet, but this week things were starting to get tense. We’ve finished with the Utaha arc where Tomoya helps her out with writing the scenario, but through all of that we didn’t really check in on Eriri too much. Now things are finally starting to come to light regarding her situation and how things aren’t going too well.

While the addition of a new route created by Tomoya would mean more work for Eriri, Utaha brings out during a group meeting that even with this increased work load Eriri would normally be much further along. While Tomoya is quick to jump in and come to Eriri’s defense, saying she’ll be able to finish in time, it’s not a good enough answer to please Utaha. But why is Eriri having so much trouble this time? Just as Tomoya brought out, she’s always finished her work in time and never has fallen short, but what makes this time different?

Well it’s a game she’s doing the art for, not one of the usual books, but also this time she’s up against the rival group Rouge en Rouge. I’m thinking that the thought of competing against Izumi is really starting to affect her work. It’s been touched on a few times this season, but the Eriri and Izumi rivalry is pretty intense and both sides aren’t willing to give up without a fight. While Eriri claims she’s just struggling for ideas as the plot is continually getting changed, she’s also struggling with making sure her work is better than Izumi’s. I hope they give Rouge en Rouge a bigger role in coming eps as I think the rivalry here is something they should play a bit more into.

In her quest to make sure her work is completed by the new deadline Eriri decides that drastic measures need to be taken, and by this she means running away to a family villa to isolate herself and do nothing but draw. Okay not really the best of ideas as that rarely works, but Tomoya continues to put his trust in Eriri and lets her run off. The foreshadowing isn’t really subtle here as the quick flashback Tomoya gets is a sign Eriri’s last ditch effort might just push her over the edge in the process.

Utaha is pretty annoyed with Tomoya about letting Eriri go off on her own so easily, to her that’s pretty much the worst thing he could’ve done as this late stage of the game. She even goes as far as to list off 5 levels of creative depression Eriri will probably start exhibiting at some point in the near future. While Tomoya tries to down play this, still putting faith into Eriri’s promise to deliver in the little time that remains, it’s that attitude that annoys Utaha even more. And before long Eriri starts going through the levels, just as Utaha foretold. Even Kato is pretty annoyed with how Tomoya is handling this whole situation, which is saying a lot.

As the deadline draws ever closer Eriri has exhibited all the signs of creative depression and can’t be contacted at all. Utaha was right, she can’t pull off such a big comeback with the little time left and Tomoya really should’ve realized this before letting her run off into the woods so easily. But when all hope seems lost Eriri calls with exciting news, she’s got her creative spirit back and now has the proper vision of how to proceed with the art. But with one day left before the deadline, her proposed plan is completely impossible even for someone of her caliber.

While it’s great to see Eriri brimming with confidence to complete the work, it’s hard to really see her make it in time as just the sheer amount of work needed to be done is crazy. Nevertheless she gives Tomoya a call Sunday night to say she’s somehow completed the work in time. While this might be a time to rejoice, we find Eriri lying on the floor clearly exhausted, overworked, on the verge of passing out. She might have gotten the work done in time, but it’s left her in a bad state physically, mentally and emotionally. I look forward to what the next ep brings.

One point I want to touch on briefly before I wrap this up is how far Kato is progressing. The ep opens with her being confessed to, something that’s starting to happen more often thanks to Utaha’s directing and Eriri’s style points. The transformation of a normal, boring girl into a lovely heroine is taking shape and the boys at school are starting to notice her a lot more. It’s nice seeing how far she’s come from being that quiet girl in the background to having people notice her. While Tomoya was hoping her transformation would be complete by the time their game releases, having it happen a bit earlier is fine too.

Alright then so that’s pretty much it for this ep. Good as always and I’m eager to see what will happen next week. As always, I’d love to heard your thoughts on this ep and things so far, so leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to read it!

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you back here next week!


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