Alright, so, I guess this episode is start of another two parter, maybe. This time it gives focus to Maki and Shiori, although this episode is more of a Maki thing. Anyway, let’s get right into it.

The Plot:

So, Maki and Sanae are watching an old video of the Chupakabura fighting something. Apparently twenty years ago the town had a small budget to make a movie, unfortunately, or fortunately for the viewers, it was unable to be completed since they ran out of money.

Sakura Quest Ep 6 pic 1

What does this have to do with the episode? Well, apparently, a production company would like to shoot their film in the town, so yay free PR.

You would think Maki would be excited, I mean, she is an actress, although she had one small role. Either way she is not, in fact she leaves not wanting to help.

Sakura Quest Ep 6 pic 4

The third director arrives, and well, que walking around the town sequence. It was really nice to see parts of the town that we have not seen, and Yoshi was not seen yet. It made it a bit more interesting. Honestly how I envisioned the town by now it is starting to seem a lot bigger.

Sakura Quest Ep 6 pic 5

Meanwhile Maki talks with her brother, I think he appeared maybe in episode three, it might have been two. Either way, her dad is stubborn and is a little annoyed Maki dropped out of school. So, she does not want to go home despite her brother’s plea.

Sakura Quest Ep 6 pic 6

So, after a few more shots of the town, there needs to be a little something something the group needs. The Japanese sweet shop is just the place. But the owner, and Riri’s grandma, is not fond of the idea. Well, that is until the start sucking up to her, only for the assistant director to blow the cover. But Riri has the save by saying it would be a great way to promote the town, and not with the cupacabura manju from a few episodes back.

Sakura Quest Ep 6 pic 8Sakura Quest Ep 6 pic 9

They visit a few more places when the director arrives. He immediately ignores everyone’s hard work and wants to destroy a different house than what was originally planned. Oddly enough Shiori seems bothered by his pick. She says the house is haunted, but something else off.

Yoshi talks to Maki later that night, mostly about careers and what Yoshi talked to the assistant director about.

Sakura Quest Ep 6 pic 12

Shiori is able to get in touch with the home owners and the okay to burn it down, only to lie to everyone saying she was not able to find the owners. I would say more, but that is all on this part of her story for this episode.

Sakura Quest Ep 6 pic 13

Filming starts and well, it is apparently a zombie movie, which was easily the best scene of the episode.

The assistant director also finds out one of the actresses kind of broke her leg, literally, so she won’t be able to act.

Sakura Quest Ep 6 pic 16

Yoshi gets the idea to ask Maki, but that does not turn out as planned.

Sakura Quest Ep 6 pic 17

It turns out the main heroine of the film is Maki’s kouha. Well, she is rising in fame, while Maki is not. Turns out she became more well-known for eating a bug on a variety show, while Maki turned it down. Maki was working hard taking all different part-time jobs to get used to different roles, but her kouha surpassed her. She tells this all to Sanae too, which pretty much ends the episode on with more issues to come.

Overall Thoughts:

I really like how they world build in this show. It is never direct, like others. Some just point out a floating island or some sort of evil monster killing everyone, this handles it well. It is made through the scenes. I think it was a nice idea going around the town for the director. It really opened the view of the town, which until now not much of it has been seen.

To top it off, I am glad they did focus on two characters, granted one took more priority over another one, but it still provided both enough mystery and enough issues to justify at least another episode to focus on both without the two trying to outshine the other.

I think my only issue with this was the fact that pretty much the entire job of the director and planning out things for the movie, came down to Sakura Squad. But I guess it would be boring in any other way if they did not get any attention, also the free PR is clearly needed to be earned and not free.

Either way the world building and getting the right blend with character focus and development made this episode pretty enjoyable. Unlike last time where it felt like Sanae’s development got swept under the rug in the second episode at last second, hopefully it does not happen this time. Then again they are focusing more the characters then the problem they are trying to solve unlike last time.

Overall Enjoyment: 85/100

Although this episode was enjoyable, I do think if it keeps up this nature of being two-part episodes, I may do a review covering two episodes at a time, I am not sure.

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As always I hope you enjoyed.

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