If Utaha was lacking in the last ep, which she was, this ep makes up for that in some very good ways.

Here’s my review.

So after all that time and hard work Utaha devoted into writing the scenario for the game, Aki straight up calls it shit. But there is much more to it than that. At the core it’s not a flawed game as in the story is bad or anything, I mean it’s a story about siblings in love who save the world totally not bad at all, but it’s how Utaha wrote it which is the cause for concern. You see she’s a light novel author, all she’s ever written are light novels and that’s what she’s really good at. Writing the scenario for a game is much different and not something she’s used to, so Utaha carried on writing this as she would any light novel and the end result didn’t sit well with Aki.

Aki plays a lot of visual novels so he’s well versed in how the story should flow in them. The approach Utaha took for their game was wrong as it read too much like a light novel. She put way too much detail into the thoughts and expressions of the characters and ultimately it ruins the flow of the story as the climax nears. True it’s easy to say Utaha is to blame for this mistake, but Aki also realizes that he should’ve picked up on this much earlier when it could’ve been dealt with instead of after it’s finished. It’s a heated conversation the two of them having at a maid cafe one of the classes is putting on for the school festival, and Aki really drives the point home when he says the scenario isn’t what he had in mind for this game.

All hope isn’t lost though. Granted time is the enemy here but Aki wants to give the scenario a rewrite and get it looking more like how he imagined. Once again it’s going to be a long weekend of hard work and little sleep, but if they really want to get this done then they’ll have to go all out and complete the rewrite by Sunday night. And if that wasn’t a big enough project for the two of them, Aki reveals that he wants to add a third route to the story, a super happy end where everyone lives and things are all sunshine and rainbows.

By far the middle part of this ep is my favorite as it’s pretty much all just Aki and Utaha working away on the rewrite for the scenario. Oh and we get a scene with Utaha bathing then walking around in nothing but a dress shirt and purple panties. Cue pics and gifs.

But yeah seeing the two of them working hard at this was really good and it reminded me a lot of S1 ep 6 where Utaha and Aki spend the night at the hotel (no, not doing that) working away on their game and how to make the plot better. Coincidentally that ep also featured Utaha bathing and going around in little clothing. Good stuff. Anyways, it’s a weekend of hard work rewriting the scenario but once it’s finished the two look back and are proud of the work they accomplished. Aki was able to get his happy ending route added to the game, rewriting Utaha’s original scenario into something new and totally different from what’s she used to. But it works that way as it better represents what Aki wants out of this game.

One thing that is worth noting though is the double meaning Utaha has going on here with this scenario she originally wrote. With her things are always more than they seem and that aspect really is shown in the back half of this ep. The main heroine of their game, Ruri is based on Sayuka from Utaha’s Metronome in Love series. If I recall correctly it was brought out in the last season that Sayuka is based on Utaha herself. By writing herself into the story then asking Aki to pick which version he likes, Utaha is effectively trying to win him over. Even though Aki wants to make another route where everyone lives happily ever after, Utaha is still trying to be that chosen girl by the main character. It’s a never-ending battle but Utaha is determined to not give up.

My second favorite moment in this ep has to do with Kato, who is slowly but surely chipping away my love for Utaha. Seeing her with her hair down, the glowing embers of the fire drifting through the air, it’s really a breathtaking moment and watching it a few times leaves you mesmerized. I love Utaha a lot, but Kato is really putting the pressure on for capturing that coveted title of Best Girl. As for Eriri, well she’s been working away on the art for their game, but from the small glimpses we’ve seen of her I get the feeling she’s struggling a lot. Maybe we’ll have an ep about her next week. Guess we’ll have to find out!

So amazing.

So that’s it for this week’s installment of Saekano. I have good news to report that Nyaa is back and running, although I’m not sure when FFF will get back to subbing this show. For now I’ll continue to use the Doki release for watching an reviewing and Saturday will continue to be release day for new reviews.  Anyways, I’d love to hear your thoughts about this ep so leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to read them all.

As always, thanks for reading and I’ll see you next week!


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