Let me get this out-of-the-way right now. I kind of wished this whole situation with Sanae lasted for more than one episode. At the same time, I am glad it was not resolved right from the start. It also continued nicely with the previous episode. Anyway, more on this later.

The Plot:

So, wood carving is still important focus this episode. I mean the idea of wood carving a dried bonito seemed like a good idea. But needless to say, the old man’s plan did not cheer Yoshi up after the slump she has been in with the whole Sanae thing, but she wants to continue it.

Sakura Quest Ep 5 pic 1

All the girls go to look into more on wood carving, each plan to go their own way. Yoshi seeing more ranma, Riri and Shiori study like they did in high school, and the Oden Detective, Maki, tries carving wood.

At the end of the day Senae meets with one of the wood carvers, the not serious and one that was on their side. Starting to see some sort of connection between the two of them. The previous one it felt like Senae might have a thing for the angry one, but the chemistry between these two, well sort of seems it could be real, or at least turn into a one-sided thing.

Sakura Quest Ep 5 pic 4

Also, Yoshi has pizza bread. I hope they do a food episode.

Sakura Quest Ep 5 pic 5

Anyway, the following day the girls, not including Senae, talk about everything they learned about wood carving and ranma over their self-studies. It cuts away to Senae and how she got some wooden sandals from the wood-carver, again making it seem like there could be chemistry with them later. Anyway, after turning focus back to Yoshi and company, she reveals her plan. Convert the kingdom into a giant tower dedicated to wood carving. Over the next hundred years’ people from all over the world can donate their wood carvings.

Ultimately this plan is rejected for being way too expensive and ridiculous.

Sakura Quest Ep 5 pic 8

But there is hope. They think if they get someone famous working on it, it may help. The flute guy, he just so happens to be a really famous painted. Although to the town he is still just a vagabond, the life of an artist. Since he is nearby, the decide to ask him, however he is quickly seemingly arrested.

Sakura Quest Ep 5 pic 9

Later on, the girls start to worry if Senae is done helping them. Also, turns out flute guy was just hitchhiking and so the cops gave him a ride, in the back seat.

Sakura Quest Ep 5 pic 10

After some alone and major realization to help Senae get out of her funk, thanks to Yoshi power. Really what they did was talk a lot about the job they are given. But Yoshi says how even if other people can do your job, there is something about it that only you and no one else could do no matter what.

Sakura Quest Ep 5 pic 11

The following day Senae goes back as the Minster of IT. She gives the idea, mostly keep a lot of Yoshi’s ideas, only change it a bit. The train station is where everyone really comes into town. It is smaller, also using crowdfunding on a global scale to help the project, really she gets the actual project going. And it does get going thanks to her.

Overall Thoughts:

Like I started with, this episode worked out well. I mean, sure I wish there was a bit more drama, but oh well. They got the character leaving only to come back thing out-of-the-way so it won’t (hopefully) happen again.

Still as for Senae’s character seemed to at least made it seem she may have a potential love interest in the future. I won’t be surprised if the wood carving guy does not appear again. If there are hints of him later on, well, I won’t be surprised about that either.

I was a bit surprised this was a two parter, I would have thought the wood carving thing would have been a total bust. But it will be interesting to see if things like this continue later on.  I will not be surprised by it. It would make sense, I just hope it will not drag on.

Either way, not much more to say about the episode, it worked nicely and brought what happened in the previous episode to a close.

Overall Enjoyment: 80/100

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As always I hope you enjoyed.

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