So after a week of waiting, much to Iori’s dismay, Saekano is back and so is challenge of creating the ultimate game for the Winter Comiket.

Here’s my review.

It was only a matter of time before Iori and Aki faced off again and now we’ve reached that point. The once otaku buddies turned rivals are both planning to take the event by storm and release games in the same genre. It’ll be a tough battle to see who has the better game, but even with the talented Eriri doing the art and best girl Utaha writing the scenario, can Blessing Software really compete with the powerful Rouge en Rouge and the influence they have?

I love how smug he looks all the time.

Speaking of art, Eriri and Izumi are back to their fighting ways once again. This is the first time they’ve seen each other since the pool ep and their hostility for one another is raging as always. I like how Eriri isn’t even trying to be subtle when Aki compliments Izumi on her progression and talent, something Eriri always wants to hear him say about her. But it’s hard to deny that both girls really do have a talent at drawing. Thinking back to S1 ep 8 when Aki helps out Izumi at the summer event to sell all 100 copies of her book. She’s got talent and couple that with the resources Iori can get, Rouge en Rouge is pretty intimidating group.

But what makes this conversation that much more interesting is something small that Iori says before leaving, he’s very confident in the scenario of their game. Confident enough that he can surpass the great Utaha. This comes as a shock to Aki who holds Utaha on the highest of pedestals. What is Iori talking about? How can he really have a better scenario than something Utaha wrote? It’s that very question that drives the rest of this ep, forcing Aki to really pour over the 2 versions of the story Utaha wrote. Was Iori just trying to get inside Aki’s head and throw him off his game, or was he actually serious in that statement?

Now that this doubt has been raised, it’s impossible for Aki to let it go. After all, Utaha is still awaiting her reply from him as to which version to use and which university she should attend. Of course, knowing Utaha she’s always get a double meaning to her actions, but couple this with Iori’s words and Aki is now starting to doubt everything.

Thankfully, Kato comes up with the idea that to really see which version of the story is better, they need to play both and see for themselves. It only makes sense as just reading it on paper is one thing, but seeing it with the art and music will give it a whole new meaning. But it’s easier said than done, and even though Kato has been making progress with coding and such, after one night with the two of them working on this, they’ve only been able to complete 20% of the work. If they’re going to do this in just two days, they’ll need some extra help. Enter Icy Tail.

That’s right, the girls of Icy Tail are back once again. It’s been a while since we last saw them but Aki had to pull rank to get them to come help out. Aside from being good at playing music, they’re also good with computers, Michiru aside, so they’re the only ones Aki can call on to get this task completed. Also if they said no he’d step down as their manager. Cue the montage with them working away at making a playable version of the game. It takes them the weekend to complete and now Aki can finally play both versions and hopefully get the answer he needs. Which version is the better one?

The answer actually caught me off guard as I was expecting him to maybe end up with some blend of the two, but in shocking fashion Aki calls for a full rewrite of the story. Put simply, it’s a shitty game. It’s probably the absolute last thing Utaha was expecting to hear, but upon seeing both versions in action, Aki finally realized something. As to what exactly that is we’ll have to wait until next week to find out.


But more importantly, was Iori right? Does Rouge en Rouge really have the better scenario for their game? Aki clearly came to a conclusion while playing both versions, but is there a legit cause for concern or is this just the doubt Iori raised in his mind really starting to affect his view of the great Utaha? The ending leaves us with so many questions and I eagerly await to see where things are headed now.

Another great ep this week, although it lacked Utaha’s presence. That’s okay though as the return of the Icy Tail girls was a nice surprise. Another point I liked about this ep was seeing the interactions of Aki and Kato as if they were a married couple or something. As ordinary as Kato is, she’s got a charm about her that I really do like. She doesn’t need to have the presence and sex appeal of Utaha or the tsundere childhood friend quality that Eriri posses to be such an amazing girl. Being so ordinary is what makes her someone I really enjoy watching. She’s level-headed and not dramatic as the others, she’s someone you could just chill with and not worry about her having some ulterior motive up her sleeve like the others do. She’s the most ordinary heroine but one of the greatest too.

Anyways that’s it for this ep. Really looking forward to seeing where things will go now after how this one ended. As always I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this ep so be sure to leave a comment below!

That’s all for this review, thanks for reading and I’ll see you next week!


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