With the previous week behind them and the team officially assembled, it is time for the girls to finally start real work towards their goal of bringing back tourism to the dying town. So, let’s get started.

The Plot:

So, Sanae decided to move into the cabin with everyone else. So, they work on packing and also get inspired by the wood carving in the house to maybe focus on that concept to help the town. While this is happening Riri’s grandma goes to the tourism board, and well is not happy her granddaughter is doing anything with them. But Riri is doing it from her on free will.

Sakura Quest Ep 4 pic 1Sakura Quest Ep 4 pic 2

The car does not start when the girls are finally ready to actually move. Well, they go to the towns mechanic, Doku. He is old and eccentric. Also he invents stuff, like the exoskeleton, which the girls seem to rather enjoy using when they go to unpack later. He fixes the car easily and gives them the previously mentioned exoskeleton.

Later on Riri is stopped by her grandmother, pretty much now Riri has to be a spy for her grandma.

Sakura Quest Ep 4 pic 7

The girls, the following day, go to work trying to figure out exactly what they could do to save the town with the woodcarving district. They even go there and are fascinated by the creations, despite one of the creators not being too fond of the girls. But they also do not want to make the same mistakes as the previous plans involving it, so Shiori brings up stuff about those to look over.

Sakura Quest Ep 4 pic 8

So, they go out to get food and plan some more.

Sakura Quest Ep 4 pic 9
Or a lot of bad ideas.

They meet Doku again, and get a few ideas, including using wood carvings to combine with the exoskeleton to make it look really cool while planting the rice fields. They also go back to get a few other ideas.

Sakura Quest Ep 4 pic 10

Of course ultimately the Guild of Merchants don’t like this idea since it comes into conflict with the traditional values of the wood carving. I am starting to see why the previous plans failed.

Sakura Quest Ep 4 pic 12

Sanae and Yoshi go to apologize once more, and the creator who did not like them, well he still does not like them.

The episode ends with Sanae giving a realization that made her move to the town in the first place. How there is a job someone else can do and that they do not need her. Ultimately, she ends her time as Minister of IT.

Overall Thoughts:

I think, and I hope, this episode gives us an idea of what to expect more in this series. I think there will be more constant conflict of trying to bring some type of new change that could help the town, but no one or at least half the people do not want it. Some people seemed really interested in the ideas Yoshino was bringing to the table, it is just the Merchants Guild did not like it. I expect a lot more conflict with them, now that Riri is pretty much a mole.

I do like the conflict of the episode, it really is just another thing to open up to Yoshino of exactly what is going on in this town, what people like and what they do not. The only issue I am starting to see is the few that have shown that want to stick to tradition are the ones winning. It is what is holding the town back. Although mixing tradition with new things is a great way to please everyone, it still does not work. I feel this may be a trial and error process for the group.

Either way, nice episode, and nice way to open exactly what could be a major conflict in this series. As for the ending with Sanae, it will probably be fixed in the next episode or two. To me it felt too early for this to happen. It seems like a waste. It would have been more dramatic if it was at least around episode 8 or so, even if the show is two cour. But on episode 4, well, they either must make this be a few episodes until she returns or have it have more impact in some way.

Again, despite that, it was enjoyable.

Overall Enjoyment: 75/100

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As always I hope you enjoyed.

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