Week 2 of Saekano brings us back to the game creating process along with a familiar face as well.

Here’s my review.

I actually really enjoyed this ep. Maybe it was the dialogue and interactions between the characters, or that Utaha was awesome as always, this ep was just really good to watch.

So after a few months since Blessing Software was formed, Utaha has completed the script for their game. It’s a big milestone actually seeing that Utaha also has her other novels to work on and school of course. But she’s finished her part of the creating process and now it’s time to celebrate that by means of going on a date. Woo, a date with Utaha!

This is good
Utaha thighs!

It’s a nice day out for the two of them, going shopping, out for lunch, the movies and drinks later in the evening. But unknown to them, well at least to Aki, is that Eriri and Kato were stalking them all day. Classic Eriri, always watching her rival. I love how she says it’s just a coincidence she saw them while out and about, totally trying to talk her way out of saying she was stalking them.

So on their celebratory day out, Utaha also raises some points that catch Aki off guard. Now that she’s finished writing the script, her work on this game is essentially over and there isn’t much of a need for her to come to group meetings anymore. The time she’s spent on this project has taken her away from her novels and she’s fallen slightly behind in school too, but most importantly she needs to be thinking about her future and what university she wants to attend.

It’s a big decision for Utaha to make, one being in Kansai and the other a 15 minute train ride away, so she then presents this to Aki to decide for her. Not really a huge fan of when this happens in anime, I feel that big decisions that impact your life should be something you make the final call on, not letting someone else make that call for you. Granted there are all sorts of factors to include and while that’s a topic I could talk about for a while, I’ll stick to talking about this ep instead. So if that wasn’t a big enough decision to make, Utaha throws Aki one more curve ball: she wrote a different ending to their game. Now Aki is faced with two very big decisions to make, granted only one of them is really something he has to make a call on. Aki says staying closer to home would be better, thinking that maybe they could make another game together at some point if she wants to. As for the new route for their game, that’s a much more challenging decision for him.

The back half of the ep brings Eriri and Kato back, but not for anymore stalking. They’re meeting up with Aki at his home for a general meeting, this one being about the new ending Utaha has proposed. It’s also surprising, not only to Eriri but to myself as well, to see that Kato has in her possession a key to Aki’s house. Um… okay. I can only imagine what’s going through Eriri’s mind.

The revision that Utaha has presented them with is actually pretty damn awesome. I mean sure the original draft was great to begin with, but the changes have really taken this story up a few notches. But while this is great and all, Eriri makes it clear that if they do indeed decide to go with this new ending, it’ll be a lot more work for her and ultimately it’ll take their whole image of the game, with their main heroine Meguri Kano, ending up being just a token heroine. It’s a tough call and Eriri makes it clear that Aki is the one who will have to make it, being the director after all.

While the two of them are debating this revision to their game, Kato once again uses her stealth abilities to quietly slip away from the conversation to play a demo for another game coming out at the Winter Comiket as well. What’s more, it’s a similar genre to the one their making meaning they might have booths close to each other. But the icing on the cake comes when Eriri notices that familiar art, and then Aki sees the name of the group, Rouge en Rouge. That’s the group Izumi Hashima is part of. I absolutely love how the music and colors suddenly change and we see Izumi and her older brother Iori Hashima standing on the hilltop where Iori confronted Aki and Eriri in S1.

This is the moment I was waiting for, I wanted something more since Iroi and Izumi were introduced in S1 and now we’re finally getting it. That was point I talked about, how both characters weren’t really doing much in S1 as at the time I didn’t know there would be another season, but here we are and now I feel this anime is about to kick into high gear.

Oh it’s on now.

So like I said last week, I think I’ll constantly be a week behind with reviews this season. It bothers me slightly but so far that’s just how things have worked out. If anything changes though, I’ll post something on the blog Twitter about it, so be sure to follow that!

That’s all for this week’s review. Saekano is still going strong and I’m loving every moment of it. I’m so excited to see where things will go from here and how Blessing Software will deal with Rouge en rouge in the coming eps. Should be good! I’d love to hear your thoughts on this ep too, so leave a comment down below or hit me up on Twitter and we can talk!

As always thank you for reading and bearing with this week late format I’m going with for now, and I look forward to seeing you next time for ep 3!


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