After last week’s sizzling premier ep, Saekano officially begins with a story about how the Utaha and Eriri rivalry began.

Here’s my review!

“Why are things so bad between those two?” It’s the question Aki poses to Kato as the two watch Eriri and Utaha once again arguing about their game. While it’s not exactly a bad question in itself, at this point Aki should’ve more or less had some idea about their constant bickering, but apparently not. As for us the viewer, it actually is a rather good question as while we have a good idea of why they’re always arguing, we don’t have the complete story about these two. So that’s how we arrived at this point, the origin story about the Utaha and Eriri rivalry.

If you recall back to S1 ep 2 when Aki and Kato are talking in the diner, Kato makes mention that Aki was able to convince the teachers to have light novels in the school library. That was actually a very key point as we begin the flashback to a year before with Utaha finding her light novel, Koisuru Metronome, in the school library courtesy of Aki. But what comes as a surprise to her is upon pulling out the list to see who’s checked it out, Eriri’s name comes up. Hmm, why’s that?

It begins.

As we know, Aki is passionate about Utaha’s novel and wants everyone to read it, so he leaves a copy in Eriri’s locker with a note telling her to check it out. As luck would have it, she really enjoyed it and was even moved to tears by it. But while on her way to thank him for the recommendation, she sees Aki talking about Koisuru Metronome with Utaha as well. Now a short while later she confronts Utaha about hanging out with Aki and that it’s not something a girl like her should do, because it might bring down her reputation. Eriri even goes as far to say that Aki doesn’t even care about her, just Koisuru Metronome, the characters and its author. Oh Eriri, that wasn’t really the best thing to say. Of course we all know who the author of Koisuru Metronome really is and now Eriri does too.

While the confrontation didn’t really go so well for Eriri, Utaha found it more interesting as her curiosity about Eriri has grown. Why is she so insistent about keeping Utaha away from Aki? It’s something she wants to figure out and the best place to start is by asking Aki himself. He doesn’t give away much leading Utaha to do her own digging for answers. That leads her to Eriri’s private art studio at school where she finds out her secret.

I enjoyed the roof top conversation the two girls had. Both are rivals but at the same time they have this respect for each other as creators. Eriri is extremely talented with art while Utaha has a way with words, it’s not something either deny, rather it’s their reasons behind why they do what they do. Utaha concludes Eriri draws as a form of revenge for having to hide her otaku hobby for years, forcing herself to be the perfect daughter from a wealthy family. On the flip side, Eriri has got Utaha figured out as a cold and calculating author, using her skill and technique to manipulate her readers. Neither is actually wrong.

So while they were able to agree (more or less) on this fact, at the end of the day it’s Eriri who brings Aki back into the conversation and claims Utaha has used her calculating technique to also manipulate Aki to fall for her. As they begin the start of yet another argument the flashback slowly fades back to present day, where a worn out Eriri and Utaha are slouched across a table, tired from the day’s fight.

We end with Aki requesting an illustration from Eriri with hers and Utaha’s autographs to serve as promotional material for their game. While they have doubts at first as Aki might sell it online for a lot of money, it’s clear he just wants it known that this project, this collaboration with Eriri doing the art and Utaha writing the story, will be something truly amazing. Neither girl will probably ever say it, but when the arguments are over and the work begins, the respect and admiration of each other is quite obvious. Couple that with the fact Aki is praising both of them, it’s easier to let some personal differences and work together on this project.

So there you have it, the long overdue ep 1 review. Sorry for the delays, it’s just that waiting for FFF to release held me up a bit. Going forward I really don’t know what to expect in terms of a schedule for reviews. It’s getting busy at work so the only time I have to write is on the weekend, so at the current rate I might be a week behind with reviews unless something changes. As always though keep it locked to my Twitter or the blog Twitter for more info on when future reviews will be posted.

Anyways, that’s it for this review. As always I’d love to hear your thoughts about this ep, so leave a comment below or hit me up on Twitter and we can talk about it. Thank you for reading this and I’ll see you next time!


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