Well, this show is confirmed, as predicted, to be 25 episodes. So, quick thing, this show is enjoyable, and hopefully it stays that way. Either way, let’s get right into it. Also, I am going to be referring to the girls as Sakura Squad, since it is easier to say and more fun to say that for all of them.

The Plot:

Yoshi is taking up her queen role from the start of the episode. After failing last week’s quest, she must go around town, in a one car parade to promote herself.

Sakura Quest Ep 3 pic 1

She later goes to the café, and Maki is there with her brother, who happens to be trying to convince her to return home. Ultimately, Maki doesn’t want to leave the town just yet. Yoshino also is fully onboard with the idea of staying in the town, mostly since she is being paid and now has her stuff here.

The following day she has to take part in an interview. It starts off well, but soon ends poorly due to the questions not being part of a script making Yoshino look bad and making her realize she does not know much about the town.

Because of this, she decides to go around town asking people what they want in the town and what they think they could do to change it. This fails since no one really wants to change anything. They also learn about the original mascot of the town, Kabura Kid.

The following day the Regional Mascot Contest starts. But there is an issue. Earlier the mask of the chupakabura fell into the trash, and well, it really was thrown out.

Thus the other members of Sakura Squad decide to look for the costume of Kabura Kid, since Yoshi is still at the Mascot Contest.  Ultimately, they find it, after a lot of searching, at the community center, since it was never returned after twenty years.

Maki is apparently good with a lot of random things, including fixing the costume.

Sakura Quest Ep 3 pic 13

By the time Sakura Squad makes it to the contest, the guys find the mask at the processing plant. Thus giving Mr. Kadota the option of either wearing the garbage infested mask or the costume he wants nothing to do with.

Sakura Quest Ep 3 pic 14

Because of the fighting that started as a result of this, Yoshi realizes something. No one in the town wants any sort of change. So, she goes with both costumes. She even gives this realization in a speech.

Later on, even though the lost, the Sakura Squad is sort of celebrating with a Sakura Viewing, alcohol, and Manju. Yoshi is fully on the idea of being queen, that is as long as the other girls are with her doing it. They all decide their roles and agree to help out, to end the episode.

Overall Thoughts:

Nice to see a random small thing play a role in the episode, mostly talking about the Chupakabura head, but still. Sometimes it feels like small things do not add up.

As a whole, this episode was rather nice. I mean we got to see the team to be seen as an actual team. Not only that but they do have legitimate meaning to be there, IT, manager, queen, ect. It is nice to see that their roles will influence the town. But it is also nice to see how the girls are going beyond to get the job done and they do not always need Yoshino to be there for them and in fact that Yoshino needs them a lot more than she realizes.

There was also the fact on how the episode started off, which added a nice touch. Yoshino realizing she knows vertually nothing about the town she was hired to promote. This episode needed to happen early on, and I am glad the did not do it a few episodes from now. It was a well placed and really did a good job in the arc of this episode.

Still a fun episode, with direction on where the series may go. With three of 25 episodes down, it is nice to see that there is at least an idea of a goal for the town then just making it better.

Overall Enjoyment: 80/100

Sakura Quest is streamed by Crunchyroll.

Feel free to comment what you liked about this episode or series.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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