Alright, so Yoshino has her first quest this episode, well it is a job, still something she needs to accomplish.  Either way, time to get right into the second episode.

The Plot:

So, Mr. Kadota, made a slight mistake again. Instead of ordering 100 boxes of manju, he ordered 1000. Either way Yoshino is tasked with selling them. But, she is given some incentive to do so. If she sells all 1000, then she can go back to Tokyo. All odds are against here though.

So, Yoshino and Shiori go back to the cabin to think. Well, the “manager” there does not ring any bells to Shiori, at least in terms of being the manager. But she does remember seeing her in a small role in a tv movie she saw. Thus, her name is finally known, Maki.

Sakura Quest Ep 2 pic 3

But after that, Shiori and Yoshino go to a few places to check out. Yoshino gets a bad fortune-telling experience again. They see the shy girl, Riri, or Ririko. Her mom owns the sweets shop. Anyway, she is apparently knowledgeable on the occult and gives the girls a quick lesson on the Chupakabra.

Sakura Quest Ep 2 pic 4Sakura Quest Ep 2 pic 5

Yohsino then gets the idea to create a new website for the town. This is mostly to make it easier to sell the Manju. But apparently, a few months back a web designer moved into town.  Her name is Sanae.

So, they work on a few ideas with the website to sell the manju. These all relate to Yoshino and the manju. But none of them work, in fact they only sell 3 boxes.

But, Maki has an idea, make a video. Riri has a video camera, thus the fab five make a commercial for the website.

Too bad all their hard work went to waste. They did not sell enough. Although the manju does taste pretty good. I get the feeling with the mentioning every ingredient is from in town, might have some role later. Either way they enjoyed it. Yoshino says she wants to stay at least until the Cherry Blossoms bloom. She may just be liking her time there.

Overall Thoughts:

I really did like the first episode. I liked this one more when I think about it. Last episode was all about Yoshino, and building up at least small parts of the town. This episode was really building up the other key characters.

This episode was obviously giving introduction to the other three girls. Although there were minor things about them, knowing about occult, web designer, and a small-time actress. I really cannot wait to see how these characters grow.

But, it will be nice to see how things play out. I mean, Riri and Shiori were childhood friends. Riri seems shy, so it will be interesting to see and learn a bit more about their relationship. Mostly more how it is now, Riri’s mom running a shop that does not get along well with the town’s PR department. But also seeing more of Sanae, seeing she is still new to the town, and apparently does not get out much.

I do like the fact it did not bring all characters together at once, but instead slowly over time, even if it was every five or so minutes. It still will be nice to see how they are all together in the long run.

Normally I say characters make a story. Sometimes they can ruin a good plot, sometimes they can save a bad one (sometimes). I really do hope it stays like this. I do like the characters, at least from first impressions.

This show is certainly just as fun in the second episode, hopefully it stays this way and only gets better from here on.

Overall Enjoyment: 90/100

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Feel free to comment what you liked about this episode or series.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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