It’s back! It’s finally back! After a few years break Saekano is back for it’s highly anticipated second season, and boy do they know how to grab your attention just mere seconds into an ep. Let’s get right into it and take a look at ep 0.

Here’s my review!

Unfortunately Saekano S2 is stuck behind a double paywall this season thanks to Amazon and Fuji TV’s deal they signed a year ago. The “double paywall” though is the addition of Amazon’s new anime channel Anime Strike, which I’m sure you’ve heard about or read about it in Tsuyuki’s one of the two editorials that he wrote here. Regardless though I couldn’t let that stop me from watching this favorite show of mine, so after a few days wait some decent subs surfaced courtesy of FFF and it was finally time to watch this. And let me tell you, ep 0 did not disappoint.

If you remember back to S1 ep 0, it was billed as the fan service ep and they certainly didn’t disappoint in delivering in that promise. But here we are in season 2 now, you have to step it up a notch and make a bigger impression on your audience, so sticking to a similar theme ep 0 starts off back in the water but this time instead of the gang being at the hot springs, they’re at a fancy hotel pool. Yes that’s right, we finally get to see the girls in swimsuits. I’ll refrain from spamming too many pics, but honestly I think this was even better than S1 ep 0. Take a look.

Of course while this is great and all, how exactly did they end up in this situation? Well aside from giving us more eye candy to look at, they’re actually there doing game research. Remember they’re currently in the process of making a dating sim and we all know a swimsuit scene is a must. But during talks of this, Kato wouldn’t readily agree to putting on a swimsuit and let Eriri draw her as she’s already been put through a bunch of other things she wasn’t that comfortable with. But as she’s the main heroine of this dating sim and they need to have a swimsuit scene, the only way she’ll agree to doing this is if everyone else wears swimsuits too. So through Utaha’s royalties and Eriri’s father’s connections, they find themselves inside a very fancy hotel doing some poolside game research.

Aside from all the absolutely tantalizing shots of the girls in their swimsuits, the conversation is light and doesn’t really have much worth nothing. I mean for me I honestly wasn’t really paying all that much attention to the subs as seeing the girls in swimsuits was much more exciting. But as for the topics discussed they were either about anime, their game, childhood friends, or rival doujin circles, such as Fancy Wave, crashing their research session. Yes that’s right, childhood friend Hashima Izumi makes her return in stunning fashion. Seeing the rivalry between Eriri and Izumi flare up again was amusing as the two aren’t just rivals in the doujin community, but also to get the attention of Aki.

The way Izumi shifts her weight and moves her hips like that…

Speaking of Aki he’s actually present during all the swimsuits antics, but instead of ogling over the amazing bodies of the girls, he’s trying his best to keep things professional and keep the group focused on the task at hand, which is drawing Kato in various poses for their game. After all that was the main reason they’re there, not to play around and have fun. But of course leave it to the cousin, Michiru Hyoudou, to show off her impressive wrestling moves on the unsuspecting Aki and keep him distracted for the majority of the time.

As for the other two girls, Utaha and Eriri well it’s the same old story with them. Still taking their arguments about anime and such around where ever they go, along with their quest to catch the eye of Aki too. I loved how Utaha uses her money to influence others as seen where she pays off Michiru to get some alone time with Aki to practice some “CPR” on him. Although her plan was foiled at the last second. Ah well, maybe next time. Eriri is still trying her best as well to win over Aki from Michiru and Izumi as being the best childhood friend, but she’s just lacking the assets that Michiru and Izumi have to make an impression on Aki. Oh well, maybe you’ll grow some more.

The back half of the ep toned down the fan service and was more about their game and the creation process of it. But before any of that happens, Utaha is up to her scheming ways once more trying to win over Aki at any cost. Going with the cover that she “suddenly got a new story idea” she invites Aki out for some “ginger ale” at the bar, where she dials up the sexual tension and tries to get Aki to stay the night so they can “discuss this new plot idea.” She’s even gone as far as renting another room for the two of them, but much like her previous attempt she’s stopped short at the last moment as the rest of the girls realize they’ve been played. Strike two, Utaha.

One of my favorite parts of this ep, aside from all the swimsuits and boobs, has to be the part where Michiru shows off some of the music she’s been making for the game. From the moment she start playing her guitar Eriri and Utaha are suddenly their serious creator selves once again and can visualize the scene just from the music she’s playing. Much like Izumi, who sat watching in admiration as the two girls began working right away, I was also impressed with their ability to build the scene after hearing the music for a few moments.

We end with Kato and Aki taking a breather from the fun-filled night as the rest of the group stays inside to listen to the music and work away. Outside the hotel on a lookout overlooking the Rainbow Bridge and Statue of Liberty (apparently Japan has one too, news to me) the two talk about their game and how it’s coming along so far. Much like in S1 ep 0 when they go for a walk through the bamboo forest at the hot springs, it’s nice to see moments like this with Aki and Kato just talking and acting so normal. Unlike Eriri, Utaha and Michiru, Kato is so normal and easy to be around for Aki. She never tries to get him in wrestling holds or use her body to get his attention, she’s just a really down to Earth ordinary girl who Aki is trying to turn into something extraordinary. Compared to S1 though, we can see her character growing too and it’s nice to see this progression in general as no one likes a flat character.

All in all ep 0 not only dropped us back into the Saekano world with a flurry of swimsuits and boobs, but it also acted as a nice refresher too. Granted I just finished rewatching S1, but even so it was nice to see all the characters once again interacting as they strive towards their end goal of creating the ultimate dating sim.

That’s going to bring this review to a close for ep 0. It’s been a while since I last wrote any reviews (December 28th of last year to be exact) so sorry if I’m a bit rusty and things aren’t really that well put together. As the show progresses I’ll get back into the grove of review writing, but sorry in advance if the first few weeks are a bit of a mess.

Alright then that’s all I’ve got to say about this ep, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on it so let me know in the comments below! I’ll be sure to check them all and try to reply to as many as I can.

And before ending I’d just like to say a special thanks and shout out to my fellow anime blogger Joe (Not our editor) for letting me use all those full size pics and gifs too. I lack the skills and know now to put those together so I don’t know what I’d do without his work. Please be sure to check out his thoughts of this ep on his blog and give him a follow on Twitter for plenty more anime content. Thanks man!

As always thanks for reading this and I’ll see you back here next time!


Bonus Pics!

Finally get to see them in these swimsuits!
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Kato looks amazing in that swimsuit!
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