Alright, new season, new show. This one is a bit unique. It is by the people who made Shirobako, but instead of cute girls making anime, they save a town. Oddly enough I think one of the first posts I read here on Anime Corps (before I was an editor or writer) was an episode review of Shirobako. Anyway, since I am still watching and enjoying that series too, hopefully the same will go for Sakura Quest. So, time to talk about the first episode of a (more than likely) 2 cour show.

The Plot:

Yoshino Koharu is a soon to be junior college graduate. Currently she is looking for a job, but has had over thirty rejections. She faintly remembers something when she was little, how she felt like a queen. Thus she really wants to help people.

Sakura Quest Ep 1 pic 1

Unfortunately, despite having a lot of good luck, or at least being told she has a lot of good luck, things do not turn out well. She does not land the job, her parents are stopping her allowance and want her to move home from Tokyo. Also, she does not like the countryside.

But she gets a call later that day, turns out she has a job offer, and someone called for her specifically.

Sakura Quest Ep 1 pic 4

So, she goes to the place, a small town where even on the train, no one was around. And once she gets there, well, she apparently was the wrong person they were looking for.

Sakura Quest Ep 1 pic 5

The main man in charge wanted his idol, of course him being an old man, well, he did not know his Idol, who shares a similar spelling to Yoshino, passed away some time ago. But Yoshino convinces them to give her the job either way.

Sakura Quest Ep 1 pic 6

So, they go to the coronation, where Yoshino can become Queen of the town. The girl working with her, Shiori, is around her age and works on the tourism board. The town was apparently once big as well, they even had this place called “The kingdom of Chupakabura.” It was one of the main focuses that drew people in.

Sakura Quest Ep 1 pic 7Sakura Quest Ep 1 pic 8

The coronation goes through and Yoshino is declared “Queen.”

Sakura Quest Ep 1 pic 9Sakura Quest Ep 1 pic 10

Yoshino and Shiori become fast friends, and well, Yoshino reveals why she does not want to live in the country side. But with the plot of the series, it is kind of obvious this is something she is going to get used to.

Sakura Quest Ep 1 pic 11

Anyway, she makes it to the cabin she is staying in, well, besides the other woman sleeping in there. She does find out something about her job. It is not a one-time thing, but it is going to last a year. Yoshino did not read her contract closely. Always read the fine print, I think that is fair to say.

So, Yoshino books it out of there, but the train is nowhere to be seen, so she has no ride back to Tokyo. Then a Chupakabura shows up. She is quickly chanced only to have Shiori be attacked by it. Of course, it is the old man in a costume, and Yoshino waking him with her purse only sent an ambulance after him.

Yoshino apologizes to his wife and learns pretty much that everyone cares for this town. Even the ride back Shiori was glad someone around her age was working with her. But none of them wanted to force her to do something she did not want to do.

Sakura Quest Ep 1 pic 17

Getting locked out of the cabin she goes back to the kingdom for the night. There she finds an old picture, one of the memory from long ago, when she was queen.

Sakura Quest Ep 1 pic 18

When she wakes up there the following morning, a sign of good luck shows, which means bad luck for her, since it is time for her first job as queen.

Sakura Quest Ep 1 pic 19

Overall Thoughts:

I know I have a lot more details than usual for the plot, but it is the first episode. Either way it was enjoyable. It certainly gave off the feeling I hope it would, someone slice of like, but it certainly has room for drama, although none appeared this episode.

The main character to me felt too relatable, poor luck 20 something who does not want to live in the sticks. But, that is just me.

I really did like the Chupakabura chase scene, if the monster could be called a Chupakabura.

Either way it was also the little things that help bring this episode out, and really set up the overall series. They were little, like seeing how closed down and rundown the town is. Tourism is needed for the town to survive. Although it is not clearly stated, it was clear from the train rides, the people hiding away seeing Yoshino, and even the bus, even if the bus was late at night.

But the relationships with the characters were starting to show, I get the feeling Shiori and her will be fast friends in this series, although it would be nice to be proven wrong.

Either way, I know it is not much to say about my overall thoughts other than liking it a lot. This episode really set up the town, not so much as the people, hopefully that will be next episode. Still, I am glad Anime Strike did not snatch this show from me, since it is certainly living up to my expectation for it being my most looked forward to show of the season.

Overall Enjoyment: 90/100

Sakura Quest is streamed by Crunchyroll.

Feel free to comment what you liked about this episode or series.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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