Hello everyone and welcome to a special post here on Anime Corps! Today is our anniversary!

Yes, that’s right, on this day, 3 years ago, Anime Corps went live and its first review was published. We’ve come a long way since that day and instead of the usual look back through the years and talk about where we came from and how we got here, this year I thought we’d do something different and take some time to answer questions from you, the readers of this blog! So for the past couple weeks we’ve been accepting questions via Twitter or from commenting here on the blog and now it’s time to answer them!

Let’s begin!

Here are some questions from fellow bloggers:

Lita from LitaKina Anime Corner asked:

What anime’s have had a Positive impact on you and why?

Nick: I knew my answer to this the moment I saw the question, Love Live. Sure I’ve seen a lot of anime since I first started watching anime years ago, but Love Live really captured my attention in a way no other anime had done since. My love for it started after I finished S1 and in the lead up to S2 I was getting more and more into it. Around that time I was new to Twitter so I started to discover other Love Live fans and from there my love for it really took off. Sure I can say my passion for it might have died down a bit, but it’s still a series that’s very close to my heart.

Deven: I would have to say Suzuka, both the anime and the manga. The tagline that Funimation uses for the anime is “Love isn’t a spectator’s sport” and that’s true all around life not just love. You need to be willing to after what you want. Otherwise you’ll never get it.

Tsuyuki: First one that comes to mind is Non Non Biyori. It’s a beautifully zen show and it helped me relax and get comfortable laughing at things again after a personal crisis of mine. Every scene is just perfect for the type of show it was and I cannot recommend it enough to anyone who wants to watch it.

Joe:  I think I will have to go with Fairy Tail for getting me into more anime, in general. But I think Aria too would have a good positive impact, it is a really good show to watch when stressed. Worries about just about anything life throws at you seem to just melt away for just a short time.

Arria Cross from Fujinsei asked a number of questions:

Any special blogging plans for this year now that you turned 3 years old?

Nick: For me personally I don’t think so. I’ve had some big ideas I’ve been tossing around, things I’ve wanted to try with the blog but I haven’t really pursued them too much. My ongoing plan is to just make each review I post better than the last one. I want to keep improving my writing so I can look back and be proud of it.

Deven: Not really for me personally. I’d love to do a 30 day post but I’m so busy with school, work, and my mother it’s going to have to wait until I move sometime in the future.

Why did you create Anime Corps?

Nick: I’ve touched on this before but it’s mainly because I wanted an outlet bigger than Twitter to write my thoughts on the anime I was watching. I’d been blogging with WordPress for a year or so before and enjoyed the people I had met there so I figured it would be the best place to start an anime blog. Plus I was familiar with how things worked on WordPress and instead of taking time to go learn Blogger or something else, I’d just stick with what I knew best. 3 years later here we are.

Deven: Anime Corps is Nick’s idea but to answer the question why I joined…it would be a two-fold one. One is Nick’s my friend and I wanted to help him out and the second one is that group blogs I feel have a better chance of doing better because their ability to cover a lot of things. All of the anime we review are typically in different genres without a lot of overlap because we all have different tastes and that leads for more people to find what they’re looking for here.

What is the most serious disagreement that Anime Corps bloggers have between yourselves?

Nick: Hmm… I can’t really think of anything we’ve ever had any serious disagreements on before.

Deven: I don’t think we’ve ever had a major disagreement. The only one thing I could vaguely think of were when me and Marshy were trying to figure out who would review Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works and he gave it to me without much trouble.

Joe: I think it had to be between Deven and I about Fate. How Rin Tosaka is terrible and Saber is best waifu. I mean it may not be fully serious, but honestly I don’t think we ever had a disagreement really.

All Anime Corps bloggers: reveal one thing about yourself that you have never revealed publicly before.

Nick: Do I have to?

Deven: I don’t drink at all. I never seen the point in it.

Tsuyuki: This is an awfully difficult question for someone who’s pretty highly concerned about their online privacy to answer so I think I’m going to take a rain check. Sorry.

Joe: I can’t stand the taste of coffee and tea, don’t get why there is hype for it.

Joe from The Reviewer’s Corner (and Editor Here) asked:

I know you probably answered this before, but why did you want to make Anime Corps a collaboration blog?

Nick: From the start I wrote, edited and posted everything myself. I had the time and energy to manage everything like that and review 6 shows at once. Even now I’m not sure how I did that. But as for how this blog became a collab blog, during the first summer Anime Corps went through, I was busy taking a course for a month and needed someone to help write about anime when I couldn’t. I met Justin through Twitter and we got talking and he agreed to help out. He was actually a pretty great guy, but things happened and he had to go. Actually I don’t know what happened to him as I’ve never spoken with him since….

How did you get invited or what was your reason to join Anime Corps?

Deven: It’s a bit hard to remember but I believe that I asked Nick to join. It was a two-fold reason. First one was to help out my friend and the second one was that I knew a group blog with a lot of varied content would do a lot better than a single person blog so I wanted to be on the ground floor of that.

Tsuyuki: I don’t know if I stated exactly why I joined Anime Corps (just when and how, back in my personal anniversary Q&A), but I ended up choosing to because I was bad at blogging on my own and I had just started following Nick right before he launched the new blog. So, I thought it might be a cool idea to write for something I got to see since the beginning.

Joe: Yippie for answering my own question. (And learning a bit about the other members)

I was invited by one of the old Members of Anime Corps, Mitzuka. That was in the September of 2015. They asked me to be an editor due to knowing the fact I was going to school for writing. I needed the experience editing other people’s work and practice in editing in general. Of course, some members tend to forget to ask me to edit their stuff. So I am mostly a writer here now.

Now for a couple of questions from Twitter:

Jorge Lam (@jorge_lam_m) asked:

What your best moment that you enjoyed the most in a anime?

Nick: There are so many moments in anime that are favorites of mine, it’s hard to just pick one and say it’s the best. To be honest I kinda don’t like questions like this as when asked, my mind goes completely blank and I can’t think of anything to put down. According to MAL I’ve seen 418 anime, movies, and OVAs and you’d think out of those 418 entries I could pick at least one moment to mention, but honestly I can’t right now. I’m sure come Sunday or Monday I’ll think of something to say, but for the time being I’m literally drawing blanks here.

Deven: The best moment in anime for me would have to episode 10 of Madoka Magica because in my opinion Homura was a controlling and abusive person. Looking at episode 10, it doesn’t change much of my opinion of her but you see her reasoning and why she came to the answers she has. It makes her more sympathetic.

Tsuyuki: The grammar in this question makes me giggle. A lot of my favorite moments in anime are wrapped in spoilers, so I’ll try to be discreet about it. If you don’t want to even risk it though, they’re from Madoka Magica and Garden of Words. So you can go on to the next answer now. If you don’t care, the fight between Mami and Homura in Madoka Magica: Rebellion Story is still my favorite anime fight ever since I witnessed it and was the one fight I wished happened in the actual series. The ending scene to Garden of Words is also amazing because of how everything just comes together in a great way. It reminds me a lot of the proper ending to planetarian; not the one that was in the anime. Play planetarian.

Joe: It is hard to pick one. It is more dependent on the anime series verses anime as a whole. Looking as a whole, I honestly have none that come to mind except recent shows for moments.

Joe from The Reviewer’s Corner (and Editor Here) asked:

What was your first anime series?

Nick: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya was my introduction to anime. Actually watched it all dubbed on YouTube back in the day when that was still a thing. To this day it’s still one of the few shows I prefer watching dubbed, they just nailed all the voices so well in English and I absolutely love it so much. Granted I don’t really watch many dubs, but this one is among the very, very few I really do enjoy a lot.

Deven: I don’t remember well. I was like 3 or 4 when Toonami was first on so I know my first anime came from there but I can’t remember exactly what it was. I know the first few anime I watched were Fooly Cooly, Mew Mew Power, and Dragon Ball Z though.

Tsuyuki: Joe why are you asking so many questions? Trigun is my answer, by the way.

Joe: Because I wanted to Tsuyuki.

Anyway, I did not grow up watching anime.  I mean, I was able to watch Pokemon, Yugioh, and other shows like that. But I do not really fully count those. I got into anime, when I knew it was anime, 5 years ago. It was Deltora Quest, and once I found out it was an anime I checked other shows out too. Oh My Goddess, Full Metal Alchemist, Code Geass I was really into, but Fairy Tail is what made me want to watch a lot more, and well over 400 different series later here I am.

Jorge Lam (@jorge_lam_m) asked:

What was your motivation to begin blogging?

Nick: I kinda already answered this up above in the “Why did you create Anime Corps?” question, so I’ll just direct you back up there for the answer.

Deven: My motivation ties into my style of blogging. With me, I always liked to watch tv with my friends and family and comment on the things happening, both the funny parts and the things that didn’t make sense. And that’s the feeling that I want to give with my reviews. I want to make people feel like we’re watching the episode together.

Tsuyuki: I had none. Even now I struggle with motivation to release editorials on time because of how picky I am and how unwilling I am to go the extra mile to make things reach the standards I have for my work. You can see that in how horribly inactive my personal blog is and in the fact that there isn’t a Lostorage WIXOSS review out yet, or any other Monogatari review out yet aside from Tsukimonogatari. I’ll get to them eventually, just gotta care enough, I suppose, since motivation isn’t there.

Joe: I wanted to do something with anime that I been watching, at the same time I wanted to promote my own work. Now, although it is still that, I enjoy it, and that is the only reason I really need for motivation.

So there you have it, a quick Q&A with the team here answering questions submitted by you the readers. I hope this gives you some insight into our thoughts about what it’s like to blog here on Anime Corps. I’m sure I can speak for the rest of the team here when I say this, doing a Q&A was pretty fun and I hope we get the chance to do something again in the future.

Well before I bring this post to a close I’d just like to say a few closing words. Anime Corps is special to me, it holds a special spot in my heart and every year at this time it really does make me think about how far I’ve been able to go with this small idea I first had to start an anime blog. It’s grown so much from when I first launched it and I’m so grateful to all the people who have written a post here as they’ve been part of the growth of this blog and helped it stay active during times when I really didn’t want to keep writing. It may not show all the time, but I really do love this blog and I’m just happy I’ve been able to keep it active for these past 3 years. If only I could have that type of motivation for my personal blog…

So looking back on these 3 years I’d just like to say thank you. Thank you to everyone who has read a post here, followed the blog and/or our Twitter, left comments here and just made a point of coming back here each season to see what we’ll be offering. I hope that you’ll still keep coming back here each season as we’re always striving to bring you a variety of great content each week, be it reviews, editorials or anything else. One thing I do want to make a more active effort is to bring collab posts to the blog. There are so many great anime bloggers out there and I personally feel that over these past 3 years I haven’t done as good a job connecting with them as I should’ve. This year I want to change that and become more active in the anime blogging community here on WordPress. There are many great writers here and I’d love to get the chance to work with them on a post at some point in the future.

Alright then I think I’ve said all I wanted to say for this special post. Thank you all so much for reading this and I look forward to seeing you around our blog here in the coming seasons!


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