Alright, with the previous episode, well, it took some time to get over what happened in the previous episode. Either way things are starting to seem like they are at least trying to wind down. But maybe it is not fully what it seems. Either way, let’s get right into it.

The Plot:

Nono decides to tell Takuru everything she knows about Senri. What she was like growing up, being isolated. What happened that got her into that hospital to begin with. Of course Nono drops a certain revelation, mostly that she is Senri. She saw Nono die the day of the earthquake, she wished she could take her place, instead she turned into Nono. Since then she acted like Nono.

After that is revealed a few days’ pass. Well, both Takuru and the detective, oddly at the same time despite being at two different places, both arrive at the fact mind control is involved. This is how all the murders were able to happen. Also it turns out the next day is the last incident. So they make plans on how to deal with that.

Takuru later gets a call about his friend, the one that killed Yui. Well, he wants to find the real killer. He just woke up and pretty much is dying to get revenge on those who controlled him. They believe he is still under mind control, so getting him to give just a bit of information, like how it happened in the club room, was more than enough to have him faint.

Chaos Child ep 8 pic 8

When Takuru gets back home, Nono went missing. She found some key sounds in one of the cases, and just as Takuru learns what it is, and tries to contact his friends, the episode ends.

Chaos Child ep 8 pic 9

Overall Thoughts:

I think it is safe to say this show info dumps a lot. Sure they go out and investigate and do other things, but this was a more info dump episode than anything. But with that last incident happening soon, well, it is safe to say the show is nearing the ending point, despite being only on episode 8.

This episode was not bad, it certainly gave some hopefully useful information. It just did not seem like there was enough of an impact of Yui’s death in the previous episode that held this one back. It will seem weird if they have an actual reaction in a future episode. But, it makes it seem like her death was in vain, to everyone but the person who killed her.

Either way this episode was just alright. Certainly a more thought-provoking one.

Overall Enjoyment: 75/100

Chaos;Child is licensed by Funimation and is streamed on Crunchyroll.

Feel free to give your thoughts on the episode, just keep in mind of spoilers.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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