With the events of the previous episode behind them, you would think the show that is now seven episodes in would not try pulling an obvious stunt like this. Either way, let’s get right into it, so I can clear up what this obvious stunt is.

The Plot:

So, there is a dead person, this dead person well, it turns out it is Senri. So, everyone pretty much is glad for a vast majority of the episode that the killer is dead and the case is closed.

Jump to the latter half of the episode, since yes I am skipping all of that unnecessary obvious case is done, despite their being an unknown amount of episodes left, it turns out that Nono is believed to be the killer since a fake leak.


It also turns out that Senri and thee person they thought was her alternate identity are not the same person but two different people. The Senri they saw in the previous episode was just a delusion.

So, Takuru finds out Yui is missing and so is their friends. And, well he is killing Yui. So, they go off, and find Yui dead, and is a sick and twisted dark humor sort of thing, she is in a limited edition Yui box. Also it is believed that their friend is being controlled by someone.  Thus the episode is over.

Overall Thoughts:

It honestly annoyed me with the fact that they said the case is over. It was obvious it wasn’t. Unless of course this was the final episode, which again was not. Whenever something, a game, movie, show, book, or whatever pulls this sort of thing, it is really annoying since it is obvious that it is not doing that.

What annoys me slightly more is the fact that they got rid of the opening and ending for the episode, they could have cut a majority of the nonsense of it being over down. But oh well.

As for the latter half of this episode, it was rather twisted, I needed time to process it. I mean on one hand I am glad it was not Nono, since as I said in the previous reviews where she nearly died, it was pointless. This death of Yui again feels pointless. Nono nearly died, but it pushed Takuru forward, this death seemed unnecessary and just a redo of last time.

This episode plot wise was a mess. What they did was honestly unnecessary, as of right now. If it has a different effect next episode, well, we will find out. Still, I hope this show does not complete start making a turn for the worse with how this one played out.

Overall Enjoyment: 70/100

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Feel free to give your thoughts on the episode, just keep in mind of spoilers.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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