Alright, another installment to this show. Not sure what to say other than that, so let’s get right into talking about the episode.

The Plot:

So, last week they were in the whole hospital and it ended with them pretty much kidnapping a girl. Well, she really wants to go back there. She even does say she was kidnapped and wants to go back.

Anyway, Arimura shows up and talks about psychic powers. It turns out Takuru might have a psychic power, it could be telekinesis or psychokinesis. Also Arimura has psychic powers too, she can tell when people are lying. Their powers are sort of a means to turn delusions into reality. Of course Takuru does not want to believe he has psychic powers.

Later on Serika goes to see Nono. Followed by going right to see Takuru since Nono told her some vital information that she still does not reveal since that is for Takuru to find out.


So, Takuru decides to go straight to see Nono, despite it being super late at night. He just found out he was psychic, he is investigating psychic murders that happen at night, why is he not worried about this fact?

Anyway, he is attacked. The stickers appear everywhere. After a short time of freaking out, Arimura is in a similar boat of freaking out from the sumo stickers. Takuru suggests that maybe they should go to the dorm, since it is also a place they can rest and that is where Takuru is going anyway.

But the two are attacked, and by a fire psychic. This fight does not last long as the two reflect the fire psychic attacks. And she runs off. The two are pretty frozen with fear. Yet, they continue on to their destination.

Seeing Nono, well, she wants to be part of the case. She wants to know what is going on. She does not want something bad to happen, only to know nothing about it. It also turns out that Nono knows the girl who was mentioned in the previous episode. Also they officially now trust Arimura.

Then the detective is searching the hospital. It is now abandon. Then he runs into a room, after getting a call that the girl they kidnapped went missing, well, she is in the room the detective checks. Thus the episode ends.


Overall Thoughts:

This episode was alright. I certainly wished the action lasted a bit longer so the info dump in the first and second half of the episode would not have felt as dragged on, but oh well. The info dump was sort of necessary, since it does go over some important information.

Other than that this episode felt pretty, just okay. There was nothing really amazing that happened. It even went in the obvious direction of Takuru finding out about his powers. It was just a little slow compared to other episodes, but it did not lose sight of what it has been setting out to do. It is because of this, there is not much more to say about the episode.

Overall Enjoyment: 80/100

Chaos;Child is licensed by Funimation and is streamed on Crunchyroll.

Feel free to give your thoughts on the episode, just keep in mind of spoilers.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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