So, pretty much everything that happened last week, pretty much was null. I mean, well, it is just a little annoying about the fact that Nono lived. It mostly is due to the ending feeling a little like way too much of a cliffhanger this early in. I mean if she dies later it will feel like it will have less meaning. Either way, time to talk about this actual episode.

The Plot:

Literally revealed she was alive at the very end. I mean, it did show her get stabbed again. But it also clearly showed how wounded she was. So, the first few minutes of the show is pretty much her guilt tripping Takuru. How every was, and it turns out he only moved out six months ago since Nono and their dad lied about how Takuru’s parents really died. But he also feels super guilty seeing that he told her he does not see her as family.

Anyway a short time passed. The newspaper club was on the risk of being shut down. That is until they work on the Cultural Festival. It also turns out the guy who stabbed Nono had nothing to do with the murders. Which honestly brings up more questions.


So, the festival starts and someone is missing. But it turns out the guy walks on stage, throws up a bunch of those sumo stickers, and dies.


The detective guy and scientist girl show up, ask a few questions, and Serika overhears their entire conversation about how the murders so far had some supernatural connection. It was believed the victims were psychics.

The detective and scientist lady go to see the results of the autopsy. The guy apparently had stickers in his stomach, and pretty much his entire digestive system.

That night Takuru talks to Nono about everything, and pretty much causes her to worry more about the investigation.

Overall Thoughts:

Okay, let me get the things that got me annoyed this episode. First the whole Nono thing and the obvious guilt trip that she did on Takuru. Then the fact that someone died in front of them and they are not shocked in any way, I mean I know they are investigating the murder, but they did not seem the least bit shocked. Lastly, Serika overhearing the conversation. How did she do that, everyone was in the same room, what was she the only one to overhear, and she was not even the closest one to them, in fact she was the farthest away. I mean, maybe she has psychic powers, but even though that is probably true, it is still a little weird at this point in time.

Alright, that pretty much gets all that off my chest about this episode.

They did not look into the hospital thing; in fact, they really did not look into anything about the case. Sure they got some information about psychic involvement, but other than that this episode could be seen as the guilt trip and someone dying. Not much else happened other than that. This episode felt a little week compared to last weeks.

But I am still enjoying this more than Occultic;Nine. So, this episode was not all bad, just felt weaker compared to the previous episode. Here is hoping it gets a bit stronger next week.

Overall Enjoyment: 80/100

Chaos;Child is licensed by Funimation and is streamed on Crunchyroll.

Feel free to give your thoughts on the episode, just keep in mind of spoilers.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe