Well, this episode was fairly enjoyable. I will say more later as to why. Either way not much to say other than, if you did not like Occultic;Nine because it was more questions and little attempts to answer anything, well, I think the title of this review answers what Chaos;Child does. So, let’s get started.

The Plot:

The episode starts off talking about the sumo stickers. How they were created nearly eight years prior to the series. It asks the question if there could be a tie with the stickers and the murders years ago. But, could it be a coincidence, even though they were all visible from the scenes of the crime.


Alright then Takuru is looking into the Sumo Stickers. They have their own unique designs, but all the ones at the murders were the same. So this asks the question if they are being put there by someone. Also they decide to put a camera where a bunch of the stickers are thinking that might be where another murder may take place.

After school Arimura is greeted by a man. He is apparently looking into the crimes. Takuru following him overhears their conversation. He not only knows Arimura might be doing an act when the police interrogated her. But due to a few key words, he knows a lot more than he lets on. From the murders and not suicides to even the sumo stickers.

Later that night Takuru listens to a talk show. The broadcaster is giving out information dealing with the crimes. But this broadcaster is rather young. It turns out she is pretty smart, skipping a few grades, and became a scientist in America.

Anyway that detective guy is there again asking her questions. She talks about how the internet is the main source of information to people, even if it is wrong. But it is due to this information that can spread needed information. This is why she is doing this talk show. She also took fond of Takuru’s school newspaper website. She got the sumo sticker information from them.


So, the next day their post about the sumo stickers got a lot of hits, and the site now has over a hundred thousand views and five thousand comments since the night before. Anyway, a little bit of information can up where the stickers came from.


That night Takuru’s sister is still rather worried. She finds out about the camera and well talks to her dad about Takuru. They mention how after the earthquake it took him and all their siblings to get used to one another. All of them are adopted and lost their families. Anyway, she wishes to talk to her brother. First she goes to get rid of the camera. But as she does, she gets stabbed from behind. Episode ended right there.


Overall Thoughts:

I like how they actually investigate. They are not questioning what is going on, they actually look for clues. It made this a lot more interesting compared to Occultic:Nine. Not sure if it feels too rushed though. First two episodes feel decently paced, but since I don’t know the source it is hard to say.

The ending though, it felt like it was not the right time. Nono did not feel fully fleshed out. More than anything, at least from the perspective of these first two episodes, it felt like it was too soon. There is not enough emotional attachment to her yet. We get she has that big sister role, and sort of saw her in it. She mostly been all talk and very little action when it comes to Takuru. The real question is of this ending, if she is indeed dead, is how will this affect Takuru? If it does a lot, well it will push the story forward. It just feels like it was too soon and meant to push the story forward. If we had more time with the character, this episode ending would feel less “GO WATCH THE NEXT EPISODE” and more, well I do not know since it needed to end different to not feel like a cliffhanger.

This episode certainly did the investigation part right, at least not putting around and did not question or anything. Still good and was certainly able to keep the momentum from the last episode. How will this hold up later on is the bigger question with the ending we got.

Overall Enjoyment: 90/100

Chaos;Child is licensed by Funimation and is streamed on Crunchyroll.

Feel free to give your thoughts on the episode, just keep in mind of spoilers.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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