So, before I officially begin, Chaos;Child may be considered the sequel to Chaos;Head, however, no characters by the look of things appear from Chaos;Head in Chaos;Child. It looks like there is only a loose connection. So far I see it as it being a sequel like how Love Live Sunshine is to Love Live. It does not need to be seen to know this new series, but it is probably safe to say it can give a better understanding. So, since the first episode of Chaos;Child did a double episode and half of it being a recap of Chaos;Head, which came out almost ten years ago. I will talk briefly about it. Keep in mind that the recap did contain spoilers to Chaos;Head. It is right now too soon to say if Chaos;Child is a direct sequel or how I put it earlier. Either way let’s get started.

Chaos;Head Recap:

So, there are these weird murders happening. No one knows exactly if they are murders or if some are just bizarre suicides.  Takumi is pretty much a NEET who gets wrapped up in these after a picture is sent to him.


After looking into it further information such as people gaining the power through technology to control people’s wills through all the senses. The murders are a result of tests of this technology.

Soon enough it turns out Takumi when he was younger he somehow created the formula to make this object a realty.


Although the Recap ends before the climax of Chaos;Head, it is made clear that the main character of Chaos;Child is seen in the area of Chaos;Head’s near climax.

Brief Thoughts:

Overall this was just a nice thing they did, instead of trying to get people to see Chaos;Head, something that aired almost a decade ago, and something I saw over four years ago, there was a really rushed recap. Granted Chaos;Head was still fairly rushed by the conclusion, this brought up pretty much everything that I forgot about the show, which even then they left a lot out. So, it is probably safe to say to take from this, since they left out some magical weapons and a lot of other things, that there are murders and technology to control people. I will guess that this technology is somehow resurfacing in Chaos;Child. I think it was mentioned in Robotics;Notes, which in the timeline of these series, takes place in 2021. So, I will assume, since unlike Occutlic;Nine, this one we could get a direct reference to Stiens;Gates, which took place in 2011, since it is in that shared universe.

Ok, onto Chaos;Child Episode One

The Plot:

So, six years have gone by since the mysterious earthquake in Shibuya. What is so odd is the fact that it was nowhere else but Shibuya.  Theories are still out there that it was manmade or the occult or something bizarre.


Takuru is told by Nono, that he should not skip school. Not only is the student council president telling him this, but it is also his older sister.


Takuru is investigating bizarre murders happening in the area for the school newspaper, which is odd for one thing. These “Juicy Scoops” he calls it are clearly dangerous, Nono tells him not to go and look into it.

But, the New Generation murders that happened six years ago are just as odd as the ones happening now. It is even weirder how two murders happened so far were on the same days as the New Generation ones six years prior. Since today was the day of another one of them, Takuru goes out to investigate with Serika.

They do find a murder. To make matters worse they go in the building the cops are in only to again go in the room where the murder took place and see what happened. But they get locked in. A cop is dead and another girl is in there as they look at the dead body. Takuru passes out.

Sometime later his older sister just wants him to come home. He is lucky he is not going to get suspended or arrested.


Meanwhile some detectives ask the girl from the crime scene, (who will probably be best girl since Mimori Suzuko voices her and she tends to voice best girls). She says her name is Hinae Arimura, and well, she does not say much other than that.


It turns out since Serika was puking everywhere the cops let her go. She also had Takuru’s cell phone with all the videos they took at the crime scene. So, they delete them and decide to look into who the girl is. They also see a strange image in the background of a fat sumo wrestler, and this is in all crime scenes.

Anyway, they go to the student council since it is believing that the girl goes to their school since she attends meetings about the clubs. It turns out that Hinae goes go to their school, and after a somewhat heated conversation with Takuru, Hinae tells him he will be killed.

Overall Thoughts:

Again I am glad they had the Chaos;Head recap. Either way I hope it is safe to say it is just a sequel in theme really. Maybe those loose connections of the murders happening on the same day. But as for the first episode it was enjoyable.

I do hope it does not suffer the same fate as Chaos;Head and be rushed. I rather enjoyed Chaos;Head, but it was just too rushed and I mean way too rushed. I am uncertain on how many episodes this show is getting, but hopefully it is two cour or else it just may suffer the same fate.

This episode, despite it being a little odd for the main character wanting to actively go out and look at crime scenes, it was decent. Not all the characters got focus and some stayed in the background that could be important later. It was not trying to introduce everyone, unlike Occultic;Nine last season.

I really want to stop comparing this show to its predecessors, but it is hard not to this early on. Either way there was nothing about this show that the first episode made me feel bored or made me not want to watch it. So, it was enjoyable at what it did. So, hopefully it can keep it up.

Overall Enjoyment: 80/100

Chaos;Child is licensed by Funimation and is streamed on Crunchyroll.

Feel free to give your thoughts on the episode, just keep in mind of spoilers.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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