Well, after several issues when trying to watch this series, I am glad I was able to finish it. This is the fourth series I reviewed here and the second one I was able to finish and not drop. Despite the difficulties and delays, it is time to stop delaying and talk about the final episode.

The Plot:

Yuto needs to pump himself up a bit. He sits at the radio station to try to talk to his dad. He thinks about what Ryo was saying and how Aviline would no longer possess Ryo and become the key to fire the gun. This would all be to put an end to the evil plan. The plan is being set in motion and it will be completed the following day, Ryo was able to get this information since this is her grandfather.


Meanwhile the young detective is trying to figure out how to return to his own body. But then Asuna shows up and sees that Ririka, the mangaka, her body is missing and two new drawings are there.


Later on Shin has a theory on how to return to normal. All in all, after the detective shows up, they find out that at most they can live is until nine minutes have past when they died. Since one day is equal to one minute, they have until midnight to return. Also Yuto drops the title calling it a Occultic Nine.

But then there is the dilemma, one they talk about for some time. If they return to their bodies, then they cannot come back to life.


In the end, after Yuto discovers he has a special ability to materialize the key for the gun to be able to revive everyone, he ultimately decides to stay behind to put a stop to it and have his friends be revived.

Back on March 1st they are all alive, and there Ririka is waiting. After a single question she disappears with no trace.


Back on March 8th, it is soon learned that the process was sped up and the leader would be revived in 20 minutes. The head honcho tells Ryo this before killing Yuto. But, the gun loses the key and somehow Yuto did not die and land a solid punch on the villain.

Yuto then runs off to try to put a stop to it. He now has a chance to be revived as well. But running to the location does not works. Then Aria shows up, and her devil has wings. Since they are ghosts all they need to do is believe and they can do it. So, Yuto flies off.


But, he is too late. Time stops and well, he sees his dad. After remembering the sky sensor, he finds the right frequency to blow the machine up.


The following day, the group are a bit sadden that Yuto was not able to come back. But even from beyond his blog was updated, and the sky sensor made a noise.


The last few seconds of the ending theme, and after confirming if this was put in only in this episode, a Cold Sleep Room doors open,  Yuto’s name is on on that door.


Overall Thoughts:

This episode was rushed, but still good. I think this episode could have been better and given this show a better ending if it was two episodes. The main action of the series certainly was the rushed part. All this time I been talking about how slow-paced it is now it decides to speed things up way too much. It would have been nice to have it be two episodes to get more feeling of emotion of seeing Yuto make the choice that the others can be revived and he cannot be, it felt weak and rushed for something that could have been a powerful ending to an episode, if there was another to follow.

But, despite this it was an enjoyable episode. Despite wanting more details, and that hint on a continuation, it worked.

Overall Enjoyment: 90/100


Overall Series Thoughts:

This show certainly was rocky. It was slow-paced and felt like half the time they pulled information out of nowhere. But looking it as a whole, it was decent. It is certainly not the best, but not the worst. If you enjoyed other series like Stiens;Gates, Robotics;Notes, and other shows by the creators, well you will like this one.

The pacing was certainly the biggest issue. The large cast at first it was confusing, but towards the end it is made clear who is more important. Some information felt like it was repeated or even forgotten until when it was needed to be known again in some episodes.

The conclusion, although rushed, it did give me slight satisfaction, but at the same time feeling like there was something missing. This could be again because it pulling information out of nowhere and some things that happen did come out of nowhere.


Overall Enjoyment for the Series: 80/100

Overall Score for the Series: 70/100


Next series I am reviewing here is another show by the same creators, Chaos;Child. I am still not sure if it is a true sequel or not to Chaos;Head. Hopefully this show I will not pause for weeks at a time in reviews. Expect them on Saturdays or Sundays.

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Feel free to give your thoughts on the episode, just keep in mind of spoilers.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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