Hello there! I am the newest writer here at Anime Corps. I go by various names on various platforms, but here you can call me Nero. This is my first post here on Anime Corps, and I’ll be reviewing the anime Masamune-kun No Revenge. I’ve been a passionate anime and manga fan for most of my life ever since I watched Doraemon and Sailor Moon as a kid. I started seriously watching anime and reading manga during the mid to late 2000s, originally through TV stations and then through the internet. I’ve seen my fair share of anime and manga, and I wanted to express my opinions on some of them through Anime Corps. I’ll be writing reviews and editorials here.

Well, it’s finally here. After many days of deliberating whether or not I should review this, the day has come and I have accepted the challenge. I read Masamune-kun No Revenge before it aired, and I regret ever doing so. I’ve gone as far as to call it one of the worst manga I have ever read. While reading it, I knew that an anime adaptation would be coming out, so I decided to try to give the anime a chance to see if my opinion would change at all. While episode 1 brought back terrible memories from my reading of the manga, to be completely honest, the episode wasn’t structurally bad. If anything, it set the series up quite nicely. It introduced us to our main characters, the setting, the plot, and the conflict. The episode was enjoyable, at least the second time around, and it does make me want to come back and see what happens in the second episode.

Masamune-kun no Revenge starts off with Masamune getting out of the shower and posing in front of a mirror, proud of his chiseled physique. He glances at the photo of himself when he was younger, and it is revealed that Masamune was fat when he was a kid. He blames this on his mother, who supposedly fed him a bunch of high calorie foods during those days. While I understand how this could be a thing, I have several questions regarding this whole dilemma.


First, it’s implied that Masamune has been missing from his home for an extended period of time (8 years to be exact) in order to lose weight. That’s fine, but how does he return home and manage to reunite with his family after all this time? This may sound like nitpicking, but I genuinely do not understand how a person could willingly leave home for such a long period of time and return as if nothing changed aside from his weight. Second, if his mother still makes the greasy, high calorie foods that she made for Masamune when he was younger, then how is Chinatsu not fat? While this isn’t exactly a big deal, a bit of consistency would be nice. Chinatsu clearly eats the food that her mother makes for her, and given the way it is, how does she have a slim physique? Is it because she does workouts despite mocking Masamune for doing them? Is it because she’s a female? Who knows. Also, Masamune’s mother is voiced by Yui Ogura, a seiyuu that is notable for having played many smaller characters (or lolis). As a result, I can’t take her seriously as a mother figure, regardless of the fact that the mother is extremely short, even shorter than Chinatsu. I’m not saying she’s doing a bad job, I just can’t fathom Yui Ogura voicing a mother of all characters. Moving along, Masamune refuses to revert to his old ways, much to the dismay of his mother.


Masamune heads off to high school, ready to embrace his new look. He peeps on the girls’ tennis team, and almost gets caught, but due to his looks, he gets away with it, and he catches onto this fact quickly. Knowing this, Masamune plans to exact revenge against a girl from his childhood named Adagaki Aki. To be precise, apparently Aki rejected Masamune when the two were younger, and she gave him the name Piggy (or Pig’s Foot), which haunted him from that day onward. Aki has quite the reputation at school, as she’s known as the Cruel Princess who rejects anyone who confesses to her. Although he encounters her while she’s rejecting Shigeo in front of a ton of students and while walking on the stairs, he doesn’t realize who she is until he has a flashback in the classroom, watches her reject Akio, and only then does he get confirmation that she is indeed Adagaki Aki. From here on out, Masamune makes it his objective to find out more about Aki.

I think that the premise of this anime is pretty interesting. A story of a fat kid wanting a revenge against a bully that tormented him as a kid? It’s a case where you want to root for the main character, as some people can relate to his situation. Although Masamune has successfully changed himself from being fat to being muscular, he still wants redemption, and he seeks it through revenge, and in this story, against a female! It’s not a case where he can just simply go and beat up the bully, and even then, it seems like that wouldn’t be satisfying enough for Masamune. How’s he going to do it? We’ll find out soon enough.

I forgot to mention this earlier, but Masamune has a best friend named Kojuurou Shuri at school. Kojuurou supports Masamune in his efforts, which is fine and dandy as that’s what friends do, but again, if Masamune was gone for an extended period of time, how in the world are these two best friends? Did he meet Kojuurou at wherever he ran away to and Kojuurou somehow moved back to this city with him? What makes them best friends? In my findings, best friends aren’t made over a couple of days, it takes time to build up that level of trust, and even if they were friends beforehand (which hasn’t been hinted at all yet, if ever), how would their friendship have continued this long into the future without any road bumps? I do not understand it, and I doubt I will get an answer, but I just wanted to throw that out there.


By stalking Koiwai Yoshino, one of Aki’s servants, Masamune finds Aki hiding out in a shed where she plans to engorge herself with several boxes worth of high calorie foods. However, his cover is blown due to a spider, and he ends up right in front of the two. Due to her secret being exposed, Aki spares Masamune, but only if he doesn’t tell anyone about this. However, in turn, Masamune now has a vital secret that allows him to blackmail Aki into going along with his shenanigans.

This idea isn’t necessarily bad, but it’s somewhat odd that weight and food seem to be recurring themes in this anime. We have another character that manages to eat unhealthy food yet is skinny, but this somehow worries her solely because she doesn’t want people to know that her stomach rumbles if she isn’t satisfied? …Alrighty then, I guess I’ll go along with it. Aki has a reputation for being the Cruel Princess, so I guess this could somehow shatter her reputation with her cohorts? I don’t know. Being a glutton isn’t necessarily a bad thing for her if she maintains her current physique, so what’s there for her to worry about? Is she worried that people will not like her because she eats too much? Hopefully my questions get answered next episode.

After a couple of minutes of nothing of substance happening, we’re treated to Aki and Yoshino getting ready to return to the mansion. Aki sends Yoshino off on a food hunt, but unexpected, Aki gets ambushed by Akio, one of the guys that she rejected earlier. He comes in with a pair of scissors and attempts to cut off one of Aki’s twintails, but then, literally out of nowhere, Masamune runs in and gets stabbed in the hand in order to stop Akio.

Of course. Every single time it has to be this gimmick where the main character somehow shows up to save a damsel in distress despite being nowhere the entire time. If you can’t already tell, I dislike this plot device heavily because it makes it feel as if Masamune will be there every single time Aki’s in trouble. It takes away Aki’s ability to fight back, and while it does make Masamune look better, it makes him look “too good.” He shouldn’t be able to just magically appear out of nowhere to help Aki. It’s contrived, and it doesn’t make me like him more, it makes me ask questions like these. Getting on Aki’s good side could’ve been accomplished in a different manner, but instead they chose to go this route in order to make Masamune look like the good guy and try to have Aki sympathize with him. It’s a shame, because I feel like this could’ve been done better.

Akio runs away screaming like a kid, and Masamune tries to reassure Aki that everything’s okay, even though he’s experiencing excruciating pain in his hand. We’re treated to a flashback of the younger, fat Masamune and Aki, when Aki saved him from some bullies, but then it jump cuts to the betrayal where Aki rejects him and dubs him Piggy (or Pig’s Foot). With all this pent-up hatred inside of him, Masamune makes it his objective to make Aki fall in love with him but reject her when she confesses to him.

So, Masamune’s revenge is revealed and to say the very least, it’s an original kind of revenge. It does take into account their past and how Masamune and Aki were friends before. I commend them for that, and it’s better than having Masamune go after Aki in some sort of physical way. However, I can also see how this can go downhill very quickly in terms of the story. Now that Masamune has made his revenge clear to the audience, it makes me wonder what kind of approach he’ll go for the next time he sees Aki.

The next day, Masamune returns to school with a wounded hand, and he encounters Akio who apologizes to Masamune for the unintentional stabbing. Uh, what? You just willingly accept an apology from some kid that stabbed you? Even if he didn’t intend on stabbing you, he still had malicious intent in the first place. Even if it was against Aki, Masamune still interfered and got stabbed. True, this was done in order to continue getting on Aki’s good side and advance his revenge, but come on. The event was pretty surreal in itself, but I’d imagine it’d take something more than an insincere apology to actually forgive Akio. Maybe I’m looking too deep into things, but I don’t know a single person that would willing forgive someone who stabbed them in that specific context. Sure, it might’ve been an accident, but there were malicious intents to begin with.

Anyways, Masamune finds a “love letter” in his shoe locker, and the word Piggy/Pig’s Foot is inscribed on it. Masamune is confused, as he’s unsure if Aki has seen through his plan or not and the episode ends there. Despite some minor complaints, I did honestly enjoy this episode, at least the second time around. It wasn’t something amazing, but it wasn’t horrible either. With a good introductory episode, the next episode should be interesting. I didn’t watch the preview, but it’s safe to assume that Masamune will find out who sent him that letter. If Aki has indeed seen right through Masamune’s plans, he’s screwed, and I don’t see any other way to get revenge. Hell, it might exacerbate the situation. We’ll find out next episode.


Thank you for reading this review! Let me know what you thought of it down below in the comments, and let me know what you thought of the episode in the comments. Did you love it? Did you hate it? Or were you in between? I’d love to know.


WARNING: In case you didn’t already notice, the following section includes aspects of the review that include minor and major spoilers about the manga. If you do not want to be spoiled, then I highly recommend that you do not read this part of the review. You have been warned.

Although the anime did do some things out-of-order and did some things differently, for the most part the story remained the same and it’s following along correctly. It only got through chapter 1, and with 38 chapters out at the moment, I’m curious to see how many episodes this anime will have, as well as how many chapters they’ll try to do per episode. While I do admit that this episode was alright for me, I’m not looking forward to this anime as we get further and further into the story. If anything, the beginning is this story’s strongest point, and it all goes downhill from there. Maybe I’ll have a different opinion this time around, but we’ll see. I’m definitely not looking forward to Neko’s entrance to the anime, as well as the Paris Arc and the Play Arc. The next episode should go through chapters 2 and 3, or at least I hope so. Yoshino’s true personality and the date should make things more interesting, I hope.

One thing that I had a huge problem with when watching this both times around was a certain highlight of the OP. While I don’t have anything against the OP (seeing how Shimamura Uzuki’s seiyuu is the one singing it!), the fact that they decided to show the end of the Play Arc where Masamune and Aki kiss is quite possibly one of the dumbest decisions they could’ve made. Why would you give away the ending of one of the more recent arcs in the manga? Even though they haven’t read the manga, this still defeats the purpose of having the revenge storyline in the first place! Why the fuck would you build up Masamune as being a guy who is hellbent on revenge against Aki only to show him kissing her in the OP? I get that he wants her to fall in love with him, but given that Aki is a very stubborn tsundere based off of episode 1 alone, it’s easier said than done. If it wasn’t there, I wouldn’t have had any true complaints about the OP. It would’ve allowed people to be more invested in the story, especially around the Paris Arc, but now that it’s already being hinted that the revenge starts turning into a love story, it defeats the purpose. It’d be different if the show was allowed to naturally progress, but giving that particular scene away resulted in the anime shooting itself in the foot not even 10 minutes in. Even though some people might not be able to decipher the significance of the kiss as they haven’t read the manga, it still ruins part of the anime by giving this away, especially by showcasing Kanetsugu there too, so whenever the Play Arc does air, all the suspense will be taken away from it. There was absolutely no reason for that scene to be there.

Differences in The Anime vs The Manga:

Note: I’m not saying that the anime needs to perfectly adapt the manga, I just wanted to point out some noticeable differences for people who wanted to know. These may or may not include spoilers.

  • Things are in different order, Masamune peeping on the tennis club comes first in the manga, followed by his return home, and then a jump cut to the classroom.
  • Shigeo’s confession doesn’t happen until Chapter 10.
  • Aki reacts quite differently in the manga compared to the anime when her secret is found out. In the manga, she is embarrassed, but seems much more angry about the situation. In the anime, she seems embarrassed and flustered rather than angry, as she tries to explain herself this time around.
  • Masamune is referred to as Piggy or Pig’s Foot depending on the translation. In the manga, it’s typically Piggy whereas in the anime (at least according to the translations), it’s Pig’s Foot.
  • Akio never apologizes to Masamune in the manga.
  • In the manga, Masamune receives the love letter while he’s exercising at home. In the anime, he receives it in his shoe locker.