Down to the final two episodes. This one certainly kicked up the action to give some preparation for the final episode. But, is it too late, or did it hit the action at the right time? Honestly, I will not know until the final episode. Either way time to talk about it.

The Plot:

So, remember how episode 10 ending with the mangaka getting her body back? If you were looking for any form of answers to that this episode, well you are not going to get any. Instead this episode deals with Ryo explaining how she is possessed to all the others in the group.


After explaining more on why they can see the bodies of other ghosts, and the evil money-making plans it cuts over to the evil group. Apparently their leader has less than a day left to live, so they need to put their plans into action. Right now they are using an old airplane hangar to put it all in motion.


Then going over to Asuna she talks to the manager of the café everyone is at. Well, she knows that he can see Yuto. One thing leads to another and it turns out the manager is evil, was the guy that was killing off the other spirits in the previous episode, and works for the leader of the evil group.

Not only all of that, but he not only killed Yuto’s dad a long time ago, but the professor as well. Even put up the whole thing to Aria to get the black magic thing to throw everyone off. Of course he then goes to try to kill everyone in the place. Honestly I thought Asuna would be more useful, but the second she lost her gun she was useless. Luckily Ryo used her elector-plot-device gun to super charge Yuto into punching the manager out cold. He was then arrested.

Meanwhile with Aria, the young detective shows up and learns about her devil’s out of body experiences. Where if he is out of his body for five days, he can return to his body and only five minutes would have passed. Also he has Aria’s brother’s organs in him so he has been seeing memories of Aria before her brother died. The young detective then knows his time is almost up.

Anyway, Ryo then reveals her plan to defeat the evil group. But some issues come up when Yuto finds out he no longer has the key. And then the episode ends.


Overall Thoughts:

It was nice seeing this episode kick up the action. It was a nice change. Of course although the characters were now finally doing something and preparing to actually do something, it still sort of feels a little late. All episodes until now really been either questioning or searching for answers to what is going on. Now they are going to do something about it, there is only one episode left. It feels like there could be too much to try to do in one episode. I could be wrong. Personally I just do not want the ending to be anticlimactic and everything is pretty much solved fairly quickly.

Since there is a second novel, I am not certain, but it feels like this only covers one of them. I hope the show does not end setting up for that. Again, if this only covered one of the books.

Either way despite all that rambling, this episode was enjoyable. It gained my interest in it again that was slowly being lost the last few episodes.

Overall Enjoyment: 80/100

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Feel free to give your thoughts on the episode, just keep in mind of spoilers.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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